Stratasys Teases 3D Printing Technology Announcements at Upcoming formnext

The formnext 2017 exhibition in Frankfurt is still about a month away, but we’ve already been seeing announcements about the various 3D printing innovations companies like Materialise and RP. View the entire article via our website.

Andretti Autosport Accelerates Further Into Racing Platforms with Stratasys FDM 3D Printing Technology

Stratasys has announced a collaboration with Andretti Autosport as the famed racing family continues to delve into 3D printing for a variety of different requirements in racing. 3D Printing 3D printing in racing Andretti Autosports Fortus 450mc industrial 3d printing stratasys Stratasys F370 3D printer

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Live demonstrations of 3D printing technology.

RPM Tools

SYS Systems is set to wow the crowds at MACH 2014 with live demonstrations of 3D printing technology. Skilled technicians will be on-site to show visitors how the process works using cutting edge Fortus and Objet additive manufacturing technologies from Stratasys.

Stratasys-New High-Volume FDM Material Box Increases Unattended Run Time for Stratasys’ Fortus 3D Production Systems

Additive Manufacturing

Xtend 500 Fortus Plus delivers more than five times the output of standard canisters. Nasdaq: SSYS ), aleading global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, introduced Xtend 500 Fortus Plus , a high-volume filament package for Fortus 3D Production Systems.

Spring s.r.l., Stratasys’ Largest Italian Service Bureau, Expands Direct Manufacturing Offering with Purchase of Fourth Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer

Additive Manufacturing

Investment in 10 th Stratasys FDM 3D Printer will increase production hours output by over 11%. 3D printing final parts has seen Spring’s direct manufacturing account for 75% of its business. We purchased our fourth Fortus 900mc to increase our production hours.

New Company, Normal, Uses Stratasys 3D Printing Technology to Mass Produce Custom Earphones

Additive Manufacturing

Nasdaq:SSYS), aleading global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, announced that custom earphone maker Normal is using Stratasys 3D Printers for mass customization of a consumer product. The implications of 3D printing for a company like Normal are huge.

University of Warwick Uses Stratasys Fortus 3D Printer to Build “Most 3D Printed Vessel on the Grid” for Upcoming European International Submarine Race

Additive Manufacturing

The ‘Godiva 2’ submarine features numerous 3D printed parts designed to withstand the harsh ocean environment, including the fins, feet, propeller, interior steering components and many other fixings. Our extensive use of 3D printing remains one of our strengths,” says Dobson.

SABIC Sees Unique Materials Driving Growth in 3D Printing

As hardware and software continue to develop apace in additive manufacturing, some of the greatest potential for the future of 3D printing technologies can be seen a step back in the supply chain as. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Exclusive Interviews 3d printing interview 3d printing interviews 3d printing materials exclusive interview formnext formnext 2017 Fortus 3D printers Keith Cox Livrea polycarbonate polycarbonate 3d printing materials SABIC Ultem

Studying the Process: Students Design Self Balancing Scooter Using 3D Tech

The development and continued integration of 3D print technology into nearly every aspect of life is exciting. 3D Printing 3d processes Agilus30 Connex3 fdm Fortus 900mc germany nylon6 Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-material 3D Production System ravensburg research and development scooter self balancing scooter self study stratasys thinking additively university of applied sciences ravensburg-weingarten university research

Study 54

The Injection Molding Industry Turns to 3D Printing to Accelerate Product Development Cycles

Of all the industries that will at some point be disrupted by 3D printing technology, it is the injection molding and high-volume manufacturing market that will probably take the largest hit. 3D Design 3D Printing Business 3d printed molds 3d printed tooling Ben Harp form1 formlabs Fortus 400mc injection molding moldmakers Polyjet Connex3 Polymer Conversions Staub Additive stratasys

Sainsbury’s Christmas TV Advert Airs on Time and in Full-Color Stopframe Animation Thanks to Stratasys J750 3D Printing Technology

Additive Manufacturing

Without the use of 3D printing, and the capabilities of the Stratasys J750 full-color-multi-material 3D Printer, we simply could not have completed the build in time,” said Richard Pickersgill, Mackinnon & Saunders. The Greatest Gift Tri-Tech 3D

Stratasys Announces Winners of Its 2014 Southern Asia & Pacific '3D Print Your Design for FREE' Competition

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

We are pleased to announce the winners of Stratasys’ first “3D Print Your Design for FREE” competition held in the Southern Asia and Pacific (SA&P) region. Our Applications team was excited to 3D print the designs, turning ideas into reality!

Asia 106

Lamborghini Accelerates and Perfects Automotive Engineering with Stratasys 3D Printed Prototypes and Track-Ready Parts

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

With a 50 year heritage that has seen its brand become synonymous with extreme and uncompromising automotive design, Lamborghini relies upon the most cutting edge technologies to uphold its reputation for automotive excellence. Automotive Fortus

Transforming Manufacturing: Stratasys Furthers Collaboration with Team Penske, Demos New Carbon Fiber 3D Printers

Additive Manufacturing

Racing Team Harnesses the Power of 3D Printing, Reveals Streamlined Prototype and Final Part Production at IMTS 2018. . The faster parts get on the race track, the better our team competes: Stratasys technology enables us to do just that.”.

