Problem Exiting Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS?

Javelin Tech Tips

There is currently a compatibility issue between Microsoft Excel based Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS and some versions of Microsoft Excel. These versions include Version 2003 (Build 12624.20382), Version 2003 (Build 12624.20442), and Version 2003 (Build 12624.20466).

‘3D Printing the Future’ Exhibit Opens at Museum of Design Atlanta

The museum once known as the Atlanta International Museum of Art & Design changed its name in 2003 to the Museum of Design Atlanta, allowing itself the clever acronym of MODA (which means ‘fashion’... View the entire article via our website.

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You Can Now Buy Your Own Piece of Design History: The Lily.MGX Pushed 3D Printing from Prototyping to Design


In 2003, Finnish digital sculptor Janne Kyttanen presented a 3D print unlike any other to the audience of Milan Design Week. Little did the designer know that his Lily.MGX print would pave the way for many other great designs to be produced with the help of 3D printers.

Eco-design for End-of-life

3D Perspectives

That was in 2003. The founders of L’increvable saw many others dealing with very issue and had an idea: change the way we design and consume appliances to make them more sustainable. They call this Eco-design for End-of-life.

Designer Spotlight: Robert Krawczyk

Shapeways Blog

This week, in honor of the Back to School season, we are highlighting one of many professor/designer talents, Robert Krawczyk. His shop began as an exploration of a mobius ribbon which translated beautifully as bangles, and has a few other fun designs to check out! Designer Spotlight

#RememberShafilea: Honor Killing Victim Shafilea Ahmed Remembered Through 3D Printed Sculpture Linked to Tweets

Back in September of 2003, a young woman by the name of Shafilea Ahmed was murdered by her parents, Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed, for the mere fact that she refused to marry a man... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing #remembershafilea honor killings karma nirvana remember shafilea shafilea ahmed tweets twitter

SOLIDWORKS Helps Product Designers Joseph Joseph Scoop Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The Solidworks Blog

The British product design company has landed a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise – with a little help from SOLIDWORKS. Since 2003 Joseph Joseph has grown from a small UK-only business to a successful international brand with offices in France, the U.S.

Most People Cannot Design

Wohlers Talk

in 2003 to 11.7% Growing interest in AF could lead to anyone designing anything and then having it manufactured in an affordable way for the first time. The biggest limitation of all will be the abilities of the people doing the design. Whats more, the average consumer has little interest in creating new designs, let alone the desire to learn how to use design software.

Design 100

SOLIDWORKS-Designed Robots Are the New Face of Some Japanese Businesses

The Solidworks Blog

The technology behind this space-age concept comes from a robotics company Kokoro , which has been developing “actroids,”or human-like robots since 2003. The company uses SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium for its design work.

Japan 93

Beyond BIM Symposium 2020 – A Vision for the Future

3D Perspectives

#BeyondBIM2020 aims to showcase examples and provoke discussion on how to improve collaboration across the design and construction community. Building Information Management (BIM) is well established as a technology and process to improve the collaboration and design of buildings.

Powering massive hydropower structures with 3DEXPERIENCE

3D Perspectives

Since its restructuring in 2003, the company has successfully designed and built more than 30 large and middle-scale water conservation facilities and hydropower utilities on the Yellow river and its tributaries.

Concorde 2.0: The Return of the Supersonic Jet

The Solidworks Blog

So, when Concorde bit runway dust in 2003, it was only a matter of years before a sequel was on the drawing boards… Concorde: The Original. Perhaps oddly in these climate change-sensitive times, the current designs allow for a maximum of only 20 passengers.

Beyond BIM Symposium – Innovations in Geometry and Collaboration

3D Perspectives

Current practice in architectural and engineering design involves workflow methods that can have many stages and steps that challenge the efficacy and quality of the design and construction process. Unnecessary costs accrue through design collaboration delays and redesign or rework at any stage which challenges the business model of all participants. Beyond BIM Symposium and case studies on workflow methods in architectural design, engineering and fabrication.

