The Winners of the Formnext Start-up Challenge Impress the Judges with Their Groundbreaking AM Innovations

Additive Manufacturing

AdditiveLab’s powerful mechanical analysis utilizes a state-of-the-art, multi-scale simulation approach to predict residual stresses and distortions in a layer-by-layer fashion.

Singapore University of Technology and Design: Particle Reinforced Metal Nanocomposites for SLM

In ‘Particle-reinforced metal matrix nanocomposites fabricated by selective laser melting: A state of the art review,’ researchers, including a team from Singapore University of Technology and. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D printing composites 3D printing metal composites Particle Reinforced Metal Nanocomposites

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LPW Releases New Metal AM Case Study

Additive Manufacturing

LPW Technology Ltd , the market leader in the development, processing and supply of high quality metal powders for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry, has added a new case study to its ever-growing suite of technical materials.

Da Vinci Code 2.0: How 3D Printing And Digital Technologies Are Altering The Face Of Aircraft Engine Manufacturing In Italy

Additive Manufacturing

This factory has helped us understand what the art of the possible is with additive manufacturing,” David Joyce, president and CEO of GE Aviation, said during a recent visit. By Tomas Kellner and Yari Bovalino | GE Reports.

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QuesTek Wins Six SBIR/STTR Awards to Optimize Legacy Alloys and Design New Alloys Tailored for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Army to develop technologies and design new alloys specifically tailored to the unique processing conditions and material-related challenges of Additive Manufacturing (AM). QuesTek Innovations LLC ( ) is a global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME).

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LPW Technology Introduces New Reseller at Additive Manufacturing Society of India Conference

Additive Manufacturing

LPW’s Asia-Pacific Sales Manager, Dermot Desmond, comments, “As LPW continues to expand its global operations and extends the level of service it offers its customers in India, the AMSI conference is the ideal opportunity to meet AM professionals keen to promote state-of-the art AM technology.”.

LPW Releases New AM Metal Powder Atomisation Case Study

Additive Manufacturing

19 April, 2017: Runcorn: LPW Technology Ltd , the market leader in the development, processing and supply of high quality metal powders and solutions for the Additive Manufacturing ( AM ) industry, has added its latest case study to the fast-growing suite of technical materials on its website.

SLM Solutions NA, Inc. – Neff Capital Management Launches Sintavia with $10M Investment

Additive Manufacturing

New company uses SLM Solutions’ Selective Laser Melting® systems to produce AM parts foraerospace & defense. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is the process by which a component is built through the successive layering of material at a microscopic level on a build platform. In addition to a serial production capability, the company will maintain a state-of-the-art metallurgical and metrology lab. “We

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LPW shares AM expertise at Daresbury Campus Technology Hub

Additive Manufacturing

The company has developed a full range of optimised powders specifically for Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM) with standard powders supplied from stock, and custom and development alloys available on request.

Rolls-Royce Selects SLM Solutions’ SLM®500 Quad-Laser Machine for Next Stage Additive Manufacturing Industrialization

Additive Manufacturing

SLM®500 quad-laser machines have been selected by Rolls-Royce to help develop its Additive Layer Manufacturing capability. SLM Solutions focuses solely on metal additive manufacturing technology and pioneered multi-laser machines. Lübeck, June 14, 2019.

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Rapid.Tech – Additive Manufacturing in the Medical and Dental Technology Industries

Additive Manufacturing

Required are perfectly tailored individual or small batch products that are cost-efficient and quick to manufacture, and that fulfil the highest quality demands both in terms of materials and of processing methods. Shifting the focus to process and quality control and risk management.

Additive Manufacturing in the medical and dental technology industries

3D Printing Industry

Required are perfectly tailored individual or small batch products that are cost-efficient and quick to manufacture, and that fulfil the highest quality demands both in terms of materials and of processing methods.

Frank Herzog, Founder of Concept Laser, Wins 2015 Award for Entrepreneur of the Year in Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

“European CEO” recognizes Concept Laser’s extraordinary growth. Award for Best CEO in the Additive Manufacturing Industry 2015 (Photo courtesy of Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels). ” (Photo courtesy of Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels). Concept Laser GmbH.

ConceptLaser-Digitization in Dental Technology

Additive Manufacturing

Increasingly, however, laser-melted implants, abutments, crowns and bridges are being used in the dentistry field. The company uses conventional denture production methods like 3-axis DSC milling machines and, since 2005, CAD/CAM techniques such as laser melting of metals.

Concept Laser Shows the “AM Factory of Tomorrow”

Additive Manufacturing

For the formnext powered by TCT from 11/17 – 11/20/2015in Frankfurt, Concept Laser is announcing a special trade fair presentation (Hall 3.1 Frank Herzog, founder and CEO & President of Concept Laser: “Now, users are focusing on digital networking and automation.”

The economics of 3D Printing report

Capturing the Value

As a central element for making the business case towards AM adoption, existing costing approaches have largely focused on capital investments and consumables, with an emphasis on build materials. Overall, 20 build experiments were carried out on state-of-the-art polymeric Laser Sintering (LS) and metallic Selective Laser Melting (SLM) platforms.

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Concept Laser Achieves Highest Sales and New Orders in the Company’s History

Additive Manufacturing

Lichtenfels (Germany), 3/14/2016: Concept Laser remains on a successful track. By the end of 2015, more than 550 laser melting machines had been installed by Concept Laser around the world. The X line 2000R is also equipped with 2 x 1,000 watt lasers.

Concept Laser: Additive Manufacturing with a Digital Process Chain in the Blok Group

Additive Manufacturing

The Blok Group relies on maximum build envelope for laser melting of metals. Investment in two laser melting systems from Concept Laser for a wide range of 3D printing components. Image source: Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels). Concept Laser GmbH.

