GE Reports-This Electron Gun Builds Jet Engines

Additive Manufacturing

The method builds the blades from a titanium powder fused with a beam of electrons accelerated by a 3-kilowatt electron gun. The gun is 10 times more powerful than laser beams currently used for printing metal parts. Avio developed the technology, called electron beam melting or EBM , together with Sweden’s Arcam. The printer builds parts directly from a 3D computer drawing by melting layers of fine powder with an electron beam.

Building A 3D-Printed Rocket Engine

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NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), located in Huntsville, Alabama, has pioneered space exploration and rocket advancements since it was established in 1960. DMLS, electron beam melting, and selective heat sintering) for all its 3D printing, but the center prints with direct powder injection too. The latter form of manufacturing injects metal powder into a laser beam as the part is fabricated.

GE Plans to Invest $1.4B to Acquire Additive Manufacturing Companies Arcam and SLM; Accelerates Efforts in Important Digital Industrial Space

Additive Manufacturing

Arcam AB , based in Mölndal, Sweden, invented the electron beam melting machine for metal-based additive manufacturing, and also produces advanced metal powders. More than 11,000 LEAP engines are on order with up to 20 fuel nozzles in every engine, thus setting the stage for sustainably high and long-term additive production at GE Aviation’s Auburn, Alabama, manufacturing plant. Expands design envelope to substantially reduce product cost.

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