SWW 2010 – Before Day 1

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The post SWW 2010 – Before Day 1 appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. SolidWorks Community AMV Develop3D SolidWorks World 2010 SteelWorks SWW After an uneventful flight on my current favorite airline, Virgin America, I arrived in Anaheim to the welcoming committee that was Alex Ruiz. He’d run into Mr. Christy Jordan (nee Ricky Jordan) and Rich Hall, so the twosome became a foursome and off we went to the hotel. Tangent here – more swag just came […].

SWW 2010 Apology

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The post SWW 2010 Apology appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. This goes out to anyone who attended my SolidWorks Crashes & Slowdowns presentation. I’m sorry. I just watched the video of my presentation and I’d have to say it was, without a doubt, one of the worst presentations I’ve ever seen. Even though I was nervous as hell, coupled with the fact that I couldn’t […]. Personal SolidWorks Community

Video 40

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DriveWorks World 2010 – The Movie

Jeff's Tool Shed

The post DriveWorks World 2010 – The Movie appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. No, that’s not a misprint. The incredibly intelligent, although slightly whacked, team over at DriveWorks are making a movie. Glen Smith, CEO and co-founder, admitted that the idea came to be whilst indulging in a drink or five one night after work. Once they’d made the commitment, there was no turning back. For those of […].

Tools 40

SolidWorks World – February 2, 2010

Jeff's Tool Shed

The post SolidWorks World – February 2, 2010 appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. Wow, what a day its been; not that its actually over yet. I just returned to my room to relax a little bit before heading over to Jon Hirschtick’s room. He was kind enough to invite the Twitterverse over and Im not one to turn down such an invitation. Right now, this is turning out […]. SolidWorks Community DriveWorks ElecWorks SolidNEST Solido SolidWorks World Z Corp

Book Review – SolidWorks 2010 No Experience Required

Jeff's Tool Shed

The post Book Review – SolidWorks 2010 No Experience Required appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. How does one go about reviewing a book, without bias, when said book was written by friends? Well, if you’re me, you just do it. I’ve never had a problem separating business and pleasure and, in this case, this is all business. Alex Ruiz, with help from Gabi Jack, has written a SolidWorks book for […].

Tools 43

RepRapping at the Maker Faire, Newcastle - March 13-14, 2010

RepRap Blog

RepRap will be attending the 2010 Maker Fair in NEWCASTLE, UK For more details: Forum Announcement Maker Faire Announcement Also, I am pleased to remind you UK RepRappers out there that we have a United Kingdom RepRap User Group. For everyone else in the world, please check the list of all RepRap User Groups. These are good places to get or Mendel parts.) See also our Forum for Selling Mendel Parts.

CEO Summit

Wohlers Talk

The additive manufacturing industry’s first CEO Summit was held on May 19, 2010 in Anaheim, California. It coincided with the RAPID 2010 and 3D Imaging Conference & Exposition. The Summit was originally scheduled to be held on April 21 in Leuven, Belgium at the Materialise World Conference and Visionary Summit on Additive Manufacturing. Dust clouds from the Iceland volcano prevented most CEOs and others from traveling to Belgium, so it was postponed until last week.

11 Days in Where?

Wohlers Talk

Igor Drstvenek of the University of Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia) led the organization of iCAT 2010, which set the stage for new business relationships and friendships. My wife and I arrived with little sleep to meet friends from South Africa and England. We traveled together the next 48 hours to some of the most beautiful sites we had ever seen. The Julian Alps of western Slovenia are as spectacular as mountains can get.

Alan Shepard and Apollo 13

Wohlers Talk

The movie Apollo 13 ranks as one of my favorites. More than anything else, it shows the unwavering spirit and determination of Americans. My wife and I watched the 1995 film (again) recently. Apollo 13 was the third Apollo mission that was supposed to land on the moon. Tom Hanks played commander James Lovell. He and his crew replaced Alan Shepard, the first American in space, and his crew due to an inner ear problem that Shepard had experienced.

Tel Aviv

Wohlers Talk

It had been some time since I last visited Israel. A recent visit reminded me of how nice Tel Aviv had become. The beach front is especially appealing, with bustling restaurants and activities for beach goers. The walkway along the coast spans as far as one can see to thenorth and south. I shot this picture from theRenaissance Hotel where I stayed. The ancient city of Jaffa is shown in the distance in the upper left area of the image.

