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More importantly, the technical skills requirements for designing in 3D will have to be greatly lowered before there can be wide acceptance of 3D printing in homes.

V-FLASH Newsletter Announces Beta to Begin

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But, there are a few ramifications for designing a piece built in this way since there are no actual support materials. When building this type of piece in the V-Flash, without some minor revisions to the design, the animal would simply remain on the film.

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More than Chocolate! Cornell's Fab@Home

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Dan Periard recieved the Fabber of the Month award for this design! Our first encounter with the idea that one could actually own a 3D fabricator for under $10K was when we stumbled across the Fab@Home project''s web site.

A first look at the Desktop Factory 3D Printer

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But, for many of us, the idea of being able to experiment at the conceptual stages of design development, at a low cost and under our direct control, is so appealing that even a low-res solution is better than no solution at all. The above image is from a larger image that we''ve obtained.

Desktop Factory now in Beta!

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Desktop Factory Newsletter - July, 2007 This is great news. The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California has been using a variety of additive fabrication systems for some time and has wide experience with 3D printing. The July newsletter from the Desktop Factory indicates that beta machines are now in the field. At least one of the beta sites is guaranteed to give it a good workout.

Most People Cannot Design

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in 2007. Growing interest in AF could lead to anyone designing anything and then having it manufactured in an affordable way for the first time. The biggest limitation of all will be the abilities of the people doing the design. Whats more, the average consumer has little interest in creating new designs, let alone the desire to learn how to use design software.

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New Images on Desktop Factory Web Site

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The latest images show some real improvements in the surface and success at printing more intricate designs. As the beta testing continues, Desktop Factory has added some new photos of the output of their desktop 3D printer. Layer alignment seems greatly improved in these new images. Notice the size of the Maze and how smoothly the sides printed. Earlier samples showed some slight misalignment from layer to layer so these images represent some great news.

Bloggers helping Bloggers

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An email arrived today from Michael Berman, the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Pasadena''s Art Center College of Design. One of the great things about Blogging is being introduced to other Bloggers having similar interests. He was letting us know that he was linking to one of our articles from his blog. Visiting his blog was a real treat. and, turned up some excellent resources for learning more about Cornell''s Fab@Home and Desktop Factories view of the future.

V-Flash 3D Printer - Early Info & Specifications

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For most of the tasks for which it is being designed that should be plenty. The unique hanging build technique does offer one design challenge. The V-Flash methodology will require the user to design small breakaway supports to hold the free floating items in place as the build is being processed. It''s isn''t a big thing; but, it is something that one has to consider when designing.

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Design and Manufacturing in the Future

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Many types of products that are made and sold today will be designed and manufactured similarly in the future. However, a new wave of designs that before were impractical or too risky to produce by traditional meansis beginning to emerge. It is being made possible with advances in additive fabrication techniques and materials, coupled with artistic and engineering creativity of those who are good at modeling new ideas with SolidWorks, Rhino, and other CAD and design products.

The day the music died


The large glass fronted MDF box on the far left next to HydraRaptor is a 400 CD jukebox that I designed and made in 1990. Although I am fortunate enough to have a project room which is nearly 3m by 4m, as you can see it almost completely full of junk.

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Four Events in One Week

Wohlers Talk

Next week, four design/prototyping/manufacturing events are being held simultaneously in Europe and the USA. VRAP 2007 is September 2429 in Leiria, Portugal. TCT 2007 is September 2627 in Coventry, England and has been running as an annual event for many years. NDES stands for National Design Engineering Show and is organized annually by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Collapse in Japan

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Sony Manufacturing Systems (Japan) stopped producing its stereolithography machine, called the Solid Creation System (SCS), in March 2007, after 18 years. The Japanese Rapid Prototyping Symposium is next week (June 25-26), followed by the large Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (June 27-29) in Tokyo. Sony was a partner of D-MEC, also of Japan, who markets, supports, and manages the business associated with the sales of the systems.

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We Need More Invention

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Its been said that inventiveness is the source of American wealth, explained Leland Teschler in his March 8, 2007 column in Machine Design magazine. The fourth annual Bright Minds Mentor Program, held last week, introduced advances in CAD solid modeling, 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, and laser scanning to 50 Detroit-area students at the RAPID 2007 Conference & Exposition. More than 1,200 designs were entered in the competition.

Extruder dimensions


The official design is tapered but this is not necessary with the offset motor mount so I simplified it to a cylinder. It has now been superseded by a larger design. I think the official design was 10mm but is now 16mm. I have been asked for dimensioned drawings of the extruder.

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Scaling new heights


The RepRap design uses fiberglass wool but I wanted to be able to see the state of my heater so I decided to make a transparent cover.

Self destruction


Here it is repaired :- Clamping a very slippery plastic rod with a clamp made out of a slightly less slippery plastic is probably not the best design. Not managed any self replication yet but my machine has done a bit of self destruction!

