How University of Florida Researchers are Using 3D Printing and Digital Fossils to Improve Education

A recently conducted case study on the effectiveness of utilizing 3D printing technology to teach intricate subjects within science to young students showcases what researchers from the University of. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: May 12, 2017

In this week’s second edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we’ve got stories on 3D printing business, a new facility, and a couple of new products. The SYNNEX Corporation announced that it. View the entire article via our website.

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14-Year-Old Creates Low-Cost Cancer Detection Platform Combining 3D Printing, Robotics, Computer Programming

Now that 3D printing technology is much more readily available in schools, libraries, and makerspaces, we’re seeing young, innovative. Whoever said that kids are the future was pretty smart. View the entire article via our website.

Sciaky, Inc. to Highlight its Patented IRISS? Closed-Loop Control for its Groundbreaking EBAM™ Metal 3D Printing Technology at Rapid 2016

Additive Manufacturing

PSI) and leading provider of metal additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, announced today that it will highlight its patented IRISS℠ closed-loop control, which powers its industry-leading Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing ( EBAM™) systems, at the Rapid 3D Manufacturing Event in Orlando, Florida.

SME and 3D Technology Companies 3D Scan Orion Crew Module and Model, Will Print Miniature Replicas

Additive Manufacturing

Central Florida – March 1, 2016 – SME and its RAPID event worked with Lockheed Martin , FARO Technologies, Inc. Florida Institute of Technology and Cincinnati Inc. Direct Dimensions FARO Technologies Florida Institute of Technology Inc.

Additive Manufacturing Breakthrough: Harris Corp. 3D Prints RF Amplifiers Using Nano Dimension’s DragonFly Pro; Performance is Comparable to Traditionally Manufactured Circuits

Additive Manufacturing

Tests Demonstrate Viability of 3D Printed Electronics for Rapid, Affordable Prototyping and Low-Volume Manufacturing of Antennas. The DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer transforms electromechanical development by empowering companies to take control of their entire development cycle.

Sintavia Develops New Process for 3D Printing Aluminum Alloys

Sintavia, based in Florida, entered the market as a specialist in metal 3D printing technology, just as metal 3D printing was. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Metal 3D Printing 3D printing aluminum aluminum aluminum 3d printing aluminum 3D printing materials aluminum alloy aluminum powder F357 aluminum ISO ISO 17025 iso certification iso standards Sintavia

Stratasys-UCF Students Design Robotic Arm For Child Using Stratasys 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Nasdaq:SSYS), a global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, announced that University of Central Florida ( UCF ) engineering students have developed a robotic arm for 6-year-old Alex Pring, using a Stratasys 3D Printer.

NIH Grants $141K to Develop 3D Printed Device to Deliver Anti-Cancer Drugs

3D Printing Industry

With medicine being a field to most immediately disrupted by 3D printing technology, now the medical community is getting behind the technology to create new solutions to old problems. 3D Printing Medical & Dental News ResearchBy Michael Molitch-Hou.

Xavier University Launches Midwest’s First MakerBot Innovation Center

3D Printing Industry

Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the latest college to bring a MakerBot® Innovation Center to its campus, joining the likes of Florida Polytechnic University and State University of New York, among others. The desktop printer manufacturer is currently working with the school to train and support staff and help develop a curriculum surrounding their 3D printing technology.… 3D Printing Education Industry news By Michael Molitch-Hou.

PostProcess Grows Partner Network with Signing of TriMech and GoEngineer in the US, Lino in Europe

Additive Manufacturing

Addition of Leading Distributors of Additive Manufacturing Technology Expands PostProcess’ Coverage Coast to Coast in the US. February 18, 2020 – PostProcess Technologies Inc., “As a systems integrator, we are always supporting complete technological solutions.

Get the latest 3D printing developments at the AMUG and RAPID Conferencess

Leslie's Blog

This year, the first one up is The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Education & Training Conference , which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, from April 19 – 23, 2015. For the professional user of additive manufacturing systems, there are two key conferences.

The Intersection of STEM Education and 3D Printing

Shapeways Blog

Today’s guest blog comes to us from Kyle Martin of Florida Polytechnic University. Cars, fighter jets, human stem cells – all made possible with a 3D printer? Today, the technology has reached a new level of maturity and is moving beyond the limitations of its prototyping roots.

