Origin introduces Origin One 3D printer for high volume production

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The Origin One is an SLA/DLP machine which uses a combination of materials, hardware, and software to make high volume 3D printing possible. 3D Printers autodesk Beast Mode Christopher Prucha Ecco Ember Jakob Møller Hansen Joel Ong Marshawn Lynch Open Additive Production Origin programmable photopolymerizationOrigin, a California-based startup focused on bringing mass manufacturing to the additive industry, has introduced its Origin One 3D printer.

Accelerating the Future of 3D Printing

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By Carl Bass, Autodesk President and Chief Executive Officer. Today, Autodesk is announcing two contributions to help make things better. Autodesk. 3D Printers Consumer Products Leslie''s blog Materials Vat Photopolymerization autodesk

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How to insure a design is 3D printable

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Noted Anthony Graves, product manager CAM for Autodesk, “Middleware for CNC is CAM. The newer 3DP/AM machines’ ability to print/build in color, multiple materials, and textures taxes the ability of the STL program to deliver all the data to these machines. Autodesk.

Is Spark the answer to faster, easier 3D printing?

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The material used for the car’s frame and chassis was an ABS plastic laced with carbon fiber. As many engineers have noticed, you have to specifically design for a given 3D printing technique and a given material.

Tips for improving 3D printing workflows

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–Another important consideration is to optimize the design for printing in a sense of saving material and print time. Several of these programs have a function that will suggest the best way to stack or place multiple parts for the most efficient use of the print material. Our presenters were Anthony Nguyen, application engineer and technical instructor at Materialise; Joe Anand, president and CEO of MecSoft Corporation, and James Page, senior product manager at Autodesk, Inc.

Gartner: 3D Printers to Reach 2.3 Million Shipments Totaling…

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3D printing at the enterprise level will be driven by lower costs, better quality, and greater materials in prototyping and manufacturing. Basiliere continues, “The high material extrusion shipment growth numbers are basically driving the 3D printer forecast. This total increase, Gartner believes, will be driven by vat photopolymerization and material jetting. “Gartner: 3D Printers to Reach 2.3 Million Shipments Totaling $13.4

Is it Time to Think Differently about 3D Printing?

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When asked what they believe to be the top benefits of outsourcing additive manufacturing, 73 percent of survey respondents cited “access to advanced equipment and materials.” You can’t just take the part off the machine and have it be the final part, or remove the soluble material.