Northeast Solidworks User Conference

Interpro Models

Planned sessions will include Sheet Metal, Plastics Module, Costing Module, Electrial, Drawings, Simulation, Motion, Plastics design, 3DVia Composer, Toolbox, Using Planes, and bunch of other topics (plus great food!). SolidWorks users from Pennsylvania to Maine will be taking part in the annual Northeast Solidworks User Conference on September 21 in Westford, Massachusetts. Last year the conference was a big success, with almost 300 SolidWorks users attending.

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Wood filament becoming brittle after a while


First I though I had temperature and clogging issues, since I was testing my plugin for simulating wood grain. Wood filament now brittle, lost all its needed flexibility !

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Cubify Invent - Tutorial 16: The Power of Reference Objects

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

It''s a cap that holds a Christmas light and that cap fits onto a piece of white PVC pipe that, hopefully, will end up simulating a candle. Planning is an important part of design. This is especially true if you plan on printing that design on a 3D printer, like the Cube.

Cubify Invent - Tutorial #9: Revolve & Circular Pattern

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

As you may or may not be able to see, from the video splash screen, we used it to simulate an aircraft radial engine in just a few minutes time. ( If there is one command, beyond EXTRUDE, that is probably among the most used, it would be RESOLVE BOSS.

The Printed Celestial Circuits Rocket Pod

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Some capture telemetry data that can be played back via a video game-like simulator that recreates the flight on a computer for analysis. I have no idea what Celestial Circuits is going to officially call this part. So, for now, I''ll simply call it a rocket pod.

The Cube, Celestial Circuits and a Wild Ride

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

To test the electronics, a warehouse was set up with a simulated moon surface and I would sometimes get to "pilot" the small remote control vehicle that represented the full sized rover. There are more than one type of crazy people in the world.

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What is SLA and Why USE it? ProJET 6000

3D Rapid Pro

You may select from a range of urethane materials with properties that simulate the thermoplastic materials often used in production. STEREOLITHOGRAPHY (SLA) What is Stereolithography? Stereolithography is a rapid prototyping process which produces a physical, three-dimensional object from a 3D CAD file. Stereolithography is commonly referred to as SLA, although SLA is really a S tereo L ithography A pparatus.

GE Additive Acquires GeonX to Strengthen Software Simulation Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

Specialist simulation software improves additive manufacturing processes and minimize development costs. Frankfurt am Main (Germany), November 16, 2017 – GE Additive announced today that it has acquired GeonX , a privately-owned developer of simulation software.

InSilixa Uses Advanced FEA to Study Real-World Gasket Behavior

The Solidworks Blog

In 2018, we invited some SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium users to try our newest simulation offering: SIMULIA Structural Simulation Engineer (SSE), a powerful and realistic cloud-based structural simulation solution.

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SOLIDWORKS Skills Help Eric Spendlove Make Entertainment Spectacles Come to Life

The Solidworks Blog

in 2012 and his decision to learn as many ways to use SOLIDWORKS software as possible, his career has taken off, enabling him to leave Cirque du Soleil as an employee but continue working with the group as a consultant. The Man behind the Magic.

Dassault Systèmes Vision 2016+

Tech Clarity

” Our recent discussions show that they’re making significant progress on the 3DEXPERIENCE vision they laid out in 2012, and have been able to transform their business more than I originally suspected when the vision […].

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 General Session Recap: Day Three

The Solidworks Blog

Once parts are created, the company’s designers must focus on performance so they have begun using the new Topology Optimization features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, which he calls “truly transformational” and has resulted in stronger, lighter parts that deliver high-end performance.

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 General Session Recap: Day Three

The Solidworks Blog

Once parts are created, the company’s designers must focus on performance so they have begun using the new Topology Optimization features in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, which he calls “truly transformational” and has resulted in stronger, lighter parts that deliver high-end performance.

Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering – On Board with New Metallic Alloy Compositions for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

I have to emphasize that we are not performing pure computational design for this project, instead, we will use both simulation and experiments to achieve the best design. In 2012, he moved from Sweden to the US after his PhD research program.

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Tackles Moving in a Sustainable World

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I have been a SOLIDWORKS user since 2012 and got certified as a CSWE in January, 2018. The bottom surface was fixed and a force was placed on the back wall of the fixture to simulate the pull of the spoke magnets.

The Case for Industrialization of the Construction Industry

3D Perspectives

Modeling and Simulation. Whilst the cost of an automobile has gone from 140% in 1910 of the average national per capita income in the United States down to 33% in 2012, the cost of an average dwelling has gone up from 333% to 619% of per capita income during the same period.

Reflecting on SOLIDWORKS Worlds over the Years

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After modeling the part, they need to answer some questions about mass and then make some edits to the part and run a simulation to determine the factor of safety. It’s been a couple of weeks since SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2019 in Dallas.

Smart Facilities: The Next Generation of Sustainable Management and Operations

3D Perspectives

In this context, the 3D EXPERIENCE platform offers a unified virtual environment for design, simulation and seamless exchange of information between electronics, mechatronics and sensors of each system in smart objects, buildings or vehicles. LCT ONE Außen © 2012 Norman A.

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Product Showcase Preview: See Education Users in Action

The Solidworks Blog

SOLIDWORKS Simulation add-on is used to simulate expected stresses in every critical part of the vehicle. The Formula SAE team at UCLA was founded in 2012 and has since built two vehicles competing in the Lincoln FSAE competition in 2014 and 2016.