3D Printed Robotic Gripper: Smarter Design, Faster Delivery, Better Value for Customer

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

3D printed gripper produced by Digital Mechanics AB of Sweden with the Fortus 3D Production System from Stratasys. Digital Mechanics AB of Sweden combines its design and engineering experience with rapid prototyping technology to tackle challenging projects.

Sweden 107

Stratasys 3D Printing Speeds into NASCAR with Joe Gibbs Racing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Stratasys 3D Printing made its NASCAR Nationwide Series debut Saturday afternoon, sponsoring the No. JGR has incorporated Stratasys’ FDM 3D printing technology into their race program for more than a decade , giving them advantages in prototyping and production.

Boom Supersonic Signs Seven-Year Partnership Extension with Stratasys for 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Expanding 3D printing beyond rapid prototyping, Boom Supersonic is utilizing the Stratasys® F900® 3D Printer with the Aircraft Interiors Solution (AIS) package to create hundreds of 3D printed parts for XB-1, the company’s supersonic demonstrator aircraft.

Big Dog Productions and Jay Leno Team With Stratasys to Engineer High Performance 3D Printed Parts for Classic Autos

Additive Manufacturing

Host of “Jay Leno’s Garage” in Collaboration to Use FDM Technology for 3D Printed Parts on Demand for Nearly 300 Amazing Vehicles. Big Dog has already been collaborating with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing for 3D printed parts-on-demand for nearly 10 years. “As

3D Printing Enables More Precise Surgical Implants for Orbital Eye Operations

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

FDM-based 3D printed orbital implant mold with the resulting titanium mesh implant. Now Hong Kong Polytechnic University ’s Industrial Center (IC) is using 3D printed models to improve eye orbital implant surgery accuracy and reduce operating times.

Dunwoody College of Technology Incorporates Stratasys’ Additive Manufacturing Technology Into Its Curriculum

Additive Manufacturing

Minneapolis & Rehovot, Israel – June 24, 2015 – Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS), aleading global provider of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, has teamed up with Dunwoody College of Technology as it incorporates additive manufacturing into its curriculum.

Personalizing New Daihatsu Copen Robe Roadster Design with Stratasys 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Designers Kota Nezu and Junjie Sun used the Daihatsu Copen Roadster , a car that was totally redesigned and re-introduced to the market in 2014, as their base to introduce customized elements such as Stratasys 3D printed decorative frames in their “Effect Skins” project.

Japan 92

New Stratasys Production 3D Printers Deliver Improved Navigation, Maintenance and Performance

Additive Manufacturing

ULTEM 1010, a high-performance FDM material, is now available for the Fortus 900mc. This new generation of 3D printers is aimed to improve the customers’ overall experience,” said Bill Schultz, senior director of FDM products for Stratasys. Fortus 450mc. Fortus 380mc.

Stratasys and VA’s Innovation Creation Series Invite You to Help Veterans in ‘Prosthetics and Assistive Technology Challenge'

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Stratasys, in collaboration with the VA Innovation Creation Series is calling on all designers, engineers, and novice users of 3D printing to join the Prosthetics and Assistive Technology Challenge , held July 28-29 in Richmond, Virginia. Fortus Mojo uPrint

United Launch Alliance to Launch Atlas V Rocket with Stratasys 3D Printed Parts, Enjoying Production Time & Costs Savings

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

United Launch Alliance (ULA) is taking Stratasys 3D printing technology to new heights, using it to develop enhanced, low-cost production tooling and to reduce production costs for the Atlas V and Delta IV rockets’ flight hardware.

Stratasys to Help Keep Trains Running and Save Thousands a Day With Solution for Digital Inventory and 3D Printed Parts

Additive Manufacturing

Customized 3D printed air vent system produced by Bombardier Transportation on Stratasys’ large-scale F900 3D Printer (Photo: Business Wire). “In 3D printed armrests on a Chiltern Railways train in the U.K.

American Magic Flies across the Water with Advanced, High-Performance 3D Printing from Stratasys

Additive Manufacturing

DETROIT– ( BUSINESS WIRE ) — RAPID + TCT 2019 –Taking the power of 3D printed carbon fiber to the water raceway, Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) is unveiling a supplier agreement with the New York Yacht Club, American Magic – challenger for the 36 th America’s Cup.

Malta 56

Unilever Accelerates Consumer Product Prototyping By 40% with 3D Printed Injection Molds

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The Italian division of international consumer goods giant, Unilever , has cut lead times for prototype parts by 40% since introducing Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D printing technology into its manufacturing process. Stratasys 3D Printed injection mold for Domestos rim block. “By

Don Schumacher Racing Shifts into Overdrive with Additive Manufacturing from Stratasys

Additive Manufacturing

New collaboration agreement empowers team with advanced FDM technology to accelerate prototypes and final parts – designed specifically for demands of competitive drag racing. Thanks to 3D printing, we’re able to be more innovative – which equals consistent performance on the track.”.

