Mobile Robotic System 3D Prints Single-Piece Concrete Structures

The scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have spent a lot of time and energy over the last few years researching construction 3D printing with concrete materials.

How do robots make robotic babies?

DIY 3D Printing

WiFi and 3D printing. A team of scientists at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam demonstrated how robots can evolve and reproduce. The first robot baby is a big step towards robotic ecosystems that can evolve in challenging environments. Stork? Obviously.

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Titan Robotics debuts dual-extrusion pellet 3D printer in Detroit

3D Printing Industry

Colorado headquartered 3D printer manufacturer and service provider Titan Robotics will launch the new Atlas-H 3D printer on the first day of RAPID + TCT 2019. Using pelletized extrusion technology, the Atlas-H is a dual extrusion system designed for high speed, low cost, 3D printing in production. 3D Printers ATLAS Atlas-H Bill Macy Clay Guillory RAPID + TCT 2019 RAPID 2019 Titan Robotics

S-Squared 3D Printers debuts large Autonomous Robotic Construction System

3D Printing Industry

S-Squared 3D Printers (SQ3D), a 3D printer manufacturing and service company based in New York, has introduced its patent-pending Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS). Capable of constructing homes, roads, bridges, and commercial buildings, the specialized ARCS 3D printer is said to outperform traditional construction by reducing both time and cost up to 70%. Construction ARCS Autonomous Robotic Construction System S-Squared 3D Printers

Robot Factory premiers Sliding-3D continuous 3D printer, technical specifications and pricing

3D Printing Industry

From October 12 through 14 2018 Robot Factory, an Italian 3D printer manufacturer showcased its Sliding-3D printer at Maker Faire Rome. A so-called ‘infinite’ build 3D printer, the Sliding-3D uses a 45° angle extruder and a conveyor belt as a build platform.

Titan Robotics debuts large format pellet extrusion 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

Titan Robotics, the company behind the 5-print-head Cronus 3D printer, has introduced a new Pellet Extrusion technology to take large format 3D printing to the next level. The technology was showcased at this year’s RAPID + TCT 2018, installed inside a new line of 3D printers and used to print the hexagonal facias decorating the […].

Robot Factory Introduces the Sliding-3D Conveyor Belt 3D Printer for Uninterrupted 3D Printing

Later this week at Maker Faire Rome, Italy-based Robot Factory will be presenting its new Sliding-3D system, which uses a conveyor belt as an essentially limitless build platform. 3D Printers 3D Printing Featured Stories 3d printing build platform 3d printing sustainably biodegradable plastic conveyor belt desktop 3D printer infinite build maker faire rome new 3d printer robot factory Sliding-3D

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3&DBot holonomic robotic 3d printer from Brazil

DIY 3D Printing

3&DBot is holonomic, omnidirectional wheels, independently moving 3d printing robot from Brazil. This small hexagonal printer was developed by staff at NEXT (three-dimensional experimentation lab) and LIFE (physical computing lab) of PUC-Rio design program.

Brazil 225 Robotic Servant for your 3D Printer Farm

DIY 3D Printing

developed cloud robotics solution that enables a robotic arm to operate your 3d printer farm. You do not need to know how to program the robot since it uses a webcam and machine learning to figure out triggers and actions it needs to do.

IBM 7575 Industrial Robot Hacked Into SCARA 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printing

Sometimes you have an industrial robotic arm you want to modify into something else. Like 3d printer. BIG SCARA 3d printer. robot scaraProject homepage with build log and open sourced software: [link].

RAPID 2019: Titan Robotics Unveils New Atlas H 3D printer & Dual Pellet Extrusion System

3D Printing Atlas H 3D printer industrial 3d printer industrial 3d printing RAPID 2019 titan roboticsDetroit’s Cobo Center is on fire with new technology this week as the Rapid+TCT event comes to town from May 20-23, with exhibits opening from over 400 ‘technology providers’ on the. View the entire article via our website.

Puzzles Dynamics Launches Robotic Arm Windows 3D Printer "ARMBOT" on Kickstarter

A group of Brazilian and Hong Kong entrepreneurs, focused on sharing the practical benefits of 3D printers all over the world, makes up Puzzles Dynamics. 3D Printing Robotics Armbot brazil delta 3d printers electric skateboard hong kong industrial robot Intel processor kickstarter kickstarter campaign Puzzles Dynamics robotic arm robotic arm 3d printer windows 10 Windows 10 3D printer

3D Printed: The Radiotherapy-Compatible Robotic System

In ‘Radiotherapy-Compatible Robotic System for Multi-Landmark Positioning in Head and Neck Cancer Treatments,’ authors Mark Ostyn, Siqiu Wang, Yun-Soung Kim, Siyong Kim, and Woon-Hong Yeo discuss the. 3D Printing Robotics 3d printing and robotics Formlabs Form 2 3D printer Objet Eden 260VS phantom radiation therapy radiotherapy Radiotherapy-Compatible Robotic System

Titan Robotics Makes Improvements to Large-Format Hyperion 3D Printer

Leading 3D printer manufacturer of large-format and custom 3D printers Titan Robotics has made some improvements to its second FFF 3D printer model, the Hyperion. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3d hubs 3D printer upgrade ABS 3D printing filament Atlas 2.0

KUKA robotic arm turned into six axis 3d printer produces self supporting floating structures

DIY 3D Printing

While six axis 3d printer is nothing new, they are quit rare. There have been even robotic arms hacked to print in all axis even with metal like MX3D Metal. Still I find this robot to be more aesthetic and organic in operation.