Improving Medical Devices Through 3D Printing

3D Innovations

As news of the latest advancement in experimental 3D printing of tissue and organ regeneration gains attention, it would be easy to believe that 3D printing in the medical field only happens in the lab. Louie sees 3D printers as a way to revolutionize medicine.

Handshakes and High Fives: Limbitless and Stratasys are Changing Lives with 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

At Stratasys, we’re extremely proud of initiatives that leverage 3D printing for the greater good. One current relationship demonstrating the power of 3D printing is our partnership with Limbitless Solutions. Limbitless is a non-profit and direct support organization for the University of Central Florida (UCF). 3D printing technology has been at the center of their mission, to engineer personalized bionic arms for children, since its beginning.

UMass Amherst Library Opens 3D Printing Innovation Center

3D Printing Review

Part of the library’s Digital Media Lab, the Innovation Center features 50 3D printers, several desktop 3D scanners, and MakerBot’s proprietary Innovation Center Management Platform, which links all 50 printers together, enabling print queuing and mass production of 3D prints.

Luxexcel and Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab Sign Contract for the January Installation of the Luxexcel VisionPlatform™

Additive Manufacturing

The VisionPlatform™ will be operational in January at the Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab site in Largo, Florida, United States. This turnkey technology solution enables an ophthalmic lab to manufacture unique ophthalmic lenses by means of additive manufacturing.

Stratasys Coalition for Face Shield Production With 3D Printing Now Numbers Over 150 Organizations Responding to Pandemic

Additive Manufacturing

NASDAQ: SSYS) to produce face shields leveraging 3D printers now numbers more than 150, the company said. Among others, the list includes Boeing, Toyota Motor Company, Medtronic, Dunwoody College of Technology, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Minnesota.

Optomec Showcases Production Systems for 3D Printed Metals and 3D Printed Electronics at the RAPID Conference

Additive Manufacturing

Affordable Hybrid CNC machines for metalworking and mass production systems for printed electronics will be demonstrated. May 16 2016 — Optomec announced today that it will showcase production grade additive manufacturing systems at the RAPID conference in Orlando, Florida.

AMUG-Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference Opens Registration

Additive Manufacturing

CHATSWORTH, California, September 9, 2014 – The Additive Manufacturing Users Group ( AMUG ) today announced that online registration is now available for its 2015 Education & Training Conference , which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, from April 19 – 23, 2015.

3D printed SmartTraps developed to combat citrus greening in Florida


Fortunately, 3D printing technology is on the case. Scientists from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have developed 3D printed traps that can catch the Asian citrus psyllid insect responsible. 3D Printing Applications

3D printing will be huge, in the most boring and fascinating ways imaginable

3D Printing Review

The future of 3D printing will be as dull and prosaic as office equipment and as incredible and amazing as the human mind can imagine. This is a burgeoning area of technology well worth your exploration. All this brings us back to 3D printing. 3D print one.

Top 12 Posts of 2015: 3D Printing Flies Higher, Drives Manufacturing Innovation and Shapes Lives

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

As 2015 draws to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the incredible 3D printing stories and videos that we have featured on the Stratasys Blog this year. Make sure you stay on top of the latest news, trends and events in 3D printing by subscribing to the 2016 Stratasys Blog.

3D Printing at SolidWorks World

Wohlers Talk

I attended this weeks SolidWorks World 2009 in Orlando, Florida. If the event had a theme, it would have been 3D printing. The model that Ray showed was produced on a PolyJet 3D printer from Objet Geometries. In his keynote, Hirschtick named 3D printing as one of four key trends that will impact the future of CAD. The other trends were touch/motion user interfaces, on-line applications, and video game technology. You guessed it: 3D printing.

AMUG-Additive Manufacturing Users Group Announces Keynote Speakers for 2015 AMUG Conference

Additive Manufacturing

8, 2015 – The Additive Manufacturing Users Group ( AMUG ) today announced its featured keynote speakers for the 2015 AMUG Education & Training Conference , which will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, from April 19 – 23, 2015. Jacksonville, Florida USA.

