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But on the back-end, the engine that generates the toolpath from the mesh-surface model (e.g. On-the-fly model preparation There is no slicing button anymore because it starts processing right-away. Model fixing The engine can fix major problem in a model. RepRap: Blog.

Reflecting on SOLIDWORKS Worlds over the Years

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Three of my favorite things about SWW are Model Mania, the “What’s New” skit, and the CSWE event. Model Mania. After modeling the part, they need to answer some questions about mass and then make some edits to the part and run a simulation to determine the factor of safety.

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Moving to the Future with xDesign

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Traditionally, engineers design a model, then simulate the environment around that model to see how it reacts, and whether it will withstand the forces upon it. If the result shows that the model will fail, the engineer will tweak a dimension or change the material and try again.

SOLIDWORKS in Rwanda – Part Five: Educating the Rwandan Youth

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Together, we designed a USB thumb drive, and then checked various possible failures using SOLIDWORKS Simulation. We handed out the same USB thumb drives that we taught them to design, which included the model files on them, along with additional exercises to try later. Part One.

Become a Superhero with SOLIDWORKS xDesign

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It is a thinking-outside-the-box innovative idea where the user defines parameters about the strength they need their product to withstand, and the software automatically builds the model based on the strength it needs to have. We all aspire to be Superheroes.

How e-Go Aeroplanes is Making Amateur Aviation a Breeze

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Back in 2005, an aeronautical engineering whiz by the name of Giotto Castelli started doodling. In fact there’s already a waiting list on orders as early adopters race to secure a model. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

3D Printing, Scanning Bring Insights to Stegosaurus Research


Until, that is, last year, when London’s Natural History Museum, in a private donor assisted coup, managed to purchase the Stegosaurus, nicknamed Sophie, an unprecedentedly well-preserved skeleton having been discovered in 2005, in Wyoming, America.

Introducing the 3DEXPERIENCE Hackathon at 3DEXPERIENCE World

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He is the founder of , a resource, and blog for engineers, geeks, and 3D models! As a self-described SOLIDWORKS generalist, his passions include 3D printing, making cool 3D models, education, and making YouTube videos!

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS World Japan 2016

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Mr. Eichiro shared that since YKK focused on creating a certified workforce, his team’s modeling time has been halved thanks to taking advantage of new mouse gestures and shortcuts learned during the process. For generations Japan has been renowned as a global leader in technology.

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