3D Print the Surface of the Moon with Moon2STL


We’ve written a lot of articles about 3D printing on the moon, as international space agencies and private companies alike race to return to the lunar surface. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D printed moon moon moon2stl Terrain2STL Thatcher Chamberlain Unified Lunar Control Network 2005 US Geological SurveyWe haven’t written much. View the entire article via our website.

Ashley Furniture Uses 3D Printing & Robotics in Manufacturing Processes


Founded in 2005, Wisconsin-headquartered Ashley Furniture is a company known globally, beginning in 1970 with 35 employees, and growing now to over 900 stores. 3D Printing 3D printing and automation 3d printing and robotics Ashley Furniture Formlabs Form 2 3D printer industrial 3d printingAshley facilities manufacture over. View the entire article via our website.

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Shapeways Launches E-Commerce Integration with Etsy for Shop Owners of 3D Printed Products


Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Brooklyn, the e-commerce site. 3D Printing Business 3d printing e-commerce api e-commerce etsy Etsy store integration partner marketplace partnership shapeways shipping small businessIf you’re looking to buy someone a unique gift, many people know that global marketplace Etsy is the best place to go. View the entire article via our website.

Organovo: Bioprinting Could be the New Solution to Organ Transplantation


In 2005, the sci-fi thriller introduced a compound inhabited by clones used for organ harvesting, as well as. 3D Printers 3D Printing Bioprinting Medical 3D Printing 3d printing tissue exVive 3D Human Liver Tissue liver disease merck NovoGen Bioprinter organ transplant organovo Samsara Sciences tissue engineeringRemember when movies like The Island seemed like a scary yet foreseeable future?

“Super Inkjet Technology” enables desktop 3D printing for electronics

3D Printing Industry

have created a desktop printer that can print metal in sub-micro sized particles. Established in 2005 following work from a. 3D Printing bodyTop Japan Nano Dimension printed electronics SIJ technology SIJT Thermwood XjetJapanese company Super Inkjet Technology (SIJT) Inc.

RepRap: Blog: Your 3D print in the London Science Museum

RepRap Blog

Your 3D print in the London Science Museum. The Science Museum in London is producing an exhibition on 3D printing. It is intended to feature as part of its introduction a wall of 3D printed items, of all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. RepRap: Blog.

‘Doctor Who’ Fan 3D Prints & Finishes Unbelievable Peter Capaldi Bust on Form 1+ 3D Printer


Running for 26 seasons, from 1963 to 1989, the show started up again in 2005 and has been running strong... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed bust bbc doctor who form 1 formlabs peter capaldi rub ''n buff tv ZBrush Doctor Who is a British television series that originated back in the early 1960s.

RepRap: Blog: 3D Printing Where It Needs To Be

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3D Printing Where It Needs To Be. To quote Vik Olliver: "3D Printing Where It Needs To Be.". We would donate money but all the money for donations we have is donated to, Printing a Future Foundation." RepRap: Blog.

3D Printing Spotlight On: Chloe Kow, Manager, Direct Metal Laser Melting, Star Rapid


British-owned rapid prototyping company Star Rapid, headquartered in China since 2005, was an early adopter of 3D printing technology, and underwent a rebranding campaign in January, changing its. View the entire article via our website.

Interview: Professor Neil Hopkinson and the invention of Xaar High Speed Sintering 3D printing

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High Speed Sintering (HSS) is a method of end-use 3D printing production 20 years in the making. Professor Neil Hopkinson invented and patented the technology at Loughborough University and, working with Xaar, chose to make the move toward commercialization in 2005. Recently, at the company’s 3D Technology Day in Nottingham, Neil who is now the Director […].

Love Your Formlabs 3D Printer? 3D Print Your Own "BabyForm2" Model


A 3D printer that is capable of printing itself including its external layer and internal components is not a new concept. The RepRap project has grown from its 2005 roots as a movement to create. 3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D design tutorials 3d printer models 3d printing project Form 2 Form 2 3D printer formlabs formlabs form 2 mini 3d printer

Materialise 3D Prints Majestic Ring for Tomorrowland Music Festival Video


Ever since the first edition took place in 2005, Belgian summer has been overtaken by Tomorrowland, the explosive and immensely popular electronic music festival held in a wooded area just north of. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d printed jewelry 3d printed music 3d printed ring 3d printing service provider belgium electronic music materialise music festival sla 3d printing stereolithography Tomorrowland Tomorrowland Music Festival

RepRap: Blog: Unreasonable Rocket's 3d Printed Rocket Engine.

