The 3D Printed Medical Devices Market is Expected to Show Steady Gains Through 2026

3D printing technology has transformed dozens of industries and markets, but probably not any as much as the medical and dental industries. 3D printing has been used to manufacture dentures and mouth. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Business Medical 3D Printing 3d printed medical devices market 3d printed prosthetics dental applications Future Market Insights industry analysis medical applications surgical pre-planning

Magics Helps Realize Gaudì’s Sagrada Familia Dream


Using Magics has helped keep this vision together, and with its aid the cathedral is anticipated to be complete in 2026. The great architect Antoni Gaudí knew the importance of moving from a 2D plane to a 3D one when he was designing his magnum opus , the Sagrada Familia.

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Can you think differently?

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And see what our other editors said: Paul Heney on Looking to the future of AI … in 2026. The signs are here. Additive manufacturing is already demanding that users think differently. The Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence make the same demand. In the next ten years, the question of whether additive-manufacturing machines can be used for production will be definitively answered. They will. Already, major vendors are introducing this next phase of additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing—after the hype

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Said Grimm, between 2016 and 2026, we will see a number of new ways to additively make products side by side with traditional manufacturing. How has the all the hype around 3D printing /additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) prototyping and manufacturing endeavors affected you?

Cosworth Unveils Advanced Automotive Manufacturing Center in Michigan

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The company has developed a range of automotive hardware and software technologies—from high efficiency engines to groundbreaking sensors—and secured long term contracts through to 2026 with a pipeline value over $1 billion. Cosworth facility General Manager Ken Gembel shows Gov.

How 3D Printing is Changing Architecture: Learning from the Sagrada Familia Team in Barcelona


Using 3D printing has helped keep the Sagrada Familia vision together, and with its aid the cathedral is anticipated to be complete in 2026. The world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona has been using 3D printing since 2001 to continue the work of the great designer Antoni Gaudí.