Schooled in SOLIDWORKS Series: Shockingly good tips from a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Technical Manager

The Solidworks Blog

Since I joined SOLIDWORKS in 2012, I’ve been working with our resellers worldwide in order to give visibility to our products and I constantly visit customers to understand what we can do to improve their design experience and manufacturing cycle.

Automation Systems Developer Closes the Circuit Between Electrical and Mechanical Design

The Solidworks Blog

Since its start in 2012, manufacturers across North America have relied on ProVantage Automation to design, produce, test, install, and support their automated manufacturing systems. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

Virtual Cities: Let’s Rethink the Way We Live

3D Perspectives

Lessons can be learned from Industry where, for decades, designers and engineers have used collaborative 3D modeling, visualization, and simulation to imagine, anticipate and test the behavior of complex systems in the virtual world before prototypes pass into production.

RepRap: Blog: New open source slicer: CuraEngine!

RepRap Blog

Below is the interview with David by Andrew of Labels: announcements , G Codes , g-code file , host , host software , improvements , Mac , mesh , multiple materials , simulation window , stl. RepRap: Blog.

Soon, artificial human organs may be used to personalize drug prescriptions

3D Perspectives

Medical research has begun to pay more attention to these gut flora since 2012, when the NIH, FDA, and DARPA began funding studies into machines which might explore the link between your microbiome and your risk for diseases like diabetes, obesity, IBD, and Crohn’s.

DSM Adds 3D-Printing Grades to Digimat to Accelerate Adoption of Polymer Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

The combination of DSM’s high-performance AM grades with e-Xstream’s accurate printing process simulation solution will allow manufacturers and end-users to identify manufacturing issues before printing their material using DSM 3D printing thermoplastic grades.

They couldn’t buy it. So they created it.

Shapeways Blog

Martin made his first foray into 3D design for printing in 2012, when he used Shapeways to turn custom maps he’d developed for flight simulators into 3D prints.

SolidWorks World 2013 – Monday General Session

CAD Fanatic

According to Sicot, SolidWorks’ 2012 customer satisfaction rating is 94%, up one point from 2011. Art Thompson, Technical Project Director, and John Wells, Capsule Crew Chief, took the stage to talk about the record-breaking jump of Felix Baumgartner in October 2012.

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Keynote Speakers at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 Inspire Engineers and Designers to Imagine the Possibilities

The Solidworks Blog

You can see and interact with amazing products in our Partner Pavilion and attend any of the 200+ breakout sessions to learn more about topics ranging from design automation and electrical design to simulation and product management.

The Engineering of Paralympic Sports Technology

The Solidworks Blog

That’s why Team GB’s 2012 wheelchair basketball team were grateful for the engineering chops of wheelchair manufacturer RGK , who joined forces with BMW and Loughborough University to create a revolutionary design specifically for the rigours of wheelchair basketball.

Outfit Yourself with Wearable Tech, a SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur’s Creation

The Solidworks Blog

After launching in 2012, Thalmic went through a rough patch trying to get incubators and investors intrigued enough to support this new take on wearable technology. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

RepRap: Blog: Around the RepRap Community 08/06/2011

RepRap Blog

Finally I can stop missing ReplicatorG, Pronterface to me is now MUCH easier than RepG because of the Gcode simulation view and Gary s quick Skeinforge settings. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer.

Prototyping large tanks for space industry with 3d printing by RedEye

DIY 3D Printing

From source post: Validation of design In early 2012, Lockheed Martin SSC began looking at ways to improve and add value to their satellite design. It would require testing many assembly configurations and producing several simulators and prototypes to validate design changes.

Virtual Technology finds the “Sweet Spot” at Retail

3D Perspectives

According to the Retail Indicator Branch of the US Census Bureau, between 2000 and 2012, e-commerce sales across all retail channels grew by 19.1% By realistically simulating how store shelf designs are deployed, they can create consumer-responsive merchandising and assortment strategies that lift both category sales and margins. Watch the story of their success and discover what simulation has the potential to do for your retail business.

Farnborough Q&A with David Ziegler

3D Perspectives

Electromagnetic Simulation – It is now more important than ever for aerospace engineers to understand how an aircraft behaves during a lightning strike. See our demo of Electromagnetic Simulation (EM) simulation with a digital mock-up (DMU) and why this alternative approach offers engineers a more robust picture of exactly what happens to the aircraft during a lightning strike. We are also proud associate members of the National Composite Centre (NCC) since 2012.

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Nano Dimension’s DragonFly 2020 3D Printer Designed in Just 17 Months with Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS Applications

Additive Manufacturing

We used the software’s simulation capabilities to ensure the parts would work correctly together and the unit would function properly while building 3D printed circuit boards.”.

10 Ways to Reduce Product Development Costs

The Solidworks Blog

In the May 2012 edition of Harvard Business Review , Stefan Thomke wrote the following on product design: “Determining which features to omit is just as important as—and perhaps more important than—figuring out which ones to include. “How do we make it cheaper?”.

SOLIDWORKS Helps Seal the Deal for Nomiku

The Solidworks Blog

Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Abe and Lisa Fetterman, Nomiku is here to change home cooking forever, and as Lisa puts it, “This is the way everybody is going to cook. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

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