SOLIDWORKS Simulation Bowling


I’ll be honest, the primary motivator for this simulation was to figure out why I’m so terrible at bowling. So, I decided to simulate different hits to figure out what was happening. This is where motion simulation is helpful. Let's Start SOLIDWORKS Simulation Bowling.

Testing an Anti-Shark Cage in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

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As a child I was fascinated with sharks: whale sharks, hammerheads, makos, nurse sharks, whitetips, basking sharks and, of course, the mighty white great. In this video, you’ll see the shark cage subjected to ramming and biting from a 3.5-ton great white shark in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

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What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how can it help me?

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Software. If you are an existing SOLIDWORKS user then you need to take a look at the Simulation suite of products that are built right into SOLIDWORKS. Discover SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Access the SIMULATION Videos.

Get started with Online SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training in MySolidWorks. If you’ve been unable to start Simulation training due to time or budgetary constraints, that’s about to change. MySolidWorks is now offering exclusive Simulation training videos to SOLIDWORKS Subscription users.

SOLIDWORKS World 2015: Tuesday General Session Recap

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As an added bonus, MySolidWorks is offering CSWA prep-courses to all users, at no cost, until March 31st 2015. To be eligible, sign in, complete the courses and you’ll receive a free CSWA exam code. SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS 2015 SOLIDWORKS World SOLIDWORKS World 2015 SWW15

SOLIDWORKS Nonlinear Simulation 2016 Releasing Prescribed Displacement

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The better simulation software is the one with more capability to mimic the realistic engineering phenomena. Here in SOLIDWORKS Nonlinear Simulation 2016, imagination becomes reality. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Simulation Nonlinear Studies.

10 Reasons why EVERY Design Engineer needs SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) is a new breed of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software that enables mechanical engineers to simulate fluid flow and heat transfer applications with powerful, intuitive, and accessible 3D tools.



Because I commonly am asked about what hardware is best for Flow Simulation , I though I would try a few benchmark experiments to see how different combinations of: 1. Happy Simulating!

FLOW SIMULATION TECH TIP: "Geometry Check Tool," the Key to Flow Happiness


I find that new Flow Simulation users can get frustrated when they try to apply a boundary condition and they get an error such as "The face is not on the boundary of fluid and a solid." Take a Look at this video example: Happy Simulating!

Are you using the Top 10 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2015? [VIDEO]

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There were literally hundreds of enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2015, have you managed to give the top features a try yet? Here is a reminder of the top 10 features in SOLIDWORKS 2015 and their associated benefits: 1. Incremental Simulation Results. DESIGN SIMULATION.

Smartcut: Using Power Select in Simulation

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I recently was working on a somewhat complex model from a customer in Simulation, and I used the Power Select tool in SOLIDWORKS to help make the job easier. I’m also loving the Selection Sets functionality in SOLIDWORKS 2015 in all the Simulation products.


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Of course, you should follow the procedure for all parts that are in your assembly so that contacts can be assigned quickly. SolidWorks Support Design Validation General Info Simulation A good mesh can converge the results quickly. On the other a bad mesh can ruin your day.

Significantly Reduced File Sizes – A New Feature of SOLIDWORKS 2015


One of the new things you may notice in SOLIDWORKS 2015 3D CAD software is that your files open faster. Once your files have been converted to SOLIDWORKS 2015, they will open faster. Why are my file sizes opening faster in SOLIDWORKS 2015? Of course there is a caveat to this.

SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Meshing Tips and Tools for Better Results (Part 7)


If you miss it while the Mesh Progress window is active, a complete list of all the failed parts will be listed in the Simulation window (seen below in the center image) at the end of the meshing process.

Tools 81

SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design: New Name, New Innovations

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New Name, New Innovations: Dynamic Motion Simulation. Dynamic Motion Simulation: SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Design now provides both kinematic and dynamic analysis capabilities. Dynamic contact can also be simulated for both 2D and 3D studies.

SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Meshing Tips and Tools for Better Results (Part 6)


SOLIDWORKS Simulation performs an edge length check, a radius of inscribed and circumscribed radius check, and a length of normal check. mesh meshing Simulation Simulation Tech Tips solidworks SolidWorks Simulation SolidWorks Tech Tips

How to make the Perfect Golf Putt using SOLIDWORKS Motion [VIDEO]

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In light of the upcoming inaugural Slide Rule Classic Golf Tournament on September 11th, 2015, my short game could use some work and I thought I’d take some pointers from SOLIDWORKS Motion. Simulation FEA Tech Tips Golf Golf Tournament Simulation SolidWorks Motion

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PLASTICS TECH TIP: Configuration Integration (with video)


SOLIDWORKS Plastics gives you a little more flexibility than our other simulation tools with respect to simulation model management. In particular, you can choose if you want to link your simulations to your SOLIDWORKS CAD configurations. Happy Simulating!