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Unreasonable Rockets 3d Printed Rocket Engine Takes Flight! My two passions are Rocketry and 3d Printing. Paul Breed has combined the 2 in his test flight of a 3d printed stainless steel rocket engine. He did not fly the printed engine. 3d printing + rockets major win.

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Instructables Integrates ‘Print with 3D Hubs’ Button on Their Site & Launches Contest With 3D Hubs


The Autodesk-owned DIY hub was launched back in 2005, and has grown to feature... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d design contest 3d hubs 3d printer contest 3d printer giveaway 3d printing contest 3dhubs DIY 3D printing instructable instructables instructables contest win 3d printers If you have ever taken part in a do-it-yourself project, then you more than likely have stumbled upon Instructables before.

RepRap: Blog: RepRap Morgan by Quentin Harley wins the Gada.

RepRap Blog

Great to see some giant leaps in the evolution of opensource 3D printing via some genuinely ingenious ingenuity! RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Thursday, July 04, 2013.

Take on FLM 3D Printing in the 2015 3D Printer Challenge from RepRap Central


Back in 2005 when Dr. Adrian Bowyer, a lecturer in mechanical engineering at the University of Bath, created the RepRap, or Replicating Rapid Prototyper, the goal of his project was to create a self-replicating device,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing 2015 3d printer challenge challenge Dr. Adrian Bowyer FLM 3D printer flm 3d printing fused layer manufacturing reprap RepRap Central RepRap Challenge uk

RepRap: Blog: Solving a nagging question about print adhension

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Solving a nagging question about print adhension. In which a long term question about print adhesion to an acrylic print table is answered via thermal imaging. RepRap: Blog.

RepRap: Blog: Solid prints

RepRap Blog

Solid prints. In which your narrator attempt to print a large, complicated part in solid ABS without support or warping. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

Stratasys Sponsors Retrospective Museum Exhibit on LAIKA's Use of 3D Printing in Stop Motion Animation


Feature film animation studio LAIKA, founded in 2005 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is no stranger to using 3D printing technology in its award-winning animated films, including stop motion. View the entire article via our website.

Learning to Walk with History’s Largest Dinosaur Thanks to Maya and 3D Printing


In 2005 in a remote area of southern Patagonia in Argentina, a team of researchers from Drexel University found the mostly complete skeletal remains of a 65-ton supermassive dinosaur named. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printed dinosaur bones 3d printed dinosaur skeleton 4d printed fossils David McDevitt dinosaur dinosaur bones Dr. Kenneth Lacovara dreadnoughtus Dreadnoughtus Schrani Drexel University Kristyn Voegele Maya

Maya 63

RepRap: Blog: Inside 3D Printing Event

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Inside 3D Printing Event. Come to the Inside 3D Printing event in New York City ! RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Tuesday, February 05, 2013. The event runs from April 22-23 2013.

Fraunhofer 3D printing and nanotech gets $37.3M boost from Hamburg

3D Printing Industry

From large scale metal 3D printing through to quantum-dot technology, the Fraunhofer Society is behind some of the most pivotal advances in technology. Back in 2005, one of the society’s 69 institutes (the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits – IIS) even invented and patented the MP3 file format, using Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner as a test track […].

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Sophie the Stegosaurus 3D Scanned for London Natural History Museum Project


It was discovered in 2005 in Wyoming, and using 3D scanning and printing, they plan to... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Scanners 3d printing a dinosaur 3d scanning 3d scanning a stegosaurus 3d scanning museums convex hulling dinosaur Dr Charlotte Brassey London Natural History Museum in London Professor Paul Barrett Propshop stegosaurus uk

7 Ways Universities Are Using 3D Printing

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Universities all over the world are at the forefront of 3D printing innovation. There are endless ways 3D printing can be used to reinforce learning, as a tool to demonstrate concepts and to develop real world ideas and solve problems in any area of study.

