GE Additive Acquires GeonX to Strengthen Software Simulation Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

Software is of course integral to digital transformation, so we are equally excited to be part of GE’s Digital Industrial journey.”. billion investment in Concept Laser and Arcam, GE has also invested approximately $1.5 GeonX is a privately-owned software company.

The 3D Printers Are Coming: Dig More Coal?

RPM Tools

Most importantly, 3D printing is yet another feature in the suite of new technologies promising rising productivity, and thus in due course both wealth and job creation. That will happen, in due course, but the physics of metals and energy are stubborn. Of course this is an overestimate since it is based on the zero chance well see a 100% flip from conventional to 3D manufacturing. The 3D printers are coming. And fast. The only debate is over how fast.