Israel 109

Cameron on TED

Wohlers Talk

This came after hearing him speak at SolidWorks World 2010 and later talking with him in early February. Ive been impressed by the caliber of speakers and quality of information presented at TED.com. I know little about the organization, but have learned that the 15-20 minutes presentations are well worth my time. Ive become an admirer of James Cameron. Avatar had been out for about six weeks at that point, although I had not yet seen it when I met him.

Course 100

New Industry Study

Wohlers Talk

I am relieved to have published Wohlers Report 2010 , our annual industry report on additive manufacturing (AM). This edition marks the 15th consecutive year to publish the report. Id be lying if I said it is getting easier to produce each year, because its not. From January until very recently, many people from around the world gave a great deal of time and energy toward the creation of this 250-page publication. Fifty-four co-authors wrote sections of the report.

Study 100

The China Threat

Wohlers Talk

On February 28, 2010, The Washington Post published a story titled Theres a new Red Scare. But is China really so scary? After having been to the country a few times, Im gaining an understanding of the strengths and limitations of Chinese. This article does an excellent job pointing out some of them and gives a seemingly realistic view of where China stands today. Ive learned that there are many differences between the Chinese and the U.S. governments.

China 100

10 Talks in 6 Days

Wohlers Talk

When asked if Id come to Australia in June 2010, I said Yes. The plan was toconducta series ofconferences, workshops, and company presentations in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane. The tenth is on Monday here in Brisbane. By the end of that day, I will have had the privilege of presenting the Factory of the Future to nearly 600 engineering and manufacturing professionals from across the country. I underestimated how demanding it would be.

Internet at Hotels

Wohlers Talk

For many years, nearly all hotels in the U.S. charged for Internet access. Today, most U.S. hotels provide it at no cost, although some of the most expensive still charge for it. It took time, but I believe most hotel owners finally understood that by offering complimentary Internet access, they could be more competitivethat this perk would help sell their hotel.

Israel 100

James Cameron Uses 3D Printing

Wohlers Talk

On Tuesday of this week, I listened to inspiring anecdotes from film maker James Cameron, the producer of Avatar , at SolidWorks World 2010 in Anaheim, California. About a year ago, entertainer Jay Leno presented the use of laser scanning and 3D printing in a video clip on the Jay Lenos Garage website. I learned this week that it has become the most popular video on the website.

Makers 100

Empty Nesters

Wohlers Talk

For the first time in more than 28 years, my wife and I are living without a child under our roof. Two days ago, our daughter, who is 10 years younger than our son, left the nest and flew off to college. The university is only about 13 km (8 miles) away, so thats comforting. Even so, it will never be the same at home. The day was filled with mixed emotions as we helped our daughter move into a dormitory on the campus of Colorado State University.


Wohlers Talk

Tony Lockwood discussed the Cray CX1-iWS computer in his December 17, 2009 Check It Out newsletter from Desktop Engineering magazine. What I found most interesting is that this Windows 7 deskside workstation is available from Dell. Cray and Dell partnered with Intel and Microsoft to offer this incredibly powerful platform. Cray Inc. has long been considered a premier manufacturer of supercomputers. Who would have thought that we would one day have a Cray running at our desks.

System 100

Wohlers Associates

Wohlers Talk

Forbidden. You dont have permission to access /press50.htm on this server. Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at www.wohlersassociates.com Port 80

Changing a Name

Wohlers Talk

Old habits die slowly. Case in point: Transitioning to the term additive manufacturing. Thats now the official name of what some refer to as rapid prototyping, freeform fabrication, and a host of other names. Additive manufacturing (AM) is the official name … according to who? ASTM International F42 Committee on Additive Manufacturing Technologies. The group put a lot of thought into it, first selecting AM as the favorite for the name of the committee. It then carefully defined it.

3D Printer from HP

Wohlers Talk

In January, it was announced that Stratasys would manufacture a 3D printer for Hewlett-Packard, a product that would carry the HP brand. The announcement got a lot of attention because few large, well-known companies have entered this business. HP will initially target mechanical designers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK with the new product. If the roll-out goes well, HP expects to sell the product in other countries.

Business Stripped Bare

Wohlers Talk

Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur is written by British industrialist Sir Richard Branson. He is responsible for launching 360 companies under the Virgin brand over the past more than 30 years. At the time of the books publication (copyright 2008), the Virgin Group was valued at an estimated 12 billion British pounds. In todays dollars, thats more than $18 billion. Not bad for a guy who left school at age 16 and never attended college.

