Gamer Alert - Wall Street Journal Article

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Here is a link to an excellent article published in the Wall Street Journal that discusses the rapid rise in the number of companies dedicated to proving physical models of virtual world through 3D printing. Print the model.

3D Printing is Coming Your Way!

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3D Modeling 3D Printing Desktop Factory FabatHome RepRap V-Flash Make no mistake about it. 3D printing is on the way to our desktops. This blog is being created as a place where we can follow the development of Desktop 3D as news and low cost products are released.

3D Software for 3D Printing Forums

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We''re very thankful to JANDSCREATIONS.COM for providing a forum where we can discuss 3D Modeling as it relates to Desktop 3D Printing. If Desktop 3D Printing is to become as popular as 2D printing, then a much wider range of users will need to feel comfortable with 3D modeling.

DC SIGGRAPH Looking forward to 3D Printing

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One of the goals in showing the piece was to find experienced 3D modelers wishing to experiment with and explore 3D printing when the first desktop units become available. The next few years promise to be very exciting and rewarding for 3D modelers.

DC 130

The STL File. One way to get there from here.

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With so many different 3D formats being used somebody had to come up with an open standard that could be used as the common language between 3D modeling applications and the 3D printer.

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V-Flash 3D Printer - Early Info & Specifications

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The disposable pad, or partially completed model, is lowered into or near the liquid resin on the film. That being said, the V-Flash is being marketed as a concept modeler with material properties similar to general use SLA models. The software that will be delivered with the V-Flash system will accept.STL files and will be able to resize and reorient the models to be printed.

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Hear better via a Desktop 3D Printer!

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3D Systems has announced that they are partnering with Dreve Otoplastik, a hearing aid manufacturer to deliver custom made hearing aid shells using a special version of the V-Flash 3D printer (Model HA 230). We hate relying on news releases for information. They''re so predictable. like there''s a class that everyone goes to learn the rules for writing them and swears they will never deviate from the rules.

Most People Cannot Design

Wohlers Talk

Historically, additive fabrication (AF) has been used for applications such as modeling, prototyping, and making patterns for silicone rubber molds. in 2007. Making these kinds of changes would make the model car truly custom. Note: The international conference titled The Custom Manufacturing MegaTrend: Where China and the West Fit In will be held on December 7 at EuroMold 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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We Need More Invention

Wohlers Talk

Its been said that inventiveness is the source of American wealth, explained Leland Teschler in his March 8, 2007 column in Machine Design magazine. The fourth annual Bright Minds Mentor Program, held last week, introduced advances in CAD solid modeling, 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, and laser scanning to 50 Detroit-area students at the RAPID 2007 Conference & Exposition.

3D Printing of Game Characters

Wohlers Talk

million subscribers of World of Warcraft (WoW) can now order a 100 mm (4-inch) tall model of their personalized character from the online game. The models are manufactured on a 3D color printer from Z Corp. The cost for a model of a character: $100 plus $15 for shipping. The idea has been discussed in the past and now it’s a reality. Ed Fries, former vice president of Microsofts video games business, rolled out FigurePrints last week. The 9.3

Inspiring Questions

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I believe its important to give kids the opportunity to be inventive by letting them play with modeling clay, 3D puzzles, Lego products, building blocks, and so on. During a recent trip to Africa, professor Deon de Beer of Central University of Technology, Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa) and I spoke to a group of nearly 100 kids.

Design and Manufacturing in the Future

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It is being made possible with advances in additive fabrication techniques and materials, coupled with artistic and engineering creativity of those who are good at modeling new ideas with SolidWorks, Rhino, and other CAD and design products. The inventory consists of a library of solid models stored as bits and bytes. Many types of products that are made and sold today will be designed and manufactured similarly in the future.

The World is Small

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One organization is running five laser sintering systems, two stereolithography systems, fused deposition modeling, and a system from Solidscape. New information, methods, and applications of technology are transferred so incredibly fast today, compared to years ago. South Africa is a case in point. It is currently applying some of the most advanced technology in the world and receiving a constant flow of machines, software, and know-how from the U.S. and Europe.

We Need Your Help

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Its main focus has been on the production of medical models to assist surgeons with head and face injuries. You may have heard of the humanitarian project called RP4Baghdad. The project was first discussed here in the September 24, 2005 blog commentary. It is a project of the additive fabrication (a.k.a., rapid prototyping) industry with a purpose of helping severely injured Iraqi civilians.