Felix 60

Visit 3T at APS Meetings in Lyon, France

Rapid Prototyping News UK

As a global provider of complete metal and plastic AM processes, we’ll be showcasing a range of our services including designing for the AM process, NPI (New Product Introduction to Aerospace standard), R&D, training and production AM. We proudly hold AS 9100 Rev C for the production of metal parts using AM, as well as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices accreditations. Come and see us on stand 23 at this years’ APS Meeting in Lyon, France.

nScrypt’s Rugged 3D Manufacturing System Demonstrated to Secretary of Army

Additive Manufacturing

About nScrypt Orlando, Florida-based nScrypt designs and manufactures award-winning, next-generation, high-precision microdispensing, 3D Manufacturing, and biomanufacturing equipment and solutions for industrial applications, with unmatched accuracy and flexibility. Orlando, Fl.:

3D Printing and Intelligent Mobility Partner to bring Innovations to the Railway

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

When they partnered with SWU Verkehr GmbH in 2003, they had one main goal, and that was to keep vehicle availability as high as possible. The 3D printing process allows for parts customization, design freedom and easier integration of the newly produced parts.

3T at Formnext and Professional Motorsport exhibitions

Rapid Prototyping News UK

3T’s focus is on AM Production, providing a complete end-to-end service, including design, NPI (New Product Introduction to Aerospace standard), R&D, training, AM build and all finishing and specialist post-processing requirements. It also holds ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices accreditations, and it is the first AM company in the UK to hold all three quality standards.

Using 3D Printing to Create Artisan Jewelry


3D modeling has become the backbone of creating their design aesthetic and bringing their unique visions to life, elevating their collections in ways not possible before. Elevating the collection with 3D design. This has allowed Constantino to design and print more complex pieces.

CNBC Report: 3D Printing Patent “Gold Rush”

Law in the Making

My colleague, patent agent Matthew Powell , pointed me to a new article from CNBC ‘s Heesun Wee which sheds light on the flood of 3D printing-related patent applications being filed: From utilitarian processes to the final appearance of designed objects ranging from jewelry to spare machine parts, get ready for a patent land grab of 3-D intellectual property. Since 2003, the office has granted 3,500 patents related to 3-D printing.

nScrypt Delivers Factory in a Tool to Advanced Ceramics Innovator

Additive Manufacturing

Headquartered in Limoges, France, CTTC is a leading innovation catalyst in the field of advanced ceramics, providing high-level technological solutions designed to lead rapidly to new products and services for its partners.

Oberg Industries and Swanson School of Engineering Extend Additive Manufacturing Research Partnership

Additive Manufacturing

Established in 2016, the agreement capitalizes on the Swanson School’s faculty expertise in computational modeling and design optimization with Oberg expertise in complex tooling and precision machined or stamped metal components.

ORNL – Early Research on Existing Drug Compounds via Supercomputing Could Combat Coronavirus

Additive Manufacturing

When Chinese researchers sequenced the virus , they discovered that it infects the body by one of the same mechanisms as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS, virus that spread to 26 countries during the SARS epidemic in 2003.

Study 78

Xida dives into 3D Printing


Since 2003, XIDA has been offering solutions for windows and mobile applications. XIDA Design&Technik (@XIDA_de) July 30, 2014. XIDA, developers of Windows and mobile applications, recently extends their services into the 3D printing world.

USF and nScrypt Show How 3D Printed Circuit Structures Can Replace PCBs

Additive Manufacturing

Combining 3D printing and printed electronics, the team designed a unique structural build with printed electronics materials as part of the structure, or housing. nScrypt Cyberfacturing Center is our direct digital contract design and manufacturing service.

Executive Insights @Disruptive: Avi Reichental, President and CEO, 3D Systems

3D Systems

In 2003, I was offered the opportunity to partner with Chuck Hull and together advance and democratize the very 3D printing technology he pioneered and invented in 1983. We help architects and engineers design and build better structures, faster.

Schooled in SOLIDWORKS Series: Quick tips from our UK Technical Manager

The Solidworks Blog

You will learn to use our product not just as a design tool, but as a means to ease business challenges and ignite rapid progress towards your strategic goals. Sit back and power-up your knowledge of the world’s most advanced 3D design software.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 What’s New – Toolbox – #SW2016

CATI Tech Notes

it's only been around since Excel 2003). You can also learn more about SolidWorks 2016 by clicking on the image below to register for one of CATI’s Design Summit’s. SOLIDWORKS 2016 Toolbox has added the long awaited ability to change multiple toolbox items at the same time!!!

SOLIDWORKS Education Reaches the 2 Million Licenses Milestone

The Solidworks Blog

Simply put, SOLIDWORKS has changed how students and educators think about design. For 20 years, SOLIDWORKS has created a generation of engineers that design new and innovative products. My conclusion: SOLIDWORKS will change the way you teach engineering design.