U.S. Manufacturing in the Future

Wohlers Talk

An estimated 1,2001,300 injection molding machines shipped in the U.S. in 2009, according to editor Bill Bregar in the December 7, 2009 issue of Plastics News. Contrast this with an estimated 1,886 additive manufacturing (AM) systems sold in 2008 in the U.S. and 5,060 worldwide, according to Wohlers Report 2009. Figures for the 2009 calendar year are not yet available.). Undeniably, more AM systems are being sold and installed in the U.S.

India 100

RepRap repraps RepRap electronics

RepRap Blog

Several people are starting to work on having RepRap make electronics. This includes, of course, making its own circuitry. For example, I''m pleased to say that this blog post itself is rather eclipsed by Johnny Russell''s beautifully neat Arduino Mega Shield made in a RepRap here. I have been integrating PCB production into the RepRap software to try to make it as straightforward as possible. I''ve used the results to make these: which you can see fully-assembled at the top of this post.

Fresh Thinking at Thogus Products

Wohlers Talk

Progressive, seeking niche markets, doing what few have done before, anticipating the next big thing: These thoughts came to mind as I toured Thogus manufacturing facility one month ago. The company president, 34-year old Matt Hlavin, has a knack for discovering whats new, cool, and effective for his 60-person manufacturing firm. The companys roots are in plastic injection molding, but it is quickly changing to adjust to recent industry trends and opportunities.

Trends 100

Favorite Products/Services of 2009

Wohlers Talk

Asiana Airlines. I now know why this company was recognized as Airline of the Year by Air Transport World. The airline provides extraordinary service. The flight attendants are cheerful and vibrant, and never stop working to make the passenger comfortable and happy. Twice, I was about to enter the lavatory when a flight attendant was exiting. She had big smile and said, Sorry, sir, for the delay but I was cleaning it for you. Never before had I experienced this.

Utah 100

Earthquake in Haiti

Wohlers Talk

I am saddened by the powerful earthquake that caused destruction, suffering, and death in Haiti. About three million people (one-third of Haitis population) was impacted by it. Click here for a list of organizations that are accepting donations for this disaster. We chose Evangelical Lutheran Church of America ( ELCA )because 100% of the donation goes to relief. This may be the case with some of the other organizations, but you will want to check.

Haiti 100

An Unforgettable Experience

Wohlers Talk

I found myself standing in the center of a remote village of 500 inhabitants in the South Pacific. No streets, automobiles, supermarkets, or convenient stores. Women were on the ground preparing small fires, cooking, and weaving floor mats. Small children were playing while domestic animals wandered among them. Thirty minutes earlier, I was standing at the shore near a dirt airstrip in Malolo, Fiji.

Fiji 100

SolidWorks World – First General Session

Jeff's Tool Shed

SolidWorks Community James McLurkin SolidWorks World 2010 Ok, first and foremost, contrary to what Josh may have said via Twitter, I was not taking shots every time ‘Cloud’ was mentioned. I just want to get that out of the way. Now for the good stuff… 5000+ attendees at SolidWorks world this year. That is an awesome number! A surprising one, too. Given […]. The post SolidWorks World – First General Session appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed.

Tools 40

The ‘Why’ behind the SWW (not so) special event

Jeff's Tool Shed

SolidWorks Community Kerri Dunne SolidWorks World 2010 Many people, including me, were disappointed with the special event at SolidWorks World this year. It just seemed ‘less’ than years past. So, to satisfy my curiosity about the ‘why’, I reached out to Kerri Dunne. For those of you who don’t know who Kerri is, she’s the brains behind SolidWorks World. If you want […].

Tools 40

TGISWWT! (Thank God it’s SolidWorks World Time!)

Jeff's Tool Shed

Personal SolidWorks Community Mr. Mings SolidWorks World 2010 SWW Virgin American In just over 24 hours I’ll be boarding a Virgin American plane (my current favorite airline) for Anaheim, and I can’t wait. Ever since my first SolidWorks World, way back in 2005, I’ve been hooked. Each and every one I’ve been to has been remarkable in one way or another. Aside from the fact that […]. The post TGISWWT! Thank God it’s SolidWorks World Time!)

