Looking Ahead: The Energy & Materials Industry of 2025

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What will the Energy & Materials industry look like in 2025? Sustainability, competition, and workforce of the future technology are shaping the energy & materials industry of 2025.

Imagine, Create and Innovate with SOLIDWORKS and Matsuura

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With the addition of tools like SOLIDWORKS CAM and DELMIAWORKS IQMS products, more and more companies are starting to bring manufacturing and prototyping closer to the design and simulation process.

Manufacturing in the Age of Experience Spotlights Sustainable Manufacturing

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Digitalization is key with virtual technology simulating the factory floor to plan, visualize and optimize offline before implementation. I closely followed our Manufacturing in the Age of Experience event in Shanghai.

China 67

AR and VR Technology Enhancing Medical Practices and Education

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VR exposure therapy, AR autism treatment, and AR phantom limb pain are the major application areas under medical practices, while under medical education, there are surgery simulation and anatomy teaching. billion by 2025.

Lithium Mining and Electric Vehicles: Powering Innovation and a Greener Future

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By 2025, they plan to have 250,000 vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations to fuel this growth. With this capability, new kinds of “what if” questions can be asked and then simulated to see what the outcome will be.

8 of the Biggest Challenges Facing UK Engineering in 2016

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As per the government’s Construction 2025 report, UK firms should make plans to better pursue trade in global markets. 8. offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data.

The Industry Of Tomorrow

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This simulation allows manufacturers to virtually implement and test equipment and processes before implementing them in reality. As one example, the Chinese government is doubling down on a strategic and industrial plan announced in 2015 called Made in China 2025.

North Carolina: First in Flight Once Again?

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This animated simulation of AEVA™ (Aerial Electric Visual Assistant) shows how the saucer-shaped, unmanned aircraft by Olaeris could be used for 911 emergency and disaster management response in cities. And what we’ve said is that North Carolina wants to be 2025 ready in 2020.

Are You Ready for an All-Plastic Automotive Engine?

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miles per gallon by 2025, a mandate that’s spurring the push toward lighter weight engines and structural components. This is our ability to simulate composites, especially, and our ability, with things like 3D printing, to make really complex designs.

CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Product Awards…

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” He announced a new big goal to “build the next ten ONE BILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES ” by 2025 to help grow the San Diego 200 billion dollar ecosystem to 300 billion dollars.” ” The other finalists were Cubic Global Defense for its Javelin missile simulator and Tortuga Logic for its security software suite. “CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Product Awards Feature Cutting Edge Technology” By Michele Nash-Hoff, Saving US Manufacturing.