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Extruder dimensions


I made these by manually inspecting the 3D models in ArtOfIllusion. I have been asked for dimensioned drawings of the extruder. It is not the easiest application for extracting dimensions so I made 2D drawings in Visio which does have good dimensioning tools.

Tools 52

Scaling new heights


The dream is to be able to input an arbitrary 3D model, of any size within the build volume, and have the item appear a few hours later.

Sticking point


My mental model, which may be wrong, of how the heat flow works is to translate temperature into voltage, heat flow into current, specific heat capacity as distributed capacitance and thermal conduction as electrical conductivity.

Equations of Extrusion


I prefer to think it is a simple linear relationship which means I can make a simple mathematical model of my extruder. I have a simple mathematical model which allows me to exploit the variable filament width if I need to.

All hands to the pump


This worked quite well as you can see :- The parts aren''t exactly to the ArtOfIllusion models provided by RepRap. Both the polymer channel and the bearing gaps have a slight overhang in the models. I finished milling the polymer pump casing this evening.

Peck it till it squeaks


In this case the model seems to have been constructed in a different way so I could not select sub parts. Not much progress recently as I spent the weekend at the British F1 Grand Prix. The next part of the extruder that I made is the motor holder. Surprisingly this gave me the most trouble.

Macotakara 3D Prints iPhone 12 Mockups

Sucking up hours of attention from users around the world since 2007, the iPhone has been a huge source of profit for Apple. 3D Printing 3D printed iPhone prototype 3d printed models 3d scanning apple iphone Macotakara

The exVive3D™ Liver Model: Organovo Delivers its 3D Printed Livers

3D Printing Industry

Organovo (NASDAQ: ONVO), the first company to market 3D bioprinting technology, has announced the sale of its bioprinted livers, called the exVive3D™ Liver Model. By Michael Molitch-Hou. In some ways, today may be a day looked back on as a turning point in medical history.

It Takes a Village – CloneScan3D Scans and 3D Prints Models of Everyone in a Tiny Spanish Town

Grupo Sicnova was founded in 2007, and they design, build, and sell 3D printers and scanners at... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Scanners 3d printed figures 3d printed models of people 3d printing a Spanish village 3d scanning 3d selfie Ángel Llavero CloneScan3D Grupo Sicnova spain Spanish firm Grupo Sicnova says they can make you smaller, and they can do it very fast.

CATI Tech Notes: Stratasys Adds Flexible Color Materials To The.

CATI Tech Notes

Modeling. The Objet500 Connex3 builds on the Connex technology introduced in 2007.  Connex 3D Printers achieve this by jetting two base model materials, in varying combinations, to build a part. This leaves six print heads for three model materials. CATI Tech Notes.

Best Way To Learn Autodesk Fusion 360

I can still remember that Saturday afternoon in 2007. 2007 was a long time ago, and yes, I still feel frustrated when learning new software. You will for sure leave the Getting Started with Fusion 360 a lot more confident in your modeling skills…if not, beers on me.

How to Get Started with Model-Based Definition

The Solidworks Blog

How should we get started with Model-Based Definition (MBD)? This is a vital, but complex topic because even a simple change is hard, let alone a shift from 200-year-old 2D drawings to 3D model-based processes, but we can at least start the discussion here.

Decline in Solid Modeling

Wohlers Talk

Installations of CAD solid modeling seats declined by 7.9% Sales were an estimated 190,000 commercial CAD solid modeling seats in 2007 compared to 175,000 last year. decline in CAD solid modeling seats. The CAD industry has been experiencing a rough period. in 2008, according to our research. This comes after years of solid growth since 2003 when Wohlers Associates began to track CAD sales worldwide. Recent figures show that the industry continues to suffer.

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3D Patient Specific Models Prove Integral to Life Saving Vascular Surgery

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

With 3D printed models, we can quickly understand the individual patient anatomy and best determine the type of treatment required to successfully treat it.”. Why was the model helpful in surgery? J Vasc Surg 2007; 45:192e8. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2007; 33(5):525e32.

