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Concept Laser Has Helped Shape “Additive Manufacturing” for 15 Years

Additive Manufacturing

“The tide,” says Frank Herzog, founder and CEO & President of Concept Laser “has turned: Until very recently, additive manufacturing was the domain of prototypes. In 2001, the company presented its M3 linear prototype to the public at the Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany.

Concept Laser Reports Further Revenue Growth in the First Half of 2015

Additive Manufacturing

For example, Concept Laser, which has been focusing on quality monitoring since 2004, will supplement QMmeltpool, introduced in 2010, with QMmeltpool 3D. Large-scale laser melting systems boost incoming orders and revenue in the first half of 2015.

Concept Laser Founder and CEO Frank Herzog Named Finalist of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Prize) 2015

Additive Manufacturing

This component was previously a milled part made of aluminum (Al) and is now a printed part made of titanium (Ti) with a weight reduction of approx. The material is solidified after cooling. Moreover, the material properties are slightly different.