Latin America Cell Analysis Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.29%

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Moreover, the data collected through the applications of cell analysis helps in identifying, predicting, and manipulating the factors affecting the health, proliferation, function, and death of cells in a human body.

What is Metrology Part 8: Complex Analysis, Optics, and Metrology

This is a brief summary on the physics behind metrology, optics, and the math behind it - complex analysis. 3D Design 3D Scanning Education Science & Technology 3d metrology 3d Photogrammetry algorithms complex analysis complex plane data processing digital photogrammetry imaginary numbers information theory metrology noise nyquist-shannon sampling perception photography physics signal processing

UK researchers use FFF 3D printing to improve CSI analysis of skull fragments 

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Researchers from the UK-based Teeside University, have used 3D printing and scanning techniques to advance a key aspect of forensic investigation: Physical Fit Analysis (PFA).

Transient Thermal Analysis Made Easy With Flow Freezing

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For example, some problems deal with processes that develop at different rates and if the difference in the rate at which these processes develop is significant, the CPU time or solve time might be dominated by the slower process.

Running a SOLIDWORKS Static Analysis as a CAD Engineer

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I have been a SOLIDWORKS user for about six years, using it mostly for CAD, but sometimes for running my designs through structural simulation analysis. The CAD software I used prior to SOLIDWORKS was slower and this process took extra time to set up.

Webinar: In-Depth Primer on Computational Analysis

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Computational analysis is the key to transform you into a more effective designer. The post Webinar: In-Depth Primer on Computational Analysis appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.

What is Design Analysis?

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In its simplest terms, design analysis is a powerful software technology for simulating physical behavior on the computer. These are the types of questions for which design analysis provides accurate answers. Design Analysis. Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Structural Analysis Engineer: The New Summer Lifeguard

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was working on a clip buckle design and I suggested that we use simulation to help guide the design process. So I fired up my new SIMULIA app (Structural Analysis Engineer) and opened Nick SOLIDWORKS designs. SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE Platform analysis life jacket SIMULIA

Linear Static Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

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Among the many types of simulation for mechanical Finite Element Analysis (FEA), a linear static analysis is the most commonly used. How to conduct a linear static analysis. The steps to complete a linear static analysis are quite straightforward.

Spinal Fusion Devices Market Analysis and Value Estimation

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The process of spinal fusion is the implantation of plates or screws in replacement of intervertebral disc between the vertebras to improve stability. These devices are used in multiple combinations during the spinal fusion process for treating degenerative spinal deformities and disorders.

Imperial College London & Additive Manufacturing Analysis: WAAM Production of Sheet Metal

Researchers from Imperial College London explore materials and techniques in 3D printing and AM processes, releasing their findings in the recently published ‘Mechanical and microstructural testing.

America Makes awards ASU and PADT with $800,000 to advance 3D printing post-processes

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America Makes, has awarded $800,000 in matching funds to Arizona State University (ASU) for a Directed Project Opportunity to advance post-processing methods for additive manufacturing. This project includes Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) an Arizona-based engineering and 3D printing service provider, high-pressure technology specialist Quintus Technologies, and Phoenix Heat Treating, a provider of metal heat treatments.

Ira3D 3D Prints Wooden Stadium Prototype for Wireless Coverage Analysis

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… The original post Ira3D 3D Prints Wooden Stadium Prototype for Wireless Coverage Analysis appeared first on 3D Printing Industry. By Davide Sher. 3D printer manufacturer Ira3D has recently had to defend itself against some criticism toward its Poetry 3D printer capabilities.

Are you considering adding CFD analysis to your SOLIDWORKS design process?

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CFD (computational fluid dynamics) analysis allows designers to understand the effect of moving liquids and gasses on their designs. The CFD analysis SOLIDWORKS add-in is called SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation , and is a general purpose flow analysis tool with a comprehensive range of capabilities. CFD analysis SOLIDWORKS training. Included in the free CFD analysis SOLIDWORKS training course. Solving Thermal Analysis Problems.

Additive Manufacturing Processes Improve NDFeB & Organic Magnets

In ‘Analysis of 3D printed NDFeB polymer bonded and organic based magnets,’ Chimaobi Ibeh—a thesis student from New Jersey Institute of Technology—explains that industrial users in many cases today. View the entire article via our website. 3D Printing 3D printed magnets NdFeB NdFeB Bonded Composites

Structural Analysis is a breeze with SOLIDWORKS Simulation software!