Sticking point


I knew Forrest, who has been pioneering the use of HDPE with Tommelise , had successfully used foam board as a base to extrude onto, and the RepRap design uses a sheet of MDF for CAPA. Over the last few days I have been working on getting my machine to lay down straight lines of HDPE filament.



I don''t think it was designed for use up to 250°C. The first problem was easy enough to diagnose. Since I had rebuilt and rewired the circuit it had to be the thermistor itself. After removing it, I could see the underside was looking a bit toasted.

Glass 52

Dribble and smoke


Unfortunately I can''t do that because this is what happens to the steel wire when it is turned the wrong way:- Because of this I designed my electronics to only be able to go forwards. Not a very good day today. I started by trying to lay down a 50mm straight line of HDPE.

Equations of Extrusion


To get an idea of what was going on I designed my extruder controller to be able to make measurements. When I first tested my extruder I found that the filament diameter varied with the flow rate and temperature.

Bus stops


of noise on the I²C lines Using I²C without buffers for anything other than inter IC comms is a really bad design decision, I am not sure what came over me. If that doesn''t fix it I may have to rethink the design. The I²C bus not working was more of a problem.

DC 52

All wound up


The next task is to design the electronics to drive the extruder. My years of hoarding junk is finally starting to pay dividends. I decided to address how I was going to feed the filament to my extruder.



I made the extruder nozzle and PTFE heat barrier this evening :- I am making a mixture of an older RepRap design and the latest, mainly because I bought the parts before the design was changed. I made a small modification to the nozzle design.

Hotting up


The latest RepRap heater design consists of insulated nichrome wire wound around a threaded barrel and then stuck down with a coating of J-B Weld high temperature epoxy.

Bob on


This is not the latest version of the RepRap design but I decided it would fit my machine better. I added two more mounting holes and changed the central hole diameter to match my PTFE barrel which is 12mm rather than 10 or 16mm in the original design.

Tooled up


I designed the part in Visio and then manually made a Python script to mill it. I wired up and tested the tool height sensor that I made last week and it worked fine. It gave consistent and repeatable results.

Tools 52

How long is your tool?


I got my design inspiration from The "One Penny" Touch Probe. I decided to make a tool height sensor as a high priority because finding the Z = 0 setting manually is time consuming and risks breaking expensive milling / drill bits. I basically turned it upside down.

Tools 52

Too thick


The official RepRap design I am working to is here. Forrest Higgs has a simpler design here but as I have a lathe and I don''t have a blowtorch I decided to stick with Adrian Bower''s original for my first attempt.

On the right path


I designed a simple two part clamp using Visio. Having tried a cheap mini drill as a router and found it lacking I ordered a cheap laminate trimmer to try instead. While I was waiting for it to arrive I remembered that I had inherited a Minicraft drill from my aunt.

Up a blind alley


The basic requirement of the mechanical design is to suspend the z-axis solidly 150 mm above the centre of the XY table with enough overhang to allow the table to move +-75 mm in each direction.

The powers that be


The highest power law I have ever come across is that incandescent bulb lifetime is inversely proportional to the 12th power of voltage, see www.allegromicro.com/en/Products/Design/an/an295012.pdf. When trying to make parts of my machine stiffer I got to wondering about the relationship between a material''s thickness and its resistance to bending.

Challenges to Designing Smarter Products

3D Perspectives

Meeting the Challenges to Designing Smarter Products with ENOVIA. The proportion of electronics in passenger cars in 2007 was around 20%, but this figure is estimated to increase to about 40% by 2015.

CATI Tech Notes: Stratasys Adds Flexible Color Materials To The.

CATI Tech Notes

Design Validation. The Objet500 Connex3 builds on the Connex technology introduced in 2007. CATI Tech Notes. Archives. Subscribe. CATI Search. Subscribe to CATI TechLink Newsletter. Recent Comments. Bob McGaughey on SolidWorks 2014 on a 4k Ultra HD monitor 3840x2160.

Designer Creates a 3D Printed/CNC Milled Portable Nintendo 64


Downing says that between 1998 and 2007, his life... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d print nintendo 3d printed case mods Chris Downing N64 case mod nintendo nintendo 64Chris Downing is an enthusiast of electronics and music. He’s also a salesmen and husband and acts as a moderator for the Modded by Bacteria website.

Designer Spotlight: Todd Blatt

Shapeways Blog

This weeks Designer Spotlight focuses on Todd Blatt , long time community member here at Shapeways, This spotlight is an update from his previous one found here. I’m a 2007 UMBC Mechanical Engineering Graduate and am an active member of the Baltimore Node Makerspace.

Best Way To Learn Autodesk Fusion 360


I can still remember that Saturday afternoon in 2007. 2007 was a long time ago, and yes, I still feel frustrated when learning new software. My hero, Tony Robbins said: “You can only learn by connecting something unknown to something you already know.”.