SAM Robotic Brick Layer

DIY 3D Printing

We have seen extrusion based construction 3D printers that build with cement paste layers. SAM is a robotic bricklayer that uses standard masonry bricks. It can also be considered as a type of 3D printer since it is using additive manufacturing guided by a computer.

MakerBot 3D printer awarded “Employee of the Year” at KUKA robotics

3D Printing Industry

Like 3D printing, human-robot collaboration is, according to KUKA, “a decisive principle of Industry 4.0.” ” Capable of handling payloads well over 1 ton, robotic arms manufactured by the Chinese-owned German company are installed in automotive, electronics and aerospace factories all over the world. Applications future of robotics human-robot collaboration industry 4.0

Chilean Researchers Experiment with Climbing Koala 3D Printer

3D Printers 3D Printing Autonomous collaborative robotic assembly Climbing 3D printer Koala 3D printer large-scale 3d printingUniversity of Chile researchers Maximiliano Vélez, Efrén Toala, and Juan Cristóbal Zagal have developed a new angle for fabrication in construction, developing a novel machine that pairs a climbing. View the entire article via our website.

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Makerarm Robotic Multitool

DIY 3D Printing

It is a robotic arm with many tool attachments for 3d printing, milling, drawing foam cutting, PCB manufacturing and other. It still looks like hobby or entry-level system but we are slowly moving towards prosumer home production robots. It supports both FDM and SLA 3d printing.

Roller Printer — Quality Delta Robot 3D Printer Launches on Indiegogo

While new 3D printers are rolling out seemingly daily, or at least crowdfunding projects to hopefully fund them are, buyers need to make an educated decision as to which machine best suits their needs,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing CORO technology delta robot delta robot printer deltabot indiegogo roller 3d printer roller printer

House Built Using 3D Printer and Robot

3D Printing Progress

By implementing high precision 3D scanning and robotic based fabrication technology, Emerald-Ash-Borer-infested "waste wood" is transformed into an abundantly available, affordable, and sustainable building material

Robot Factory's Silver Belt 3D Printer


The Silver Belt 3D printer [Source: Robot Factory]. Robot Factory has developed. » printerRead the whole entry. »

Robot Factory Introduces Sliding-3D Conveyor Belt System for High-Temperature 3D Printing

Over the last several years, 3D printers that use conveyor belts as limitless build platforms have been growing more popular. In 2017, Italian company Robot Factory launched its own FFF version, View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printer extruders conveyor belt eco-friendly fff 3d printer high temperature 3d printing Infinite 3D Printing infinite build new 3d printer robot factory Simplify3D Sliding-3D thermocouple

Now On Kickstarter: Natural Robotics' Desktop SLS 3D Printer and the Latest Zimpure 3D Printer Filtering Solution

3D Printers 3D Printing Business 3d printer enclosure 3d printers on Kickstarter 3d printing filter crowdfunding campaign kickstarter kickstarter 3d printer kickstarter campaign kickstarter crowdfunding Natural Robotics polyamide powder 3d printers selective laser sintering Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) sls 3d printer successful kickstarter campaigns VIT 3D printer Zimple Zimpure 3D printer filtering solution

OpenHand 3d printable open source robotic hand is a strong and flexible gripper for you robot

DIY 3D Printing

3d printed robots are not toys anymore and very serious open source projects are emerging like strong DIY 3d printable robotic arm or small DIY robotic production cell. If you want to develop your own project you can use this robotic hand developed at Yale.


3D Printing Review

In the future, your local public works department might use a small, wheeled robot to repair potholes on city streets—assuming this recent Harvard graduate’s idea gets funded. Power sources could be various kinds, depending on the size of the robot.”.

Home manufacturing cell with DIY robotic arm and 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

Here is a perfect example of small desktop robotic-additive manufacturing cell in action. Robotic uArm is replacing print beds and connecting new on with magnetic clamp. There are even several low cost commercial grade multitool robots like FLX.ARM.S16 or open source ZeGo Delta.

3D Printing Industry Guru Leads Development of First Commercial Robotic 3D Printer

After nearly 30 years in the 3D printing industry, Jim Bredt has already left a significant, commercial imprint on the field, yet his work on the industrial side of the business is just powering up. 3D Printers 3D Printing Business Sponsored 3D printed casting 3D printed metal casting 3d printing for casting Envisiontec Jim Bredt metal casting RAM 123 robotic 3d printer robotic 3d printing viridis 3d printer viridis3d Z Corporation

XYZprinting Unveils Three New 3D Printers and a Robot at IFA 2015

Ever since their first Da Vinci 3D printer took home multiple industry prizes, including a CES 2014 Editors’ Choice Award, XYZprinting has continued to pump out new models of their successful, low-cost printers. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Scanners Business 3d scanner CES da vinci Da Vinci 1.0A robotics robots XYZ 3D Food Printer XYZ’s 3D design Artist Collection xyzprinting

RoMA: Robotic 3D Printing and Augmented Reality Combine in Interactive Fabrication Platform

We often see robotics and 3D printing combined, as well as 3D printing and augmented reality (AR). But Cornell University researcher Huaishu Peng, whose 3D printing work has made headlines multiple. View the entire article via our website.

