Northeast Solidworks User Conference

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Planned sessions will include Sheet Metal, Plastics Module, Costing Module, Electrial, Drawings, Simulation, Motion, Plastics design, 3DVia Composer, Toolbox, Using Planes, and bunch of other topics (plus great food!). SolidWorks users from Pennsylvania to Maine will be taking part in the annual Northeast Solidworks User Conference on September 21 in Westford, Massachusetts. Last year the conference was a big success, with almost 300 SolidWorks users attending.

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All of these people need access to some elements of the SOLIDWORKS product suite, which consists of 9 SOLIDWORKS Premiums, 3 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premiums and a SOLIDWORKS Plastic Premium, as detailed below: 1-The Design team consider SOLIDWORKS vital to their day to day work and therefore licences need to be available for them, however they do not use the SOLIDWORKS Simulation products. INCLUDE plastics_premium HOST INCLUDE plastics_premium HOST

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