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Linear Structural Analysis can be very costly and time consuming depending on the route you’re taking, especially if tests are being carried out on physical models! Linear Structural Analysis is available in SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard software. Setting up analysis studies takes no time at all and even includes advisers to help at every step! The step-by-step process is smooth and hassle-free.

Fabrisonic, EWI, Luna Innovations develop Smart Baseplate for LPBF additive manufacturing analysis

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Fabrisonic, the Ohio-based solid-state metal 3D printing specialist, has partnered with EWI, and Luna Innovations to build a Smart Baseplate for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) additive manufacturing processes.

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Evonik launches 3D printing software for process and material selection

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The application is designed to assist manufacturers in selecting the appropriate additive manufacturing process for their desired part, depending on geometry, material and financial analysis of the design, saving costs in the process. German specialty chemicals company Evonik has launched its first software tool for 3D printing.

Are Ejecta the Reason for Flaws in Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing?

3D Printing 3d printing analysis Additive manufacturing analysis Additive manufacturing ejecta Inc Moog PBFAM processes The Pennsylvania State University Applied Research LaboratoryWhile users around the globe are busy creating one stunning innovation after another in 3D printing—and some with the ability to change production forever—researchers are just as busy in the lab. View the entire article via our website.

Come On.Who Needs Plastic Fill Analysis Tools Anyway?


The topic of plastics fill analysis tools came up and his statement was, “Aren’t they really only for the mold designer?” My Experience with Plastic Fill Analysis. What were the mold process parameters? I was talking to a colleague of mine the other day about validation tools.

RUB team develops process for accelerated analysis of the stability of complex alloys

Material scientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have developed a novel process for analyzing, for example, the temperature and oxidation resistance of complex alloys that are made up of a number of different elements. The authors refer to the system as combinatorial processing platform.

Microbiology Testing Transforming Quality Control Across Manufacturing Processes

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the high cost involved in the quality control processes.

A Best Practices Guide to CFD Analysis for Gas Mixing Processes

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Example applications of CFD Analysis forGas Mixing Processes. Gas mixing in packed columns and other types of chemical reactors affects throughput and variability of the process. The mixing of gases is important in a wide range of applications.

Reducing Environmental Impact with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Analysis

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SOLIDWORKS Sustainability Analysis. Example: Holmatro 4240 Spreader Sustainability Analysis. To start the Sustainability Analysis process we need to decide on : The materials for each part of the assembly and the projected life cycle of the product.

Pressure Drop Analysis using SOLIDWORKS [WHITE PAPER]

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If you were taught to only rely on analysis “specialists” or physical prototypes on flow benches to verify designs, it’s time to learn more about testing with today’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools. Flow Simulation.

Q&A with Paul Powers CEO of Physna 3D model analysis company

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Already a solutions partner for Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, Physna expedites the product development process, allowing more […]. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Physna LLC is a 3D modeling software developer. Its patent-pending and eponymous technology allows users to compare and analyze thousands of 3D models for the purpose of quality control and automated inspection.

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Metal 3D Printing Materials Analysis – Everything You Need to Know

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This opens up an ecosystem of low-cost, high-quality alloys with a mature supply chain and well-studied process controls. The post Metal 3D Printing Materials Analysis – Everything You Need to Know appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

Design for the Ages with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fatigue Analysis

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Luckily for you and your designs, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Fatigue Analysis (included with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, Professional, and Premium versions) allows you to ensure fatigue resistance from the comfort of your desk, letting you skip the gym entirely! The results of these studies are directly utilized by a fatigue study, enabling you to quickly turn momentary snapshots into an analysis of the full design life. Need to learn fatigue analysis?

Getting Acquainted with Complex Relationships in FEA

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Design engineers have been traditionally somewhat reluctant to use nonlinear analysis. However, now that nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) tools such as SIMULIAworks® integrate with SOLIDWORKS® data and workflows, nonlinear analysis may be less intimidating to learn and use.

