8 Things to See and Do at the October 2014 3D Printshow in Paris


Located in the Carrousel Du Louvre , one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks , this dynamic 3D printing industry event features some of the brightest names in the industry, including brands like Autodesk and Stratasys and designers like Michaella Janse Van Vuuren , Juli and Michael Winstone.

Understanding The 3D Printing Ecosystem

3D Printing Review

What I’ve learned is that many of these technologies are composed of very well-understood materials, software problems and mechanical systems — things that engineers have been doing for decades. It’s clear that it’s not due to working with exotic materials or advanced motion control.

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It’s Here: Take A Look At Our First Wooden 3D Prints


We are also happy to share images and video footage of our newest material. Totem by Bert De Niel & Autodesk 123D. The Material: Models printed in our wood material are constructed from a brown, very fine powder made from wood chips.

3D printing of complex organs is far off

3D Printing Review

The technique can also shorten implant surgery waiting times, says Shane Fox, a business development specialist at Within Technologies, a UK arm of US design software company Autodesk. By printing models of damaged bones or body parts, implants can be designed to fit exactly.

The #1 Hack to Make Your 3D Print Cheaper


Probably the most important variable is the amount of material that is needed for printing your object. So all we need to do is to make sure to use as little material as possible. Save money: don’t use material where you don’t need it!

8 Highlights from the 2014 London 3D Printshow


The 3D Printshow is the place to learn about 3D printing, try out software, touch materials, and get your face or body 3D scanned. Industry speakers delivered the latest developments and gave demonstrations on brands such as Adobe and Autodesk.

2014 Highlights and Wrap-up for the London 3D Printshow!


3D Printshow is the place to learn about 3D printing, try out software, touch materials, and get 3D scanned! “Free Software” and “3D printing in Metal and Ceramics,” featuring a free Ceramics give-away!

Art and 3D Printing: Meet Curious Artist Koenraad Van Daele


3D printing is a very broad concept that includes many different technologies, materials and even 3D design software. As a longtime friend of i.materialise, this Belgian artist is a good example of a curious mind experimenting with diverse 3D printing materials and sizes.

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Highlights and Our Favorite Moments from Maker Faire Tokyo!


It was great to see how excited you all were to know we can 3D Print in non-plastic materials such as metals and ceramics. Although the community of designers making 3D Printed jewelry or ceramic tableware isn’t that big yet in Japan, we hope to see it grow quickly in the near future.

Additive Industries Presents 3rd Edition of Design Challenge

Additive Manufacturing

Topology Optimization) – Altair Engineering, a consumer 3D printer manufacturer – Ultimaker, Autodesk – a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software and European Association of the Machine Tool Industries CECIMO.

Remixing Ancient Art at Samson Young’s Venice Biennale Exhibition ‘Songs for Disaster Relief’

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In his own words , Wenman “took hundreds of carefully staged photos of Victory and used Autodesk’s ReCap Photo photogrammetry software to process them into this high-quality 3D model.”

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From Aerospace to Jewelry, Metal 3D Printing Is Hot

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Ship Technology reports that the Port of Rotterdam’s Additive Manufacturing Fieldlab (RAMLAB) teamed with Autodesk to develop a 3D printed nautical propeller. If you’re designing premium products and need high strength and durability, you can’t go wrong with metal.

Designer Spotlight: Peter Boldsen

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But products are often made of many other materials than plastic. After my customers have approved my 3D drawings and 3D print in plastic, I like to offer them, to have the design 3D printed in the in the correct materials. Right now I primary use Autodesk Fusion 360.

2014 New York Maker Faire Wrap-up: Our Favorite Moments!


At least 500 people visited our Touchable 3D Printed Art exhibit, featuring 3D printed metal, ceramic, and plastic art. Winners received a limited edition version printed in our sturdy black dyed polyamide material. Free 3D design software such as Autodesk Meshmixer ruled the day!


Design 2 Part News

The company, recognized as a 2016 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, has created a multi-material 3D printer for fabricating embedded electronics and other novel devices. Highly functional materials are the key enablers of Voxel8’s core technology.

Behind the Product: Glass Vase Mold

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Well, the glass piece is a graduate research project in material research from Hexagram at Concordia so I’ll try not to be too wordy. For this kind of glass blow-mold the ancient way to do it is to make it by hand out of clay/ ceramic.

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