BAE Systems Air Selects Simufact Additive for the Simulation of Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

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Hamburg, Germany, January 31, 2019 – BAE Systems Air , a multinational defense, security, and aerospace company, has chosen MSC´s Simufact Additive software for the simulation of metal AM components after a long assessment of all the major AM simulation tools.

MySolidWorks Professional Promotion Ending Soon

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MySolidWorks Professional adds tremendous value to thousands of SOLIDWORKS subscription customers worldwide with access to over 500 online training videos and SOLIDWORKS certification prep courses introducing new skills to help you become more productive.

SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Meshing Tips and Tools for Better Results (Part 8 - Final)


For more training and tutorials on the many 3D CAD Modeling solutions in the SOLIDWORKS family of products and add-ons, please feel free to look through our Webcast Archive , register for an upcoming webcast or event , or look into our 3DU SOLIDWORKS Training and Certification courses.

3D Systems Demos Virtual Surgeries and Soft 3D Printed Models in New Orleans

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According to the American Cancer Society, more than 220,000 men in the US will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, with 1 in 7 men being diagnosed over the course of a lifetime. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

SolidWorks 2015 Launch Event – Twitter’s Favorite Enhancements

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The SolidWorks 2015 Launch Event took place last week and Dassault Systemes’ headquarters in Waltham, MA, and as a “user advocate” I was happy to be invited. Plastics Simulation Results in eDrawings. You can learn more about SolidWorks 2015 here: [link].

Answer These Questions to Maximize SOLIDWORKS 2016 Workstation Performance

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Will you be analyzing your designs in SOLIDWORKS Simulation for stress compliance, digital manufacturing, mold/fluid dynamics or other simulations? Of course the more you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, the more graphics power you’ll need and thus a more high-end GPU.

Meet the Product Definition Team: Blake Reeves

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As you know, we debuted Flatten Surface in SOLIDWORKS 2015, but it had limitations with surfaces of higher deformation and with internal geometry. Who decides What’s New in SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS Online Training Done Right!

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However there are many disadvantages to this style of online learning when compared to traditional classroom based training, here are just a few: Not as comprehensive — sure the content is great but for a full training course a learner needs to view a lot of videos. Courses available.

EDU Users: Stay Connected with the New Mobile App

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We are hoping that you discover more helpful tools and learning resources, and of course, would like feedback on what else would be helpful to you. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

Q&A: CEO Gian Paolo Bassi and Former CEO Bertrand Sicot

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For example, we grew the community by 1+ million users and now at the start of 2015 we have 2.8 Of course seeing the impact our customers are having on the world is especially memorable. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

Rwanda 101

Improving the Game of Golf with SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printing [Blog Series]

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On Friday, September 11, 2015, Javelin and the Professional Engineers Ontario — Oakville Chapter, are holding the inaugural Slide Rule Classic Golf Tournament at the Piper’s Heath Golf Club in Hornby, Ontario.

Find Venting Issues Earlier with SOLIDWORKS Plastics!


Now that the simulation is complete let’s look at the results: When you double click on the “Venting Pressure” result plot, this is what you see: Now we are going to add vents to the areas of high gas pressure. Of course SOLIDWORKS Plastics doesn’t just show you venting pressures.

SOLIDWORKS Subscription Users: Activate MySolidWorks Professional Today

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Take SOLIDWORKS Certification prep courses. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

How to Stay Competitive? Develop Smart Appliances in the Era of Experience

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That is, of course, easier said than done. Furthermore, you would need a virtual simulation of your products’ first prototypes. It is no secret that smart home appliances now are very complex. No longer is a TV just a TV, or a refrigerator just a refrigerator.

What’s New in SolidWorks 2015 – Chapter 10: eDrawings

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You can export certain Plastics Simulation results from SolidWorks Plastics as eDrawings files. Of course, the first thing you’ll have noticed about the new version of eDrawings is that it looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Congratulations! You’ve made it to double-digits!

4 Ways to Accelerate Your Engineering Career


When it comes learning tools like Simulation or Composer, formal classroom training is especially the best way to learn how to use the product properly and not guess at how it’s supposed to be used. For more information and to find a training course near you, click here.

Product Definition: A User’s Journey

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It’s a combination of everything of course. Please include: your name, company, contact number, and a brief summary of what areas you’d like to discuss (Assemblies, Weldments, Sheet Metal, Drawings, Simulation, eDrawings, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard/Professional, etc.)

Must Have Tools for Mechanical Engineers


Prototype Stage: Moving onto the Prototype stage you can utilize SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Think of it this way, instead of fabbing up 10 prototypes for physical testing you can run the design through Simulation instead. I'd like to talk about some must have tools for Mechanical Engineers.

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How to Animate Spring Motion with SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]

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To accurately calculate and animate deformation based on the material properties, a SOLIDWORKS Simulation study should be created and the deformation plot can be animated. You can attend our two day SOLIDWORKS Motion training course either in-person in a classroom near you or live online.

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