Understanding Complex Material Behavior – Plasticity Models

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Design engineers often avoid nonlinear static analysis because of its complexity, but now it is in a more designer-friendly environment. That’s why it’s vital to include the plasticity in the analysis of a model; it will give you much more realistic and accurate simulation results.

New Trends of 3D Bioprinting Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2025

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3D Bioprinting also known as additive manufacturing is used to make three dimensional solid objects from a digital file which is achieved by using additive processes. By 3D Printing Industry.

3D Bioprinting Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021

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3D bioprinting is a process of creating spatially-controlled cell patterns in 3D, where viability and cell function are conserved within printed construct. The 3D bioprinting industry that is currently at the embryonic stage of generating replacement human tissue has been forecast to be worth billion dollars by 2019. 3D bioprinting at present largely involves the […]. Medical & Dental News News Feed Press Release Research

America Makes Announces Awardees of Directed Project Opportunity on Advancing Additive Manufacturing Post-Processing Techniques

Additive Manufacturing

Goal is to Improve Process Control for Qualifying Complex Parts and Reduce Costs. In order to expand the use of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for critical parts, a better understanding of the available techniques is needed to achieve qualified parts and certified processes.

CAE Survey

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How does simulation and analysis impact your products? Research Slideshow Analysis CAD CAE Design Engineer FEA Optimization post process pre process Simulation Survey Survey MonkeyCAE Survey How do leading companies use simulation to develop more competitive products?

Engineers empower chefs with induction heating analysis using EMS for SOLIDWORKS

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Induction heating is a process of heating an electrical conductor (usually ferromagnetic materials and metals) by electromagnetic induction. An induction heating analysis was performed using EMS for SOLIDWORKS with AC excitation at 24 KHz.

$5M funding awarded in America Makes’ 3D printing research projects

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America Makes, an Ohio-based additive manufacturing accelerator, has announced the awardees of two Directed Project Opportunities: Acceleration of Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing (ALSAM) and Advancing Additive Manufacturing Post-Processing Techniques (AAPT).

Engineer Better Products (survey invite)

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Active Research Slideshow 3D Design Analysis CAD CAE Design Engineer engineering change FEA Optimization pre process Product Development Simulation Survey Survey MonkeyHow do leading companies engineer better products? How are they dealing with today’s complex design problems?

How an Industrial Mindset Helps SHoP Speed Its Design Process

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Since moving its design process to the 3DExperience platform, New York-based architecture firm SHoP has adopted an “industrial” attitude toward buildings. Click to Tweet: “Every building is different but our processes. An evolving process.

LPW Releases Latest Laboratory Services Datasheet: Quantitative Shape Analysis of Metal Powder Samples by Morphology

Additive Manufacturing

This datasheet explains the methodology of quantitative shape analysis and discusses the benefits of understanding powder morphology in the metal additive manufacturing process,” comments Lisa Holman, LPW’s Quality Engineer.

Titanium Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing - 2017: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast”

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Titanium Opportunities in Additive Manufacturing 2017: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast - Research and Markets The belief that titanium printing is becoming the largest opportunity for metal additive manufacturing materials, with revenues exceeding all other alloy groups used in metal AM over the next ten-year period. Key Points From this Chapter Chapter Three: Analysis of Titanium Materials for Additive Manufacturing - Production Methods, Players, and Supply Chain 3.1

Software simulation is transforming aerospace and commercial 3D printing with SOLIDWORKS and the MTC

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Coupled with analysis, such softwares can optimize parameters to help save both time and money in the process. 3D Software Alfred Uytdewilligen analysis Borja Lazaro Toralles CAD COMSOL Multiphysics dddrop dddrop 3D printers design simulation finite element analysis Idea Factory Adamas IF-Adamas Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC simulation solidworks

The Value of Simulation Web Series

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The webinar discusses the basics of motion analysis in the context of finding the best actuator design for a vertical lift rack system as shown below. The setup process is shown below. Next, productivity tools such as Motion 2D Analysis as well as Stress Recovery are covered.

Infocus Supercharges Simulation Power with SIMULIAworks

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It’s the basis for everything we do: modeling, simulation, flow analysis, and renderings. It helped us condense a process that would usually take months into just a few weeks.”. InFocus Energy Services, Inc. is in the business of facing problems as hard as rock.