A Musical Week in the 3D Printing World

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Three cool musical projects emerged this week in the 3D Printing World, all taking advantage of the best aspects of 3D printing technology. The mini OONTZ comprises a 3d printed case housing one trellis and 4 potentiometers ideal for a 16 button drum pad. I

RepRap: Blog: Join us at 2014 Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF.

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TEST AND TUNE Experts will be on hand to help you troubleshoot issues or take your prints to the next level! 3D PRINTING CHALLENGES See some of the most difficult prints take shape over the course of the weekend, and some fun printing challenges too, like the hand-fed extruder print challenge.

RepRap: Blog: Heated Piezo for Jetting Wax (and other stuff)

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Id just like to draw everyones attention to this really nice RepRap heated (ink)jet head by Mike Alden, shown here printing wax. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Wednesday, September 18, 2013.

RepRap: Blog: More Printed Circuitry

RepRap Blog

More Printed Circuitry. It’s been quite a while since Ive done an update on the metal printing front, so I thought Id do an update of where we are. Running molten metals were acting as solvents for my heated nozzle - resulting in the nozzle slowly dissolving during a print.

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Biking Safer with 3D Printing and Supercomputers

3D Printing Industry

From 2005 to 2013, 26,000 cyclists were killed or seriously injured in Great Britain. Until the world is a bit more bike friendly, researchers at Cardiff University in Wales have sought to improve bicycle helmet safety by combining 3D printing and supercomputing technology.…

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RepRap: Blog: Print any colour you like.

RepRap Blog

Print any colour you like. The two filaments left and right were mixed to print the component in the middle. Perhaps even a 6th fillament with a water solvable polimer and fully functional and already assembled items can be printed in full color. (at RepRap: Blog.

RepRap: Blog: BotQueue v0.3 - Now with Webcams, Pausing, and.

RepRap Blog

The client can now upload pictures of your machine while it is printing and show it on the BotQueue.com website. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

What’s new in 3D printing? Five leaders at EmTech 2015 weigh in

3D Printing Review

A group of five 3D printing insiders, from programmers to designers to business leaders, shared their views on the state of 3D printing today––and where it’s headed. “We were in the industrial phase of 3D printing from ’84 to 2005,” said Lakatos.

These Are the Ferraris of the Future, 3D Printed by Skorpion

3D Printing Industry

Three of these amazing concepts were 3D printed by Skorpion Engineering and they do look pretty stunning. Also run in 2005 and 2012, this is the third time that this competition has seen some of the world’s most prestigious design institutes vie for supremacy.… By Davide Sher.

Directa Plus Seeks IPO for Graphene clothing

3D Printing Industry

Directa Plus, a company selling Graphene-infused sportswear created with the help of 3D printing, is set for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to fuel its expansion. The company was formed in 2005 and is based in Italy. By Nick Hall.

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$4.1 Billion Industry Forecast In Crazy 3D Printing Stock Market

3D Printing Review

The market for 3D printing, more technically called additive manufacturing (AM), grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35.2 Other 3D printing companies will report on Q2 earnings in the coming two weeks, including, 3D Systems (DDD), Exone (XONE), and Voxeljet (VJET).

XYZprinting Partners with Lenovo Subsidiary to Further 3D Printer Distribution

3D Printing Industry

After acquiring IBM in 2005, Chinese multinational Lenovo became an even bigger player in the world of electronics and eventually grew to be the largest smartphone vendor in China. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

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RepRap: Blog: A Tipping Point of Print Quality (Open Source for the.

RepRap Blog

A Tipping Point of Print Quality (Open Source for the win). On the left is the Venetian Lion by Tony Buser printed by Prusajr on a $550 to assemble RepRap Prusa, on the right is the same model printed on a Stratasys uPrint+. On the electronics/firmware end he was using Sprinter Firmware , on Ramps Electronics , sliced by Skeinforge and hosted by Pronterface Host software , and printed onto a PCB build plate. I printed the lion on 0.25mm layers in about 2.5hrs.