Floridas iDigFossils program uses giant 3D printed shark teeth to get kids into STEM subjects


A new educational curriculum established by the University of Florida and the Florida Museum of National History is using 3D printing technology to bring kids closer to our pre-historic forebears. 3D Printing Application

Renishaw- Crossing the Atlantic in RAPID time

Additive Manufacturing

This month Renishaw will enjoy a significant presence at RAPID , the leading US trade exhibition for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, further demonstrating its commitment to the North American market. Metal additive manufacturing expert shows commitment to US market.

Andretti Autosport Shifts into High Performance Additive Manufacturing with Stratasys

Additive Manufacturing

Multi-year collaboration agreement builds on decades of experience, empowering Stratasys customers with FDM technology to win in challenging, competitive racing environments. DALLAS, February 12, 2019 – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — SOLIDWORKS WORLD –Enabling leaders across professional racing to gain a competitive edge with state-of-the-art 3D printing, Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) today unveiled a new collaboration agreement with Andretti Autosport.

SABIC-Industry Insights into Solutions

Additive Manufacturing

SABIC , a global supplier of engineering thermoplastics, recently announced the company’s strategic plan to expand investment in its product portfolio and operations, as well as additive manufacturing technology. was used to print the world’s first 3D-printed car – Local Motors’ Strati.


Design 2 Part News

What would you do if you could 3D print electronics? A 3D printed, 3.4 The company, recognized as a 2016 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, has created a multi-material 3D printer for fabricating embedded electronics and other novel devices.

Are You Ready for an All-Plastic Automotive Engine?

Design 2 Part News

That wouldn’t be the case today, he said, because a much higher level of competence in plastics and composites technology is readily accessible. The Polimotor 2 will feature a 3D printed, carbon fiber-reinforced fuel intake runner. Nobody has ever printed real carbon.

Xjet introduces ceramic 3D printing capacity of its NanoParticle Jetting tech


It’s been anticipated for a long time, but Xjet’s NanoParticle Jetting metal 3D printing technology is finally ready for primetime. 3D Printing Technology

Rocket Crafters' 3D printed fuel patent to make hybrid rockets safer, more affordable


Sometimes it seems as though 3D printing technologies are hurtling forwards at rocket speed, with new materials, systems, and software being developed on the regular. a Florida-based aerospace tech developer, has just been granted a U.S. patent for its innovative method of designing and 3D printing safe, high-performance fuel grains for hybrid rocket engines. 3D Printing Technology

Ohio police identify victim with help of 3D printed facial reconstruction, two charged with murder


The body of a woman found in Ohio whose face was reconstructed using 3D printing techniques has been identified. A DNA sample provided by the victim’s family proved the woman to be Tiffany Dawn Chambers of Florida. 3D Printing Technology

14-year-old invents SLIDEMAP cancer detection device with help of 3D printing


A 14-year-old from Boca Raton in Florida is developing a device that could help improve cancer research and diagnoses. Called SLIDEMAP, the innovative machine combines 3D printing technology and computer programming to make cancer detection simpler than ever for pathologists.

ITEAM online evaluation system helps manufacturers determine if a part should be 3D printed


General Motors and non-profit SME have partnered with the Florida Institute of Technology to develop an online evaluation system that will enable manufacturers and businesses to determine where and how they should adopt 3D printing technologies. 3D Software

Metal 3D printing enables first-of-its-kind luxury faucet for KALLISTA


As CES 2018 ramps up for another year in Las Vegas, thousands of makers, businesses, and tech heads are busy scouring the conference for the newest and hottest in 3D printing technology. 3D Printing Applications

3D Printed Evidence creates accurate 3D models to help solve crimes


There’s already a CSI: Miami and a CSI: New York, but CSI: 3D? Florida-based company 3D Printed Evidence is bringing 3D printing technology into the courtroom to help law practitioners solve complex cases, from car accidents to medical malpractice.

Johnson & Johnson recruits UNF students to develop 3D printed materials for biomedicine and implants


Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson has provided a set of 3D printers for the University of North Florida to encourage students to undertake research in 3D printing technology. The seven new machines signaled the opening of the university’s new 3D printing lab.