101 Mendels


His first design is way more sophisticated that anything I have managed so far. It is testimony to the reliability of the mechanical design and if anything, the quality of the parts is getting better as I tweak the settings.

Random thoughts on hot-end design

RepRap Blog

I spent some time modding the bfb hot-end. Originally the hot end is very sturdy but with extremely soft filament (soft-abs from orbi for example) it is not able to print at low speeds (0.25mm layer 16mm/sec was on the limit, working but not consistent, 0.15mm layer 16mm/sec killed it).

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James Cameron Uses 3D Printing

Wohlers Talk

On Tuesday of this week, I listened to inspiring anecdotes from film maker James Cameron, the producer of Avatar , at SolidWorks World 2010 in Anaheim, California. SolidWorks co-founder Jon Hirschtick interviewed him in front of more than 5,000 engineers, designers, and others interested in SolidWorks. During his interview with Hirschtick, he explained how he and his team designed and built a 12.7

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Picture it, Design it, Sell it

Jeff's Tool Shed

Next thing you know you’re up sketching out a rough design, refining it, smiling at the simplicity of something so ingenious. The post Picture it, Design it, Sell it appeared first on Jeff's Tool Shed.

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Changing a Name

Wohlers Talk

They include the development of standards around test methods, processes, materials, and design (including data/file formats). Old habits die slowly. Case in point: Transitioning to the term additive manufacturing. Thats now the official name of what some refer to as rapid prototyping, freeform fabrication, and a host of other names. Additive manufacturing (AM) is the official name … according to who? ASTM International F42 Committee on Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

3D Printer from HP

Wohlers Talk

HP will initially target mechanical designers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK with the new product. In January, it was announced that Stratasys would manufacture a 3D printer for Hewlett-Packard, a product that would carry the HP brand. The announcement got a lot of attention because few large, well-known companies have entered this business. If the roll-out goes well, HP expects to sell the product in other countries.

U.S. Manufacturing in the Future

Wohlers Talk

Additive manufacturing is about flexibility and relatively low volumes, while IM is about locking in on a design and producing relatively high volumes. An estimated 1,2001,300 injection molding machines shipped in the U.S. in 2009, according to editor Bill Bregar in the December 7, 2009 issue of Plastics News. Contrast this with an estimated 1,886 additive manufacturing (AM) systems sold in 2008 in the U.S. and 5,060 worldwide, according to Wohlers Report 2009.

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Story of simpler Mendel: Y and Z axes

RepRap Blog

In testing so far, I can find only positive things to say about it vs the regular timing belt design. If you don''t wish to try it, you can use older Z axis, the design is still compatible! You cant achieve this with older design.

Some corners like it hot


When I design my own parts I round the corners, where possible, to prevent such problems. Large objects with sharp corners, such as the Mendel z-leadscrew-base, produce enough stress to form a blister in the PET tape on my heated bed. These can only be flattened again by pricking the tape.

Making Mendel


I made a much simpler design with drill centres on it. They seem to have sufficient repeatability and certainly will when I replace the electronics with my new design, which will know the motor phase, reducing the uncertainty by a factor of 32.

Introducing the Nothing Labs Electronic Cloud Chamber

Nothing Labs

As far as I can tell - this is the first cloud chamber design that uses electronic / peltier cooling which doesn''t need external secondary cooling (like cold water). I came up with this cloud chamber in early 2010 - and promptly published most of my findings online.

Story of simpler Mendel: PLA bushings and X-axis

RepRap Blog

2 months ago I started process of simplifying Mendel design, so far I was able to reduce parts count, assembly time, use of vitamins and also price. I also designed all parts to be able to change the bushings when they worn-out. Its really easy and simple design.

Hot bed


Of course mains on a moving table is not the safest design. Making a heated bed to combat warping has been on my "to do" list for a long time. In fact I ordered the materials more than a year ago. My plan was to use an aluminium plate with many small power resistors screwed on the back.

DC 63

A Smarter Approach to Infill

RepRap Blog

The issue with this is that with present extruder designs, and even with reversing, we still get some ooze that makes a bit of a mess. As is often the case, I had my Mendel running a week or two ago, and I was sat mesmerised for far too long watching it work.

Yet Another Geared Extruder

RepRap Blog

I wanted to design a single extruder driver that could Be bolted to the X carriage of Mendel and run as a normal extruder, Be mounted somewhere at the side and drive a Bowden extruder, and Be mounted somewhere at the side and drive a Bowden paste extruder, as outlined here.

Richards SolidWorks Blog: Cardboard or Fiberboard in our Schools

Richard's SolidWorks Blog

Designing without limits. High Tech and Hands On » March 05, 2010. Cardboard Construction Destructive Testing   By Corporal Willy, February 23 rd 2010.       March 05, 2010 at 12:16 PM in Schools and Education | Permalink.

Introduction to Additive (Rapid) Manufacturing,Prototyping & Tooling

RPM Tools

The use of additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping takes virtual designs from computer aided design (CAD) or animation modeling software, transforms them into thin, virtual, horizontal cross-sections and then creates successive layers until the model is complete.



My contribution to the design is the box. The lids had to be printed hollow side down because of the raised design on top. My wife has assembled her own Christmas crackers from kits in recent years. She puts in much better gifts than even the more expensive commercial ones contain.

Reprapping two materials into one object

RepRap Blog

So I designed the following pair, where the top of the tweezers consists of a PLA inner section for rigidity/stiffness, which is then encased in silicone for added grip, and printed in one shot: Unfortunately, the nozzle of the paste extruder blocked mid build.

