Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things - Spaceships


Featured Stories 2001 Alien Discovery enterprise Jupiter 2 Killjoys Lost in Space Lucy Mass Effect millennium falcon movies Normandy science fiction Space Invaders spaceships Star Blazers star trek star wars Syfy Ten 3D Printable Things Ten3dpthings the Argo The Ark tv shows videogames When Worlds Collide YamamotoThis week I’m on vacation, but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging for 3D printing projects so I threw together a quick list for you.

Desktop Metal welcomes former General Electric CEO to Board of Directors

3D Printing Industry

In 2001, Immelt succeeded Jack Welch as CEO of GE. Desktop Metal, a Burlington, Massachusetts based metal 3D printer manufacturer, has announced that the former Chairman and CEO of the General Electric Company, Jeffrey Immelt will join the company’s Board of Directors. Immelt joined GE in 1982, fresh from an MBA at Harvard. Of today’s […]. Business Desktop Metal Ford Motor Company General Electric Jeff Immelt Ken Washington Ric Fulop

The Future of 3D Printing by Lisa Elviri, CEO M3DATEK

3D Printing Industry

Since 2001 she has been a researcher at the University of Parma gaining a sound experience […]. This article in our thought leadership series examining the future of 3D printing looks at possibilities for bio-fabrication and skin tissue regeneration. Professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Parma, Lisa Elviri is founder and CEO at Srl. Medical & Dental 3D Bioprinting future of 3D printing Lisa Elviri M3DATEK University of Parma

Catapulting Into the Skies: 3D Printed UAV Soars With Electric Ducted fan Engines


The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) was established in 2001: it is a collaboration between England’s University of Sheffield and Boeing.

CGTrader Sees 10,000% Growth Over Two Years – 3D Printing Leading the Charge


Back in October of 2001 Apple launched their popular piece of music hardware called the iPod. Initially, skeptics were weary whether or not this tiny gadget would be yet another flop in a string of... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d design 3d design marketplace cgtrader

Metal 3D printing makes the cut in MIT Tech Review’s top ten tech list

3D Printing Industry

The list has been curated by Tech Review editors since 2001, and previously featured (in 2016 and 2017) the emergence of gene editing, alongside […]. Metal 3D printing is listed as one of the top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2018 by the MIT Technology Review, the online and in-print magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Metal 87

Ashford Orthodontics Uses 3D Printing to Help Dental Offices Go Fully Digital


The largest orthodontic laboratory in the United Kingdom is Ashford Orthodontics, which was founded in 2001 by Sean Thompson in his garage after several years working in the Orthodontic and. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3D printed dental applications 3D printed orthodontics Ashford Orthodontics dental 3d printing Form 2 formlabs formlabs form 2 orthodontic aligners orthodontics Stratasys Objet30

Dutch Props 3D Prints a Semi-Functional ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Assault Rifle – To Debut at Gamescom


Since 2001, it’s hard to argue that that any video game franchise has been quite as popular and successful for Xbox as that of Halo. The first-person, science fiction shooter by Bungie, has brought... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 343 industries 3d printed gun 3d printed halo 3d printed rifle assault rifle bungie dutch props gamescom halo 5 halo 5: guardians jeffrey tabben microsoft solidworks video games xbox xbox one

Video 87

German Patient First To Receive 3D Printed Titanium Spinal Fusion Implant


Spinal fusion surgeries in the United States have increased by 70 percent between 2001 and 2011. While those numbers are due in large part to the aging of the American population, they’re also due... View the entire article via our website.

26-Hour Face Transplant Made Possible with 3D Printing

3D Printing Industry

One fateful night back in 2001, a former volunteer firefighter from Mississippi named Patrick Hardison bravely entered a burning home seeking to rescue anyone who might be stuck inside. By Tyler Koslow.

Magics Helps Realize Gaudì’s Sagrada Familia Dream


However, creating the models from hand is an expensive and laborious task, so the team was happy to discover Additive Manufacturing in 2001 to save time and money.

Volvo Cuts Turnaround Time by Whopping 94% with 3D Printing

3D Printing Industry

Volvo’s’ Lyon engine plant builds various engines for Renault Trucks, which the Group bought in 2001, as well as their own trucks. By Andrew Wheeler.

Fortus 114

3D Print an Awesome Daft Punk Helmet with Working LED Lights


French electronic music superstars Daft Punk donned their famous robot masks way back in 2001 as a way to avoid being photographed once the notoriously press-shy duo’s music started to earn. View the entire article via our website.