Tools 40

3D printing and "Intellectual Property"

RepRap Blog

A while ago a few of us wrote a paper: [link] on the "IP" implications of home 3D printing. This looked at the matter mainly from the UK and EU perspective. Inspired by that, Public Knowledge , a Washington DC based public interest group, has now put out a white paper on the same questions from a US perspective. You can access it here: It Will Be Awesome if They Dont Screw it Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology

SolidWorks World 2011

Jeff's Tool Shed

SolidWorks World 2011 is just over two months away and I’m getting really excited for it. It’ll be the 7th time I’ve had the opportunity to go, and I know I’ll be just as blown away as I have been the 6 previous times. There’s something awe-inspiring when you see 5000+ SolidWorks geeks coming together […]. The post SolidWorks World 2011 appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed. SolidWorks Community

Tools 51

Reprappable Inkjet Head

RepRap Blog

This is an inkjet head that is completely makable in a RepRap machine. It was inspired by Johnrpm ''s Scratchbuilt_Piezo_Printhead. It has only three reprapped parts. The other parts are standard easily-obtainable items. There is no machining involved in making it - the only tools needed are scissors, a scalpel or razor blade, a hammer, a short piece of 3 mm steel rod to use as a punch, and a glue gun. It uses a piezoelectric buzzer to drive the ink.

ReplicatorG for RepRaps: Beta testers wanted

RepRap Blog

Over the past couple weeks Erik de Bruijn and I have been working on a new and improved RepRap 5D driver for ReplicatorG over on github and I think it''s safe to say that it''s ready for some serious testing. That is to say download it, burn it to zip disk (or whatever you kids are using these days) and give it to everyone you know. oh and file bug reports! We need those. Any 5d firmware should be compatible. So grab a copy at https://github.com/Ultimaker/ReplicatorG and try it out!

A proper conductive polymer mix?

RepRap Blog

In which your narrator begins to test a new conductive polymer mix. Do you want to read more


101 Mendels


From March up until a week ago I have run my Mendel as close to 24/7 as I can and it has printed 101 Mendels, with a bit of help from HydraRaptor. During all that time I have been able to sell them as fast as I could print them but there has been a dip in demand running up to Christmas, so I stopped printing on Monday, having built up a small stock.

Glow-in-the-dark PLA

RepRap Blog

I''ve just had the first sample run of glow-in-the-dark PLA back from the factory. I didn''t change the extruder parameters at all from using ordinary PLA and it seems to extrude absolutely fine as far as I can tell. So, here is (as far as I know) the first intrinsically glow-in-the-dark Mighty RepRap Power Ring : The phosphor pigment (no actual phosphorous used) needs to be mixed into the plastic at about 10% loading, which is an order of magnitude more than is normally used for colouring.

Story of simpler Mendel: Y and Z axes

RepRap Blog

My Mendel redesign is slowly reaching first milestone. I have completed a fully working prototype. I already fixed almost all issues that came with building it. Now, my attention turns to doing the basic documentation, then were ready to rock''n''roll! I foresee its going to be huge success for the Mendel replication rate. All the parts needed can fit and print them all on one Mendel sheet!!! Z-axis I chose to use two steppers wired in parallel to one driver.

RepRap Version III "Huxley"

RepRap Blog

(Image from Erik - thanks!) I''ve moved the Mini-Mendel page on the Wiki to form a Huxley page here: [link] This is where development of the new machine will be centred. Many people (particularly Erik) have already done a lot of work on Ed''s original design. Please add to their efforts! Huxley RepRap 3 RepRap III

An Open-Source Scanning Tunneling Microscope

RepRap Blog

Yesterday I ran into Jochen Klingelhoefer of Lab Minds. He introduced me to the SXM Project - a project to distribute an open-source scanning tunneling microscope (already working) and a scanning force microscope (under development). How cool is that? Many of the parts are eminently reprappable too. For details follow this link. Just to whet your appetite, here is a picture of a 4 nm square area on the surface of a piece of graphite made with the microscope: Note the atoms.


Upcoming server outage

RepRap Blog

We are pleased to announce that RepRap.org will have a brief server outage at 8:00 PM on Wed, 27 Jan 2010 Pacific Standard Time. This will be at 04:00 Thu, 28 Jan 2010 UTC. (We''re This will last no more than an hour, and ideally will only take 15 minutes. We''re moving servers.) Regards, Sebastien Bailard RepRap.org. server


Continuous belt production

RepRap Blog

As opposed to continuous-belt production. I think that (as with so many things) the original idea for this came from Ed Sells. And lots of people have subsequently had ideas of reprapping on a continuous conveyor belt running over a flat surface. See here and here and here. The big advantage would be that you could print for as long as the plastic filament lasted, continually throwing reprapped parts off the end into a bucket. They would be split from the belt as it ran over the winding roller.