Tongo’s WoeLab Has Produced Over 20 3D Printers Made From E-Waste

Seven years after Afate Gnikou, an inventor working in a Tongolese maker space created Africa’s first 3D printer from e-waste, the piqued interest in this innovative construction led to.

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West African WoeLab is Creating 3D Printers and Robots From E-Waste

In February, we reported on a unique 3D printer that came out of the Buni Hub maker space, which is located in Tanzania, the coastal country in the eastern part of Africa. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printer made from e-waste africa africa 3d printing e-waste education electronics ewaste maker space Togo West Africa WoeLab

FABLABs and 3D Printers

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I have also seen more 3D Printers in one area than ever before. Do it Yourself3D Printer. I got to talk to FABLAB WoeLab, Dodji Honou, Executive Manager from Togo, Africa. WoeLab is responsible for creating 3D Printers from recycled computer and printer waste.

Recycling at the Heart of Bolivian Student’s 3D Printer

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3D printing has the potential to change the way that consumers acquire and dispose of goods, hinting at a future in which people produce many of the items they use on a home 3D printer using materials recycled from old products. 3D Printing Environment Makers

3DprinTogo and a Whole Lot More: Here’s What WoeLab Has Been Up to Since W.Afate

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When The Togo based makerspace WoeLab Presented the W.Afate project to build a 3D printer using E-Waste from some of the largest dumps of old computer and electronic equipment it sent ripples through the entire 3D printing and global community. By Davide Sher.

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New Book Asks: How Can 3D Printing Cause Social Change in the Global South?

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As low-cost 3D printing begins to evolve, many have suggested its ability to transform the developing world in one way or another. The conversion of plastic refuse to 3D printable material by companies like ProtoPrint comes to mind, as does the W. appeared first on 3D Printing Industry.

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A better way to fit prosthetics

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ProsFit hopes to make the life of amputees around the world that little more comfortable with a new 3D printed socket that has full medical approval in a number of European countries. 3D printing made it possible. They turned to a 3D scanner and 3D print process.