Wohlers Associates to Partner with Materialise on a Design for Additive Manufacturing Course in Belgium

Additive Manufacturing

The course is May 31 – June 2, 2017 at the Materialise headquarters location in Leuven, Belgium. This can result in significant savings in manufacturing processes, part numbers, assembly, labor, inventory, and certification paperwork.

atum3D Installs Operator Station Software and DLP Station 5 3D Printer at Sirris Technology Collective


Digital light processing (DLP) specialist and open platform 3D manufacturing company atum3D, based in the Netherlands, introduced the latest version of its intuitive Operator Station print. 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printing software 3D printing software new release atum3D belgium dlp 3d printing DLP Station 5 MAGS AI technology open platform Operator Station Sirris The Netherlands

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Nick Ervinck’s Latest 3D Printed Works Star in Four Upcoming Exhibits in Europe and the US


Understanding what kind of structures it will be possible to produce in the future with generative software and multi-material 3D printing processes is what engineers need. 3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d art 3d print art exhibit art exhibit belgium Nick Ervinck Northern Arizona University Art MuseumToday, though, this is. View the entire article via our website.

Aerosint and Aconity3D develop multi-material metal 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

The specialist recoater developed by Belgium-based Aerosint will be deployed in a new 3D printer made by Aconity3D, capable of laying dual-powder layers for laser powder bed fusion systems.

How Does 3D Printing Make a Difference in Our Lives? An Exhibition in Brussels Might Hold the Answer


Specifically, how 3D printing can make complex forms, use new materials, and create scaffolds that support natural processes such as petrification or organic growth, like these pieces: One_Shot.GMX by Patrick Jouin. What is so novel about 3D printing anyway?

Ceramic “3D Crafts” by Alice Le Biez: A Delicate Fusion of 3D Printing and Traditional Craftsmanship


I was interested in the 3D Printing process and how different materials [elicit] different perceptions from people. Which part of your design process was the most complex or difficult? . It will never match the warmth of a hand-made product: this is one of the myths about 3D Printing.

Aerosint and InfraTrac partner to prevent part counterfeiting in powder bed additive manufacturing

3D Printing Industry

Aerosint, an award-winning SLS 3D printer manufacturer based in Liege, Belgium, and InfraTrac, a Maryland-based developer of defensive chemical signatures, are collaborating to further secure laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) process. Security is increasingly vital as 3D printing scales,” states Aerosint. Thus far, InfraTrac’s patented chemical taggant approach had not been possible in LPBF additive […]. Materials aerosint InfraTrac

A Mammoth-sized project: Materialise reconstruct first mammoth skeleton with SLA 3D printing

3D Printing Industry

Materialise, the Belgium 3D printing solutions provider, is tackling its largest SLA project to date by creating a life-size replica of the first mammoth skeleton ever displayed in Western Europe. Now, Materialise will enter the fabrication process using its appropriately-named Mammoth […].

Materialise collaborates with PTC to make manufacturers Industry 4.0 ready

3D Printing Industry

Software company PTC has teamed up with Belgium-based 3D printer market leader Materialise to expand the capabilities of its Creo CAD software. Taking the form of a new software package, the collaboration will allow Creo users to integrate 3D printing into their manufacturing processes, with a special emphasis on metal additive manufacturing.

PTC 87

Materialise Launches Mindware, Advisory Service for 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

Leuven (Belgium) – May 19, 2020. Clients receive customized insights from specialists in disciplines ranging from R&D, to design and engineering, to process engineering, as well as specialists dedicated to verticals such as the medical and aerospace industries.



Isaies technology of choice is Autodesks 3DS Max and the opensource 3D mesh processing wonder that is Meshlab. Through a process of formation or computation, highly differentiated, contradictory concepts and structures can become one object, without resulting in an incongruous collage.

DfAM at Materialise

Wohlers Talk

The advanced, three-day course from Wohlers Associates took a deep dive into methods of DfAM, including the capabilities and limitations of most AM processes and materials and consolidating many parts into one.

