You Can Now Buy Your Own Piece of Design History: The Lily.MGX Pushed 3D Printing from Prototyping to Design


Until then, 3D printing was considered more of a prototyping technology. The designing process for the Lily.MGX lamp already started in 2002 and the task sounded very challenging at the time: Janne wanted to explore technology used for rapid prototyping by creating a commercially successful consumer product. In 2003, Finnish digital sculptor Janne Kyttanen presented a 3D print unlike any other to the audience of Milan Design Week.

Concept Laser Has Helped Shape “Additive Manufacturing” for 15 Years

Additive Manufacturing

“The tide,” says Frank Herzog, founder and CEO & President of Concept Laser “has turned: Until very recently, additive manufacturing was the domain of prototypes. In 2001, the company presented its M3 linear prototype to the public at the Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany. From 2002, Concept Laser delivered the world’s first 3D metal printing systems. 2001 Presentation of the first M3 linear prototype for LaserCUSING ® at Euromold 2001.

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A Short History of 3T RPD

Rapid Prototyping News UK

The company began as a Service Bureau, making Plastic Rapid Prototypes and Metal Rapid Tooling. The company name was made up from three T’s (Training, Technology & Techniques) and RPD to describe rapid prototype development. 2002 – We print the panels of a SMART car, which is used as a proof of concept for the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing in the Automotive industry.

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Design Challenge: 3D Print A Da Vinci Original


Imagine: What might have da Vinci accomplished if he could 3D print a prototype model at his desk? Mark Rosheim, a robotics expert from Minnesota, built his own version of the Robotic Knight in 2002 based on da Vinci’s drawings. Leonardo da Vinci embodies a convergence of art and science, mechanics and biology. The man, scientist, and artistic visionary are still referenced by young engineers and artists today.

How SOLIDWORKS is Transforming U.K. Homes

The Solidworks Blog

What started in 2002 as a three-man band has grown into a business with over 200 employees and operations across Europe, the U.S. This allows the business to get the product as perfect as possible before they begin prototyping, which is ideal for keeping costs down. That means they can be confident of a product’s operational performance before the prototype stage: less prototyping, less testing, less cost. When does a house become a home? Origin is the business to ask.

CADD Edge Kit Car Project: 818 Build


So, here’s the deal: I’ve already donated a 2002 Subaru WRX as the donor car, CADD Edge will buy the kit and everyone’s invited to participate as much as they’d like (without taking over the project). SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Mentor PCB Design, Stratasys 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping and anything else we can get our hands on) to take the stock kit and spice it up.

Audi Adopts Stratasys Full Color Multi-Material 3D Printing to Innovate and Accelerate

Additive Manufacturing

Audi expects significant reduction in prototyping lead times for tail light covers, with turnaround times decreasing up to 50% in comparison to traditional methods. For the production of tail light covers, Audi expects to reduce prototyping lead times by up to 50 percent. Before a new vehicle goes into production, the Audi Pre-Series Center in Ingolstadt builds physical models and prototypes for the brand to evaluate new designs and concepts thoroughly.

NanoSteel Launches 3D Printable Tool Steel

Additive Manufacturing

We don’t stop at material design, but create joint solutions with our customers, facilitating the process from material selection and prototyping to fully qualified production parts.” Founded in 2002, NanoSteel is a privately held company funded by investors including GM Ventures, Lear Corporation and SPDG. New Case-Hardening Steel Designed for Laser Powder Bed Fusion. Printed Industrial Die Demonstrates Performance of the BLDRmetal™ L-40 Powder. PROVIDENCE, R.I.

3D printing will be huge, in the most boring and fascinating ways imaginable

3D Printing Review

I bought a (terrible) Acer tablet PC back in 2002, a full eight years before the first iPad. The incredible growth in crowdfunding would not have been as compelling if entrepreneurs weren’t able to use 3D printing to build tangible prototypes. The future of 3D printing will be as dull and prosaic as office equipment and as incredible and amazing as the human mind can imagine. This is a burgeoning area of technology well worth your exploration.

When a Wedding Gift Becomes a Wedding Business

Shapeways Blog

I used a personal desktop 3D printer to refine some prototypes, and then went to a jeweler to have him cast them in silver. I started 3D modeling all the way back in 2002 during my first years of architecture school but prior to this project I had not designed cufflinks or jewelry. If two people can make a trend, then designing and 3D printing cufflinks for groomsmen gifts is officially a hot item.

SABIC-Investing Globally in Capabilities and Equipment to Support the Development of High Performance Materials for Additive Manufacturing Processes and Other Emerging Technologies

Additive Manufacturing

AMazing ® : You also mentioned from a materials standpoint, there is a vast distinction between Rapid Prototyping and additive manufacturing for end use products, and even injection molding. What should businesses be aware of before transitioning from Rapid Prototyping to additive technologies for end-use production? Dr. Jordan : There are obvious differences that often exist with respect to expectations of part performance and durability between prototyping and end use products.

Zac Posen x GE Additive x Protolabs Unveil Breathtaking 3D Printing Collaboration at the Met Gala

Additive Manufacturing

In February 2002, he debuted his ready-to-wear collection in New York City. Protolabs is the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for rapid prototyping and on-demand production. Stunning 3D printed structural gowns and garments, inspired by nature in motion.