La robotique à l’heure de l’impression 3D


Elle a fasciné les hommes et a été le coeur d’un certain nombre de films de science fiction, depuis 2001, l’Odyssée de l’Espace jusqu’à Real Steel. Constuire des automates…s’il y a un bien une idée qui semble poursuivre les hommes à travers le temps, il s’agit de la robotique. Pourtant, il semblerait que nous rattrapions […]. et encore. Impression 3D industrie robot

Customers Can Experience SOLIDWORKS Virtual Reality in eDrawings 2020

The Solidworks Blog

He has been helping customers with SOLIDWORKS tips, tricks and instructor-led training since 2001. SOLIDWORKS 2020 is here, and one of the coolest new features is the ability to open and view any SOLIDWORKS model in Virtual Reality (VR) using eDrawings 2020.

Reflecting on SOLIDWORKS Worlds over the Years

The Solidworks Blog

I started with a reseller in March 2001, just missing SWW 2001 in Orlando. It’s been a couple of weeks since SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 in Dallas.

Gotta pattern something in SOLIDWORKS? Reduce your effort with a Sketch Driven Pattern!

Javelin Tech Tips

To demonstrate, we’re going to dive into the universe of one of my all-time favorite sci-fi novels and movies, “2001: A Space Odyssey”: Science teams have located a monolith here: Model that requires hole pattern.

Study 56

Biking Safer with 3D Printing and Supercomputers

3D Printing Industry

Between 2001 and 2009, the number of trips made by bikes in the US grew more than double from 1.7 By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Survey 114

3D Systems Names New VP of Healthcare, Shares Rise with Q3 Results

3D Printing Industry

McAlea joined 3DS in 2001 with the acquisition of DTM, originator of selective laser sintering technology. By Michael Molitch-Hou. 3D Systems is continuing to shake things up at the top of its corporate ladder after appointing Ted Hull to the office of CFO last week.

Hacking used cars with 3d printed custom air intake parts

DIY 3D Printing

Recently I paid 25$ for simpler and much smaller air intake plastic part for my Mercedes A class from 2001. Someone posted a video that shows how he uses 3d printer to make a custom car part to do some automotive hacking. The part connects air intake and carburetor of two different car types.

3D printing enables customized knee replacement surgery

3D Printing Review

One recipient compared the ConforMIS’ implant to a traditional knee replacement she had back in 2001. The implants and instruments produced by ConforMIS are tailored to each patient’s anatomy.

Stratasys reports HP veteran Chris Morgan joins the company

Leslie's Blog

Between 2001 and 2004, he led worldwide marketing strategy and sales for HP’s imaging and printing business. Because of all the recent media attention on HP and it’s new 3D printer, and because Stratasys Ltd is a big player in the 3D printing / additive manufacturing space, it’s news that a former HP manager is now working for Stratasys. Chris Morgan, a 25 yeare veteran of HP, is now the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Stratasys.

Report 133

November’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

The Solidworks Blog

Model Mania 2001. The 2001 challenge was of particular note in November, but be certain to watch our tech blog each week to participate in a new challenge. November has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

Submit and/or vote for a SOLIDWORKS Enhancement Idea

Javelin Tech Tips

Since 2001 DS SOLIDWORKS has invited users to submit and vote for a SOLIDWORKS enhancement idea for a future release of the software. Every year a top ten list of the submitted ideas is compiled and presented at SOLIDWORKS World.

How 3D Printing is Changing Architecture: Learning from the Sagrada Familia Team in Barcelona


The world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona has been using 3D printing since 2001 to continue the work of the great designer Antoni Gaudí. Since turning to 3D printing in 2001, the team has relied on Materialise’s Magics software to prepare their designs for the printer.

A Short History of 3T RPD

Rapid Prototyping News UK

2001 – 3TRPD celebrates the tripling of its capacity with the installation of a 2nd EOS P360 and a DTM Sinterstation. Since its establishment in 1999 3T RPD has been at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing (AM), which is also sometimes known as 3D printing.

EOS 69

3D Printer or Rapid Prototyping Solution? How to Spot the Difference (And Save Your Company Millions) – Part 2

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Bhimani and Mulder 2001, Shehab and Abdalla 2001. Product Development Firms Face Pressure from Two Directions.

SOLIDWORKS Custom Catrike: Building a Bike for a Cause

The Solidworks Blog

In 2001, a Regulatory Affairs, Chemistry, Manufacture, and Controls professional working in the pharmaceutical industry, Gina suffered spinal cord injuries and a traumatic brain injury due to a near fatal car accident in which she was hit by a drunk driver.