Space Invaders Delta 3 tracked 3d printer from South Africa

DIY 3D Printing

They were South African representatives on 11th World Robot Olympics at Sochi and won the 4th place in Junior High age group. They developed mobile caterpillar tracked robotic 3d printer powered with LEGO EV3 controller and Arduino.

DIY air hockey robot from 3D printer parts

DIY 3D Printing

Jose Julio developed AHRobot air hockey robot from 3d printer parts. GitHub repository with all the files, code and manuals: Project homepage with more details: [link] Jose also made B_robot, fully 3d printable self balancing robot: [link].

This Cool 3D Printed OctaWorm Robot Can Squeeze in Tiny Places

3D Printer

Juan Cristóbal Zagal is the innovator behind a robot, dubbed OctaWorm, capable of navigating tight spaces and squeezing into pipes. The current version of the robot is capable of traveling inside a pipe. We also used 3D printing for producing high definition ball joints.

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FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition Teaches STEM Students in Dayton About Teamwork, Robots, and 3D Printing

Educational programs and activities for kids are always a great idea, and not just because they get a chance to learn about cool stuff like 3D printing. 3D Printing Education Exclusive Interviews Robotics 3d print robotics 3d printing and robotics 3d printing solution Dayton Mini Maker Faire educational programs educational robot project FIRST FIRST Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge kids programs laser cutter monoprice 3d printer robotics competition STEM education STEM learning

Set Up Your Own Mini-Factory with a Robot Manager & Team of 3D Printers

It’s often said that while robots are able to do jobs that humans simply can’t, whether that’s because they are working in extreme or overtime conditions, sometimes robots are able to do the jobs we. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d Printing and Robotics Jobs Business Robotics 3d printing and robotics 3d printing lab 3D printing robotic manager artificial intelligence automated 3D printing oregon robotic arm

Twente AM Live Streams Large-Scale 3D Printing of Concrete Formwork

Dutch company Twente Additive Manufacturing B.V. Twente AM, or TAM) is working to change the home building industry for the better, by challenging traditional construction methods through the use. View the entire article via our website.

Titan Robotics' Large-Format 3D Printer, the Cronus, Features Five Print Heads and Autodesk Netfabb Software

In 2016, 3D printer manufacturer Titan Robotics started work to build the first commercial multi-head machine featuring Autodesk’s Project Escher technology. Last week at CES 2017, the. View the entire article via our website.

Viridis3D Seeks Crowdfunding for Robotic Additive Manufacturing 3D Printers & Introduces New ViriWax Material

Earlier today we covered a new 3D printer, which was unveiled at RapidPro 2015. It utilizes a robotic arm to maneuver an extruder that’s similar to one you’d find on a typical FFF/FDM machine,... View the entire article via our website. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials ciridis 3d indiegogo ram 140 ram 260 ram 3d printer Robotic Additive Manufacturing viridis 3d printer viridis3d viriwax

Titan Robotics’ New ‘Atlas’ to Lift Large-Scale 3D Printers Up To a New Standard

Titan Robotics has just released a powerful new large scale 3D printer that will most likely prompt anyone interested in industrial-grade 3D printing to perk up from their afternoon workday slump and take note. 3D Printing atlas 3d printer e-nable industrial 3d printer titan robotics

Jon McTaggart’s Unique 3D Printer Prints Using Large Robot, Resins & Local Sands to Create Incredible ‘Artifacts’

Over the past few years, we have seen 3D printers created for large-scale prototyping, as well as machines made by hobbyists for bringing their own products from concept to reality. 3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printing sand artifacts industrial 3d printer industrial robot jon mctaggart robotic 3d printer

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NVPro 3D Printer with Automatic Parts Removal

DIY 3D Printing

New Valence Robotics teases their new 3D printer: the NVPro. ejection new diy 3d printer new valence roboticsInteresting feature is the integrated automatic parts removal.

Is the Triple Delta Robot a 3D Printing Gamebreaker?

Back in the early 1980s, the brilliant Reymond Clavel invented the delta robot. 3D Printers 3D Printing Aad van der Geest delta 3d printers large volume 3d printing Reymond Clavel triple delta robot triple delta robot 3d printer

Titan Robotics Provides a 3D Printed Backdrop for RAPID + TCT, Displays a Next-Generation 3D Printer

3D Printers 3D Printing 3D printed podium atlas 3d printer Fusion Specialties Go West Creative pellet extruder RAPID + TCT RAPID 2018 titan robotics Yaskawa AmericaRAPID + TCT has wrapped up for 2018, but there’s still a lot to talk about from the show that ran last week in Fort Worth, Texas. So much was being presented that it was impossible to see it. View the entire article via our website.