Richards SolidWorks Blog: A Challenge to Learn & Think - Typepad

Richard's SolidWorks Blog

Designing without limits. Cardboard or Fiberboard in our Schools » January 25, 2010. 25, 2010.   Taken from this month’s Control Design Magazine were these statistics, 14% of youngsters don’t want to do any kind of physical work and 61% of them want to be CEO’s.

Getting there with herringbone rack and pinion

RepRap Blog

I''d been working with herringbone rack and pinion design and had begun writing Art of Illusion scripts to generate this kind of technology. I''d done most of the rack script a few weeks ago, but I needed to be able to design herringbone gears a bit more efficiently.

Mendelssohn & LCA2010

RepRap Blog

Finally got over the flu that I brought back from LinuxConf 2010. Mendelssohn is now printing properly with a stepper-driven extruder and a new heating element/barrel design. This is essentially the old hack using a radio aerial and a heatsink.

More cloud chamber tweaks

Nothing Labs

Latest round of design tweaks + some slow motion footage

New Year New Plastic


It is too stiff and brittle to use in my previous extruder, so I promised to have a go when I moved to a pinch wheel design. Just over a year ago a friend asked me to make replacement for a broken clip that was part of a light fitting.

Towards reprappable electronics

RepRap Blog

A while ago I designed an alternative set of RepRap electronics with the intention that the PCBs required for it would be particularly simple, and hence potentially reprappable. RepRap Mendel with Pololu Electronics from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.

Mendel & multiple materials

RepRap Blog

I once had a design that ended up having a maximum build height of 2cm.very practical:D). Moreover, its more difficult to have a head changer for extruders whose designs are still in the early stages (such as the paste extruder).

Yet another extruder nozzle.

RepRap Blog

I have just designed a new one that attempts to combine the benefits of the original design, the very robust Bits from Bytes design , and a number of Nophead''s ideas.

Overhang support and PCBs

RepRap Blog

The same pen plotter could be used with an etch-resist pen to make PCBs, such as these designed to make reprappable electronics simple. With a lot of work going on on putting pen-plotters in RepRaps for PCBs (and other things), it seemed to me that we might re-visit an old idea.



Brian Reifsnyder asked for volunteers to test his hybrid PEEK and PTFE insulator design, so I used it for the hot part of my Mendel extruder to start with. The drive mechanism is Wade''s design. Brian has added a circlip to the design to solve the problem.

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Some crude load tests

RepRap Blog

It works well for a first cut design but obviously it can benefit for more work. I put the post-tensioned beam system through its paces. Do you want to read more

Dibond bed


I am quite happy with with Wade''s drive mechanism but decided it was time to try another hot end design, coming soon. I had been making Mendel parts with my Mendel, using PLA on blue masking tape, as it didn''t have a heated bed.

Printing light structures

RepRap Blog

A month ago, I designed a light frame structure which I could post tension and use to replace much of the steel in a next generation Reprap printer.

Best of both Worlds

RepRap Blog

but all the extruder designs I seen for Mendel are not comparable to those of rapman''s designed and sold by BFB. I''m using RapMan 3.0 for a while now and it is a great machine.

Some thoughts and observations about having a Reprap machine in the design cycle

RepRap Blog

In which your narrator reflects on the rather radical difference between what he perceived the design process would be pre and post the advent of practical Reprap printers. Do you want to read more

Tiny ball-chain gears

RepRap Blog

The gears themselves are designed to be "spiky", but the vaguearities of the printing and rendering process lop the spikes off and leave enough by accident to produce a functioning gear! There are knock-on effects on the bed design and X Carriage which I''m still working around.

Bowden Paste Extruder

RepRap Blog

As you may recall, the paste extruder Ive been developing is based on the makerbot design which utilises air pressure to drive the paste from the nozzle.

Slice and Dice 0.1

RepRap Blog

While that is very handy if you need a lot of a thing, if you''re just trying to develop a part you take 6-8 times longer to print your part and find the errors in the design. What that means is that a decent design is going to generate many, many gigabytes of images.

Mini Me

RepRap Blog

Just before he left to Starve in the New Zealand Wilderness Ed did a new RepRap design because he "had to get it out of his head". This is a completely unsupported design for the moment (we haven''t got the time.)

Full Colour RepRap?

RepRap Blog

Both Erik and Ed have now got Ed''s Bowden extruder idea working, and Vik has now got a really simple, really slim extruder heater design. This is an idea that Erik, Batist and I had at FOSDEM.

Paste Extruder - The first test

RepRap Blog

The real beauty of Zach''s design is a relief valve that is able to exhaust the high pressure air from the syringe. The main difference between this design and others is in the valve. Secondly, the frostruder design has the high pressure acting directly on the paste.

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Suck it and see


I went through a few designs in my head before actually making anything. The magnetic steel and polyimide tape bed works very well for manual operation but I am pursuing the vacuum bed idea for fully automated production.

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Stepping up to the mark


Neither of us could remember what the old clip looked like so I designed a simple one from scratch. My wife is a very measured person. As well as watching how much power we using she likes to count her footsteps with a pedometer to check if she is getting here daily quota of 10,000.

Extruder broke already


I would need a working extruder to make the new bracket of course, so I decided to bodge the existing design. I think it would work fine with an extruder designed for 2mm filament. Well my best attempt at making a reliable extruder again resulted in one that only lasted a few weeks!