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The Top 10 Stratasys Blog Posts from 2014: Cars, Monsters and Manufacturing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

As we wrap up 2014, it''s time to take a look back at some of the amazing 3D printing stories and videos we''ve had the privilege to feature here on the Stratasys 3D Printing Blog. An artistic rendering of the final car model, in blue. And the top post for 2014… drum roll please….

BPC's Day at the White House Maker Faire

Tales of a 3D Printer

Yesterday, two now 8th grade students (Jane & Sam) and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the first ever White House Maker Faire. White House Maker Faire as a Concept As for the White House Maker Faire itself, It was fabulous to see so many inspiring people in one room.

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BuildTak Review – The Ideal 3D Printing Surface?

3D Printing for Beginners

Crafty makers and 3D printing enthusiasts have developed a whole host of remedies such as using hair spray or Elmer’s glue to make prints stick. This does of course go somewhat against the concept of BuildTak since it is supposed to help you get rid of all makeshift adhesion aids.

3D Printing Invites You to Join the Avengers

3D Printing Review

Joe, Transformers, and more) to sell on Shapeways, the toy maker has teamed up with 3DPlusMe to offer personalized 3D printing at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores across the United States. The print can either be picked up at the store or shipped to them in the course of four weeks. Hasbro, Inc. NASDAQ:HAS) is making further moves into the 3D printing sphere. After already partnering with 3D Systems and inviting artists to create Hasbro fan art (My Little Pony, G.I.

Honda Team Awarded a 3D Printed Trophy as Champions of the Inaugural FabCafe Mini 4WD Cup


Mini 4WD to Drive Japanese Maker Community. Inspired by the emerging Maker movement around the world, FabCafe opened its doors in 2002 in Shibuya, the very center of Tokyo. Mini 4WDs presented with some awesome renders.

Shark 71

DIMENSIONEXT: Toy Time Turns Tech Terrific As 3D Systems Team.


Industry insiders and investors may wish to read the first half of this article, before the first illustration; makers, general interest readers and consumers may wish to concentrate on the second half. This is far from the only application of course. Sunday, February 16, 2014.