Solar-Powered Smart Scooter Rolls Out 50% Faster with 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The first of its kind, this “intelligent” electric scooter was prototyped 50% faster using Stratasys 3D printed parts. 3D printing was essential in this regard as it allowed the team to physically test the design and concept of e-floater as if it were the final product.

The Happy Tail of Oreo and His 3D Printed Patella

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The OIC regularly uses 3D printing as a means of shortening the design and production cycles for its clients, as well as the creation of low volume or customized products, and saw this as an excellent solution for Oreo. At left, a CAD model of the 3D Printed patella.

Canada 104

Stratasys 3D Printing Keeps NASA Satellite On Time and On Budget – FDM Strong Enough for Space

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

We’re pleased to announce a new frontier in aerospace 3D printing. Scheduled for launch in 2016, the COSMIC-2 mission marks the first time 3D printed parts will function externally in outer space. Aerospace Fortus Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Production

As Carbon Fiber Applications Multiply, Stratasys Ships $70,000 3D Printer

Additive Manufacturing

Industrial 3D Printer is Dedicated to Carbon-Fiber-Filled Nylon 12 on Proven Industrial Platform. The Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition , previewed at RAPID 2018, is an industrial quality system that is being offered at $70,000 in the US. The Fortus 380mc CFE builds parts in 0.010 in.

Stratasys Unveils Range of Advanced Materials for Production-Grade 3D Printing Applications

Additive Manufacturing

Stratasys Unveils Range of Advanced Materials for Production-Grade 3D Printing Applications. Meeting the specific requirements of 3D printed applications in manufacturing, these materials can accommodate high temperatures and challenging requirements common on the production floor.

3D Printed Thermoplastics versus Metal: Why Volvo Trucks Chose Additive Manufacturing for 30 Engine Assembly Tools

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Assembly line tools produced by Volvo Trucks with Stratasys’ FDM 3D printing technology include this durable, yet lightweight punching tool. These 3D printed tools are designed and produced 94% faster than before.

World’s First Jet-Powered, 3D Printed UAV Tops 150 MPH with Lightweight Stratasys Materials

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Aurora Flight Sciences , a Virginia-based manufacturer specializing in advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems, is pushing the envelope of UAV design by teaming up with Stratasys to create the world’s first jet-powered, 3D printed aircraft.

ULA Saves $1M Annually While Pushing Boundaries of Additive Manufacturing with Stratasys

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The world of 3D printing extends well beyond the boundaries of our planet. In addition, ULA is saving over 50%, and in some cases 95%, by 3D printing rocket components over traditional methods.” As 3D printing continues to evolve, so do operational practices at ULA.

Denver 102

A Strong Case for 3D Printing: R&D Technologies Helps an Active Child with Diabetes Stay Active

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The 3D printed device, seen above in orange, was printed with FDM technology on the Fortus 250mc in ABSplus material. Katherine reached out to R&D Technologies Inc. , ABS Consumer Products Fortus Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM

Stratasys’ 3D Printing of Prosthetic Devices Spurs Innovation for Veterans at VA Make-a-thon

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

“It’s been very beneficial to have Stratasys and their 3D printers involved in the event…the teams can co-create and iterate with Stratasys 3D printed models to build matching designs.”-Andrea The fairings were 3D printed on the Fortus 450mc in ABSplus.

GE Affiliate, FirstBuild, Improving Home Appliance Design with Crowdsourcing and 3D Printing

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

First Build is using the latest 3D printing technology from Stratasys to bring innovative concepts to the appliance industry at a rapid rate. Consumer Products Fortus News

Space Station's Mobile Freezers a Challenge Only Solved with 3D Printing’s Unique Thermal, Tensile and Geometric Properties

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

Their latest project, the Polar Unit, is one of the first of their designs to incorporate 3D printed components produced in Stratasys’ FST-compliant ULTEM™ 9085 thermoplastic material. Aerospace Fortus Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Production

Siemens Mobility Puts Stratasys Additive Manufacturing at the Heart of First Digital Rail Maintenance Center

Additive Manufacturing

Ability to rapidly and cost-effectively 3D print replacement parts and production tools on-demand eliminates obsolete parts and warehousing costs. Video : Learn more about the use of 3D printing at the Siemens Mobility RRX Rail Service Center.

Stratasys’ Additive Manufacturing ‘Your Way’ Ecosystem Debuts at EuroMold 2014

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

The 3D printing industry has changed a lot over the last few years with more technologies, materials, applications and part delivery options. Full size airplane cabin with interiors created using unique combinations of Stratasys FDM and PolyJet 3D printing technologies.

Stratasys Accelerates Access to Advanced 3D Printing Capabilities with 11 New High-Performance Products at Euromold 2014

Additive Manufacturing

New 3D Printers and Materials Designed to Enhance Competitive Edge of Design and Manufacturing Companies. Nasdaq:SSYS) will be launching an unprecedented 11 high-performance 3D printers and materials. Triple-Jetting Technology for the Office and Design Studio.