Blueberries: 3D-Printed Jewelry that goes to Infinity and Beyond


When designer Zbyněk Krulich and jewelry maker Markéta Richterová met in 2012 during the blueberry season, their jewelry brand, Blueberries, was born. That very same year they were awarded the Czech Grand Design Award for the best jewelry of the year.

An Intro to (our) 3D Printing Technologies: Fused Deposition Modeling


The main difference lies in the fact that the design is made from 3D printing (direct) or 3D printing was used in the process of creating your model (indirect). Fused Deposition Modeling is used to build your design with this material.

Rebuilt to Last

3D Perspectives

Many products have been designed to last only a few years and then be replaced with something new ,” she says. “If If that’s your idea, then you don’t need to design a product in such a way that it can be opened easily. Written by Catherine Bolgar.

Bringing jobs back to America: Rebuilding manufacturing…

Design 2 Part News

In 1903, the Hershey plant was the largest manufacturing facility in the world and by 2003, more than 3,000 jobs were moved to Mexico. Other American brands followed that same trend: La-Z-Boy had moved their manufacturing sites to China and Mexico in 2001, by 2003 Levy Strauss had no plants in the U.S., They didn’t have a grasp on the concept of designing a product at home, having it built thousands of miles away, and everything that such a process would entail.”

New to 3D Printing?: 8 Basic Facts


Since 2003, our friends at.MGX by Materialise have been working together with top designers to create lamps and other design objects – objects that are now included in the permanent collections of Museums and art galleries worldwide.

The routes of the future

3D Perspectives

From high-tech cycle lanes to supersonic space planes , the future of travel is on course for a design revolution. When we built the railways, they originally were designed for steam trains, with nearly flat grades,” says Huw Thomas, partner at Foster + Partners.

nScrypt Launches First and Only Ruggedized Precision 3D Printer/Bioprinter

Additive Manufacturing

About nScrypt Orlando, Florida-based nScrypt designs and manufactures award-winning, next-generation, high-precision microdispensing and Direct Digital Manufacturing equipment and solutions for industrial applications, with unmatched accuracy and flexibility.

Aero Kinetics Joins with SLM Solutions to Bring 3D Metal Printing to Commercial Unmanned Aircraft

Additive Manufacturing

When coupled with Aero Kinetics’ subject matter expertise in design for additive metal manufacturing, we will reduce weight in our critical structural components. Incorporating Additive Metal Manufacturing for Aluminum and Titanium 3D Printed Parts.

SLM 80

Oventus Launches Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Facility

Additive Manufacturing

This valuable collaboration between Australian researchers and industry is paving the way for innovation in 3D design and production processes, as well as the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and snoring. Chest 124:2200–2208, 2003.

List of Headphone Manufacturers

3D Printing Hub

Sennheiser is very well-known for its quality of sound and product design. The company offers a wide array of designs and colors. Because of its razor-sharp focus, Grado has more headphone designs than most other manufacturers. Headphones are actually a type of loudspeaker.

Utah 52

DSM Adds 3D-Printing Grades to Digimat to Accelerate Adoption of Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Thanks to the collaboration with e-Xstream Engineering our customers now have the toolbox to design and predict reliable parts with the performance required for their application.”

Throwback Thursday: eDrawings

The Solidworks Blog

I remember this changing the way we reviewed designs at my very first employer. eDrawings Professional was also later incorporated into SOLIDWORKS Professional 2003 and is still one of the top reasons users prefer Professional over standard SOLIDWORKS today.

Tools 52

Turn 3D Scanning Into a Business

Shapeways Blog

She has been working with 3d laser scanners and printers since 2003. I liaise with designers and fabricators, and I keep in touch until the job is done, to make sure that the end result turns out the way my clients want.

America Makes Honors Ralph Resnick and Rob Gorham as Its Distinguished Collaborator Awardees

Additive Manufacturing

Mr. Gorham joined Lockheed Martin in 2003 as a systems engineer supporting the F-35 Autonomic Logistics Design Integration team. Class of 2019 America Makes Ambassadors Announced. Youngstown, Ohio — October 28, 2019.

OSU Researchers Discuss Sustainability in Additive Manufacturing and New Sustainable Development Methodology

Additive Manufacturing

Researchers at Oregon State University ( OSU ) have developed a new “sustainable development methodology” to help designers and engineers evaluate product and process sustainability factors during the design process. 2003) in Mechanical Engineering, and his Ph.D.