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The following article is excerpted from SIMULATION IN ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION. Figure 2 shows a picture of the 8-lane, 1,907 feet long steel truss arch bridge over the Mississippi River on I-35 in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA that collapsed on August 1, 2007.

CATI Tech Notes: Stratasys Adds Flexible Color Materials To The.

CATI Tech Notes

Modeling. Simulation. The Objet500 Connex3 builds on the Connex technology introduced in 2007.  Connex 3D Printers achieve this by jetting two base model materials, in varying combinations, to build a part. This leaves six print heads for three model materials.

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3D Patient Specific Models Prove Integral to Life Saving Vascular Surgery

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

With 3D printed models, we can quickly understand the individual patient anatomy and best determine the type of treatment required to successfully treat it.”. Why was the model helpful in surgery? J Vasc Surg 2007; 45:192e8. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg 2007; 33(5):525e32.

New LPW Technology – Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair Created to Mine, Process and Alloy Data, and to Model Novel Alloys for Optimising the Additive Manufacturing Process

Additive Manufacturing

As this technology is poised to disrupt the established techniques for fabricating metal components so collecting data, and simulating new compositions and microstructures, promises to transform the approach to generating novel high-performance alloys for applications in critical industries.

RepRap: Blog: New open source slicer: CuraEngine!

RepRap Blog

But on the back-end, the engine that generates the toolpath from the mesh-surface model (e.g. On-the-fly model preparation There is no slicing button anymore because it starts processing right-away. Model fixing The engine can fix major problem in a model. RepRap: Blog.

Reflecting on SOLIDWORKS Worlds over the Years

The Solidworks Blog

Three of my favorite things about SWW are Model Mania, the “What’s New” skit, and the CSWE event. Model Mania. After modeling the part, they need to answer some questions about mass and then make some edits to the part and run a simulation to determine the factor of safety.

How e-Go Aeroplanes is Making Amateur Aviation a Breeze

The Solidworks Blog

Flash forward to today and – give or take a few tweaks – Castelli’s single-seat aircraft design has been brought to market by UK company e-Go Aeroplanes , having scooped top prize in the Light Aircraft Association’s 2007 design competition.

Mission Everest: How SOLIDWORKS Helped Bear Grylls Achieve the Impossible

The Solidworks Blog

On a sunny day in May 2007, they propelled ultralight aviation to new heights – 29,494 feet, to be precise – when Bear Grylls strapped on Gilo’s paramotor (think: powered paraglider ) and flew over the summit of Everest. Revolutionary. Pioneering. Innovative.

Webinar: How 3D Printing Is Transforming Surgical Procedures & Medical Devices

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

See how CBMTI uses 3D printing for: Developing effective models for surgical training. Where CBMTI truly excels is in creating clinically relevant and realistic clinical training and education models.

Spotlight on MEMKO: Pushing Collaboration Across the Project Life Cycle to Revolutionize Design and Construction

3D Perspectives

With the 777, Miletic was part of the team to design and build an aircraft using 3D CAD as the master model. The next step was the 787: the first aircraft designed without paper using Model Based Definition (MBD). Everyone, from supply to production, worked from digital models.

Nanoscribe – Fly-over Video Highlights Design Freedom on the Nano- and Microscale

Additive Manufacturing

A straightforward 3D printing workflow paves the way from CAD model import to the final micro part. Once the printing parameters are set, a preview of the design is available in 3D, users can even simulate the printing process in 3D. Nanoscribe 3D printers open up versatile opportunities in 3D Microfabrication Additive processes are more and more changing the world of manufacturing.

Celebrating Canadian women in engineering and manufacturing [Part 1]

Javelin Tech Tips

As part of Javelin’s 20th anniversary celebrations this year, we asked the Javelin team to nominate some fantastic females who are models of success in their fields. Jessica works at Honeywell in a global group dedicated to lean methods, reliability, and simulation.

Smarter Solutions for Smarter Ideation

3D Perspectives

Asensio, came from General Motors and Renault to join Dassault Systèmes in 2007 as Vice President of Design Experience. This model can be continuously transformed—it can keep being changed. An Interview with Anne Asensio, VP Design Experience at Dassault Systèmes.

Nanoscribe – On-Chip 3D Microprinting for Photonic and MEMS Systems

Additive Manufacturing

These advantages are the full 3D design freedom and a simple workflow from CAD model to final part resulting in rapid design iteration cycles that save time and costs during product development. Inset: Print simulation of the 3D component.