A Penguin Called Bagpipes Got A New Foot And Is So Damn Happy About It

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In 2007, Bagpipes lost his leg when he got tangled up in a fisherman’s net near New Zealand. 3D Modeling Health & Medical 3D leg 3D Printing Bagpipes New Zealand

Nanoscribe Presents Successor Model Photonic Professional GT2 for High-Resolution 3D Microfabrication

Additive Manufacturing

Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen , December 4, 2018 - With the successor model Photonic Professional GT2 , Nanoscribe , the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D printers for microfabrication, offers new solutions for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. In a simple workflow, software especially developed for the printing process supports the import of CAD models with extensive configuration options, including a wide selection of preset parameters.

RepRap: Blog: A Tipping Point of Print Quality (Open Source for the.

RepRap Blog

On the left is the Venetian Lion by Tony Buser printed by Prusajr on a $550 to assemble RepRap Prusa, on the right is the same model printed on a Stratasys uPrint+. Its official, RepRap has now surpassed the commercial Fused deposition modeling 3d printers in machine affordability, price for filiment, and NOW build quality. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Friday, September 09, 2011.

New LPW Technology – Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair Created to Mine, Process and Alloy Data, and to Model Novel Alloys for Optimising the Additive Manufacturing Process

Additive Manufacturing

Professor Rivera is transferring from his post as Assistant Director of Research, SKF University Technology Centre, Cambridge University where his focus has been on sophisticated modelling to generate new alloys.

RepRap: Blog: RepRap Interviews: Sound / Slic3r

RepRap Blog

To me, this looks much like the more popular makers of the RepRap community finally join in on the development model Generation 7 Electronics follows for something like a year already. RepRap: Blog.

Popularity of FDM

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Since the early 2000s, fused deposition modeling (FDM), more formally referred to as material extrusion by ASTM and ISO, has been the most popular additive manufacturing and 3D printing process worldwide. 2007 was a turning point for FDM technology, although no one knew it at the time.

RepRap 184

RepRap: Blog: New open source slicer: CuraEngine!

RepRap Blog

But on the back-end, the engine that generates the toolpath from the mesh-surface model (e.g. On-the-fly model preparation There is no slicing button anymore because it starts processing right-away. Model fixing The engine can fix major problem in a model. RepRap: Blog.

RepRap: Blog: Surface-Oriented CAD, Math, & Telescopes

RepRap Blog

Loosely based of the code I had for generating models of mathematical objects, the sorts of things that surfcad makes easy to make are very different from in something like openscad. RepRap: Blog.

10 Years Ago, Shapeways Was Sparked

Shapeways Blog

” It was March 1, 2007 – Co-Founder & CEO Pete Weijmarshausen’s first day working full-time on Shapeways, and the unofficial birthday of the company. The landscape of 3D printing has changed widely since 2007. Ten years ago today, Shapeways was just an idea.


3D Perspectives

Starting with a Dassault Systemes’ CATIA® model, one can use physics apps on the 3D EXPERIENCE platform to create simulation models and perform analyses for events such as the movement of trains on bridge decks.

RepRap: Blog: Say goodbye to unsightly STL triangle misery! Forever!

RepRap Blog

I built a simple CSG modeller into the RepRap Java Host Software. Just like the CSG processor at the heart of OpenSCAD, the software is essentially a re-implementation of my old friend John Woodwarks DORA CSG modeller (Divided Object Ray-tracing Algorithm) from the early 1980s ( see here ).

Project Spotlight: H.E.A.D Hunters

Shapeways Blog

Hunters way back in 2007. In 2007, rapid prototyping was not as accessible as it is today, so the slightest changes to a design had significant costs in both time and money.

RepRap: Blog: Be your own souvenir

RepRap Blog

They take away a personal model of themselves. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Monday, April 04, 2011. Be your own souvenir. Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.

RepRap: Blog: Extending OpenSCAD

RepRap Blog

About 20 years ago my old colleague Andy Wallace did this with a CSG modeller. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Monday, March 28, 2011. Extending OpenSCAD.

Monsters of Scale: Hetmanski Hobbies RC Monster Trucks

Shapeways Blog

In 2007, he created the King Of Crushers — using several poorly handmade parts. Products and Design 3D Printed Car 3D printed parts and projects 3D printed replacement parts Designer Spotlight RC Car Parts RC Cars RC Monster Trucks RC Trucks scale models Shop Owner