Simplify3D V2.2’s New Features


Third-party 3D print slicer Simplify3D released a new version, 2.2, If you haven’t tried it already, you definitely should: Simplify3D replaces the slicing software that came with your 3D printer with a comprehensive 3D printer slicing tool that’s no doubt faster and more flexible.

re:3D Gigabot X 3D printer on Kickstarter at $9,500


3D printing company re:3D, based in Austin, Texas, has launched a Kickstarter for the Gigabot X, a large-scale pellet extrusion 3D printer. Backers of the $50,000 campaign can secure a Gigabot X 3D printer for $9,500 or purchase kits and print heads for a smaller sum.

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re:3D Gigabot 3D printer provides clever RFID tag solution for Texas firefighters


Texas-based 3D printing company re:3D has installed a Gigabot 3D printer at the Fire Department of Magnolia, Texas. The 3D printer has been used to print some fire hydrant-shaped signage, as well as other functional bits and pieces. 3D Printing Application

DIMENSIONEXT: German RepRap & The European 3D Printer Race


German RepRap & The European 3D Printer Race. German RepRap has announced that 3D printing software Simplify3D has replaced the Repetier-Host and Slic3r packages that previous accompanied their range of printers aimed at the desktop prosumer and industrial markets. Best 3D Program Ever?