Concept Laser Has Helped Shape “Additive Manufacturing” for 15 Years

Additive Manufacturing

Laser melting pioneer in a birthday mood; Concept Laser and LaserCUSING turn 15. Lichtenfels, 17.08.2015: Concept Laser , the pioneer of LaserCUSING and laser melting with metals, is turning 15. Image courtesy of Concept Laser GmbH).

Airbus unveils ‘Light Rider’ motorcycle.

3D Printing Industry

Aerospace giant Airbus Group has unveiled the stunning ‘Light Rider’ electric motorcycle that uses state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques to strip weight. It is the advanced materials and technology sector at Airbus and now it has found a stunning outside use for its Scalmalloy material.

Concept Laser Founder and CEO Frank Herzog Named Finalist of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis (German Future Prize) 2015

Additive Manufacturing

His inclusion in the “circle of the best” is another milestone in the anniversary year of Concept Laser GmbH. Frank Herzog is regarded as a pioneer in the field of powder bed-based laser melting. ” (Image source: Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels, Germany).

Key Considerations for Weighing the Purchase of a 3D Printer

3D Printing Review

All are capable of printing end use parts, but each process lends itself to different applications and material options, and not all machines executing a particular process are created equal. Then another layer of powder, another run of the laser, again and again, until the part is made.

Concept Laser Outperforms the Market – Sales Rise by 75%

Additive Manufacturing

Mechanical and plant engineering specialist Concept Laser sees above-average growth in 2014. “3D All image sources: Concept Laser GmbH, Lichtenfels, Germany. Concept Laser , as an owner-operated medium-sized business, is relying on organic growth. “We Concept Laser Inc.,

Rapid.Tech – Additive Manufacturing in all its Facets

Additive Manufacturing

12th Erfurt conference and trade fair: comprehensive expertise, the latest trends and state-of-the-art technology. Frank Cooper (Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, GB) will focus on the direct metal laser melting (DMLM) of precious metals.

Concept Laser GmbH-A World First: Additively Manufactured Titanium Components Now Onboard the Airbus A350 XWB

Additive Manufacturing

6, 2014: Laser melting with metals is increasingly gaining in importance in aircraft manufacturing. The arguments for the laser melting of metals in aircraft construction are geometric freedom and weight reduction. Claus Emmelmann, CEO, Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH, Hamburg.

Faustson Tool Expands Manufacturing Offerings with Concept Laser’s M2 cusing Multilaser Metal Additive Manufacturing System

Additive Manufacturing

Grapevine, TX, April 2, 2015 – Concept Laser , the pioneer in the field of laser melting with metals, announced the installation of the M2 cusing Multilaser metal additive manufacturing system at Faustson Tool of Arvada, Colorado. times over that of its single-laser counterpart.

LPW Technology and 3DSIM Adding Intelligence into the AM Process at formnext Hall 3.1 Stand H18

Additive Manufacturing

Rapidly-growing 3DSIM, headquartered in the US, is developing state-of-the-art software systems that simulate the complex AM build process. AM applications require a detailed understanding of powder properties related to laser interaction, thermal characteristics and packing behaviour.

LLNL Researchers – 3D Printing Could Revolutionize Laser Design

Additive Manufacturing

LLNL researchers are exploring the use of metal 3D printing to create strong, lightweight structures for advanced laser systems – an effort they say could alter the way lasers are designed in the future. “We’re really pushing the state of the art.

Boosting confidence in new manufacturing technologies

Design 2 Part News

Despite its revolutionary promise, however, additive manufacturing is still in its infancy when it comes to understanding the impact of subtle differences in manufacturing methods on the properties and capabilities of resulting materials. By

Classic Car Meets Future Technology: VW Caddy Fitted with 3D-Printed Front-End Structure

Additive Manufacturing

As a subsidiary of Airbus, the company is very familiar with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and enables various industries to implement best practice concepts from the aerospace sector. We materialize ideas.

GE Oil & Gas to Use Robotics and 3D Printing in Futuristic Talamona Plant

Additive Manufacturing

Cutting-edge 3D printing technology to be utilized to print metal parts and materials. A new nozzle production line is the first completely automated line for GE Oil & Gas, and a new additive manufacturing line will use laser technology to 3D print end burners for gas turbine combustion chambers. It utilizes two anthropomorphic robots capable of employing 10 different technologies, including electrical discharge machining, measurement and laser beam welding.

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Mlab cusing 200R As The New Benchmark in the Small Machine Segment

Additive Manufacturing

Lichtenfels (Germany), March 06, 2017: The brilliant position in the market of Concept Laser , the pioneer of LaserCUSING , is reflected in numerous sectors. For IDS 2017 , Concept Laser is putting its new Mlab cusing 200R at the forefront of its presentation at the trade fair (Hall 10.1,

Concept Laser – Printing Cultural History

Additive Manufacturing

By Daniel Hund | Concept Laser GmbH. Using one of its Mlab cusings , Concept Laser has produced a faithful copy of this prehistoric rider. The Rider of Unlingen was created using an Mlab cusing from Concept Laser (image source: Concept Laser). C oncept Laser GmbH.

Concept Laser – Additive Manufacturing in the Consumer Goods Sector

Additive Manufacturing

By Daniel Hund | Concept Laser. In 2013, Zare procured its first 3D metal printer – an M2 cusing from Concept Laser. Zare’s 3D factory with machines from Concept Laser (Photo courtesy of Zare). Both materials are standard in the dental industry and certified for oral use.