Virtual Surgical Planning Assists with Full Face Transplant

3D Systems

Virtual Surgical Planning Assists with Full Face Transplant Tuesday, November 17, 2015 - 15:45 In September of 2001, first responder Patrick Hardison was gravely injured in the line of duty as a volunteer firefighter in Senatobia, Mississippi.

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Top Ten List

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

Check out the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List Data page for entries and statistics going all the way back to 2001.

3DExperience World 2020 Top Ten List Data

Rants and Raves Without Rhyme or Reason

Check out the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List Data page for entries and statistics going all the way back to 2001. The Top Ten list underwent several more major changes this year, namely the migration from the widely-used SolidWorks forums to the new and unfamiliar 3DExperience Platform.

Data 55

Engineering a Craft Beer Revolution with Phillips Brewing

The Solidworks Blog

Phillips Brewing and Malting Company is a small-batch craft brewery in Victoria, British Columbia producing amazing beers since 2001. Known for crafting a wide variety of brews to satisfy any palate, Phillips is a standout example of the global independent brewing revival.

3D Printer from HP

Wohlers Talk

In March 2001, Xerox Engineering Systems, a subsidiary of Xerox Corp., In January, it was announced that Stratasys would manufacture a 3D printer for Hewlett-Packard, a product that would carry the HP brand. The announcement got a lot of attention because few large, well-known companies have entered this business. HP will initially target mechanical designers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK with the new product.

SWOOD, Woodworking and SOLIDWORKS

The Solidworks Blog

EFICAD, a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner since 2001, has invested in CAD/CAM solutions for the woodworking industry for more than 25 years. Designing and manufacturing woodworking projects requires a great amount of attention to detail.

New SOLIDWORKS Ecosystems Help Accelerate Innovation, Improve Bottom Lines

The Solidworks Blog

Simulation Ecosystem : I remember in 2001 when we launched SOLIDWORKS Simulation, in some corners of the industry the feedback was, “If a designer who is not a FEA expert does simulation, they will create Frankensteins.”

Who Really Owns the PCB Layout? – Part One

The Solidworks Blog

The first was in 1990, followed by the tech wreck in 2001 and the great recession of 2008. One would think that the title of this article should be a no-brainer.

Central Africa’s First Fab Lab Opens in Rwanda

The Solidworks Blog

The program got its start in 2001 and has been a driving force behind the maker movement. In May 2016, the Kigali Digital Fabrication Laboratory opened its doors in Kigali, Rwanda.

ASTM International President Emphasizes Partnerships at General Assembly of International Organization for Standardization

Additive Manufacturing

The program was launched in 2001 and now has 106 signatories. By ASTM International. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.,

JW Aluminum Begins Expansion at South Carolina Manufacturing Facility

Design 2 Part News

The project is said to represent the most significant capital investment in domestic continuous cast technologies and capabilities since 2001. An aerial view of JW Aluminum’s plant expansion in Berkeley County, South Carolina (Photo: Business Wire). GOOSE CREEK, S.C.—JW

The Fascinating History of Drones

3D Printing Hub

2001: The US began to fly hi-tech armed drones over Afghanistan. 5 2001: The birth of US hi-tech military armed drones. Its heavily armed combat drones took to the skies in late 2001. Drone: Any multicopter with 3–8 horizontal propellers that can fly without a pilot. Drones have become so common now that it’s hard to remember a time without them. Personal drones, aka hobby drones, didn’t catch the public’s eye until the mid-2000s.

Fused Deposition Modeling with 3D Printers Using Thermoplastic Elastomers from KRAIBURG TPE

Additive Manufacturing

From its beginning in 2001 as a subsidiary of the historical KRAIBURG Group founded in 1947, KRAIBURG TPE has pioneered in TPE compounds, today being the competence leader in this industry.

Manufacturing Jobs ‘Roaring Back’?

Design 2 Part News

economy lost almost 6 million manufacturing jobs from January 2001 to February 2010, the low point for manufacturing jobs during the recession. million manufacturing jobs in January 2001, but only 11.5 By Eugene Kiely, FactCheck.org.

Stratasys Announces Elchanan (Elan) Jaglom to Step Down as Chairman of the Board of Directors in May

Additive Manufacturing

in 1998 and as Chairman of Objet from 2001 until the Stratasys-Objet merger in December 2012. REHOVOT, Israel, February 6, 2020 — ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — Stratasys, Ltd.