Iconic Image of “Afghan Girl” Turns 30 and Becomes 3D


From 1979 to 1989, a bloody war between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union claimed the lives of roughly a million people on both sides of the conflict. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed art 3durak afghan girl Afghanistan National Geographic refugees shapewaysMillions more were driven from their homes... View the entire article via our website.

Imagine No More Landmines: It May be Possible With 3D Printed Mine Kafon Drone


In 1998, Massoud Hassani escaped Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, followed two years later by his younger brother, Mahmud. 3D Design 3D Printing Robotics 3d mapping 3d printed drones Afghanistan drones Hassani Design BV kickstarter landmines Mahmud Hassani Massoud Hassani Mine Kafon Mine Kafon droneToday, the Hassanis, 32 and 30, respectively, are Dutch citizens living. View the entire article via our website.


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3D Printing in the Military


Featured Stories 3d printed drones 3D printed military supplies 3D printed military tools 3d printed missile component 3d printing fablabs 3d printing in the military Afghanistan boeing drones ebam ebm fablab fablabs lens Lockheed Martin military military 3d printing military applications navy Navy 3d printing optomec raytheon sciaky US army us army 3d printing us navy3D printing has many military applications.

Walk with Kubra Khademi! Joy Complex’s 3D Printed Armor Pendant Supports Afghan Women’s Rights


3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d printed pendant Afghanistan human rights I Walk with Kubra Khademi Joy Complex Marie Meier shapeways women and 3D printing Women for Afghan WomenWhile most of us can only do so in spirit, we should all walk with Kubra Khademi, no matter our gender or nationality. As a strong woman, an activist, and an artist, she is... View the entire article via our website.

GE explains how they help improve U.S. veteran healthcare


million men and women on active duty and more than 450,000 of them stationed overseas, some of them deployed to conflict zones like Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, and 20 million U.S. With over 1.3 View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D Software Medical 3D Printing AW VolumeShare 7 Colin Holmes Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Innovation GE Healthcare US Department of Veterans Affairs VA Puget Sound Health Care Center

The Next "Mother of All Bombs" May Be Smaller, Lighter and 3D Printed


Last month, the United States dropped a 21,600 pound bomb on a remote area of Afghanistan, attacking a tunnel complex used by Islamic State militants. The Massive Ordnance Air Blast, or MOAB, was. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing Science & Technology 3d printed bomb 3d printed bombs 3d printed weapon 3d printed weapons 3d printing in the military air force Air Force Research Laboratory Massive Ordnance Air Blast military 3d printing MOAB mother of all bombs

Father Teaches His Kids to Swim Thanks to a 3D Printed Amphibious Prosthetic


When retired US Marine Dan Lasko of Bethlehem, PA served in Afghanistan, his vehicle hit an improvised explosive device (IED) and he lost the lower part of his left leg. Thanks to advances in. View the entire article via our website.

ITAMCO Wins Phase II Funding for 3D-Printed Runway Mat Development

Additive Manufacturing

Dan Zimmerman (back) and Senior Airman Thet Tun (front) carry a piece of AM2 matting material in Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, July 12, 2016. Plymouth, Indiana – August 10, 2020.

The Fascinating History of Drones

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2001: The US began to fly hi-tech armed drones over Afghanistan. The CIA started to fly hi-tech surveillance drones over Afghanistan from 2000. Drone: Any multicopter with 3–8 horizontal propellers that can fly without a pilot. Drones have become so common now that it’s hard to remember a time without them. Personal drones, aka hobby drones, didn’t catch the public’s eye until the mid-2000s. The rest—as they say—is history, and that’s what this page looks at.

3D Printing Hope: Seeking to Change Veterans’ Lives with a Design Challenge

Additive Manufacturing

Henri served in the French Army Patrol and lives with a severe leg injury from service in Afghanistan. Zarita, 33, Injured shortly after returning from Afghanistan during extreme training, had a car accident while traveling to her duty station. 72-hour Make-a-Thon event sought solutions to improve veterans’ quality-of-life Event supported by Stratasys CSR Program.

DIMENSIONEXT: 3D Printing The Devil's Chair


Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT. 3D Printing The Devil’s Chair. 3D Printing The Devil’s Chair. A wise man once said that The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist. In post-industrial societies morality for many is a code of wealth means health and might means right.

Beginner’s Guide to Drones

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Military drones gained wide notoriety when they were widely used by the US military to conduct reconnaissance surveys and to deliver armed payloads to enemy territories in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the “War on Terror”. Have you been wondering how your Instagram friend can just casually take aerial photos of their trips to the beach? Perhaps you have seen news items or movies where military operations are carried out using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Design, Engineering, and Innovation: How U.S. …

Design 2 Part News

But whether the goal is a product that makes healthcare more affordable, or a technology that helps restore a sense of normalcy to the lives of wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the impact of an innovation rises with its success in satisfying needs that were previously unmet. “Design, Engineering, and Innovation: How U.S. Manufacturing is Beating Cost Challenges” By Mark Shortt, Design-2-Part Magazine. Problem solving, a longtime strength of U.S.

U.S. Senator Udall Advances Funding for Construction at NM Military Bases, NM Veterans

Additive Manufacturing

The registry was the first step in the process of ensuring that veterans can receive appropriate care and treatment for illnesses and conditions related to breathing fumes from open-air burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. Editor’s Note : In addition to funding of military construction projects and veterans’ care, please see the additive manufacturing language that Senator Udall included in this year’s appropriations bill that just passed out of the appropriations committee. *.

Is Hybrid Manufacturing Right for You?

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The company machines numerous titanium parts for a gun mount on the Chinook helicopter; it also machines structural supports and other titanium parts for the M777 Howitzer, a field artillery gun that saw service in Afghanistan. By Mark Langlois, Design-2-Part Magazine. A new approach to manufacturing combines the design advantages of 3D printing with the quality and precision of multi-axis CNC machining. Imperial Machine & Tool Co.

Wounded war hero gets a 3D printed Dextrus bionic hand


Taylor is a very unfortunate hero, having become a quadruple amputee after losing his limbs in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan. War hero Taylor has become the first wounded soldier to benefit from 3D printed bionic technology. This article Wounded war hero gets a 3D printed Dextrus bionic hand is first published at 3ders.org. 3D Printing Applications

Special report: Automation puts jobs in peril

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I jump on a forum,” says Wallace, an Army veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. By Nathan Bomey, USA Today. Automation is the greatest threat to the economy, but may also be its biggest opportunity. Part 1. WELCOME TO THE AUTOMATION REVOLUTION. BALTIMORE — The patter of automated machinery fills the air inside wire-basket manufacturer Marlin Steel’s bustling factory in a rugged industrial section of this city.