The Beauty and Simplicity of Simply BU’s 3D-Printed World


Simply BU is the brand behind Burçin Uçak, a Turkish interior architect based in Belgium with a remarkable talent for 3D printing. I find prototyping is an ongoing process. I got introduced to the world of 3D printing in 2010 when I was still studying architecture in Belgium.

The Museum of Innovation

3D Perspectives

They can deepen their learning by getting a glimpse into the tools and processes used develop each project: design, simulation, additive manufacturing, virtual twins and more…all thanks to cloud computing.

Materialise Japan Opens New Medical Facility


The decision to open a production facility in Japan was motivated by the possibility of providing better service to local customers – instead of shipping printed parts from our headquarters in Belgium, customers would be able to receive their orders in much less time!

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How to Design for Additive Manufacturing

Wohlers Talk

DfAM focuses on methods and special software that are unique to AM processes, such as the digital consolidation of many parts into one. This can result in significant savings in manufacturing processes, part numbers, material, weight, assembly, labor, inventory, and certification paperwork.

Get Your 3D Prints in Time for the Holidays!


The main driver affecting the shipping time of your 3D print is simply a chain of different steps in the overall process. 3D printing on industrial machines is more than ‘just’ the printing process. The vast majority of our products are shipped from Leuven, Belgium.

3D printed electronics for the Internet of Things

Leslie's Blog

At the 2011 IEEE ISSCC conference researchers from the IMEC nanotechnology center in Belgium described how they made this processor from organic transistors deposited on a plastic foil. Here is a guest blog from my colleague, Lee Teschler, Executive Editor, Design World magazine.

South Korea’s Industrial Powerhouse Partners with Materialise to Drive Business Growth through Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Leuven, Belgium – May 28, 2018. As part of this agreement, Materialise will engage in co-creation campaigns with local manufacturing companies to identify opportunities to optimize the manufacturing process.

The Beauty and Simplicity of Simply BU’s 3D-Printed World


Simply BU is the brand behind Burçin Urçak, a Turkish interior architect based in Belgium with a remarkable talent for 3D printing. I find prototyping is an ongoing process. I got introduced to the world of 3D printing in 2010 when I was still studying architecture in Belgium.

Unfold at Milan Design Week 2016: When Support Structure Becomes Art


After a creative process stimulated by both parties, the project slowly shifted its focus onto the support structures used in 3D Printing. Antwerp-based design studio Unfold is constantly pushing the boundaries of how design intersects with modern digital manufacturing.

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The Last Degree North: Dixie Dansercoer Takes His Custom-Made SEIKO Xchanger Sunglasses to the North Pole


We took the opportunity to speak to him about his experiences with the Xchanger sunglasses during one of his rare visits to his home in Belgium. Professionally I’m active in Belgium, Switzerland and the US. How did it feel like to be a part of the design process?

Wohlers Associates Identifies Design as a Critical Factor in AM Economics and Adoption

Additive Manufacturing

Companies with both metal and polymer AM services reported that more than 26% of a part’s cost is from post-processing, as shown in the accompanying chart. It has conducted highly-rated DfAM courses in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, South Africa, and the U.S.

My 3D model has been uploaded – now what?


Rather, it involves an entire process of file checking, planning, printing, cleaning, finishing, quality checking, packing, and shipping your products. Due to layered building process, our team has to select best orientation for each part.

New 3D-Printed Eyewear Collection Hits Stores!


At Materialise, the Luxura finish — as well as the Cabrio collection itself — is one of the success stories behind a working process that we call co-creation; a process that is at the core of the Materialise philosophy.

Materialise & Melinda Looi Present ‘Gems of the Ocean’, 3D-Printed Collection at Meckler Media’s 3D Print Week New York


For the second time, Belgium 3D printing powerhouse Materialise and multi-award winning fashion designer Melinda Looi have teamed up to launch yet another artistic and technological breath-taking collection entitled “GEMS OF THE OCEAN” at Meckler Media’s 3D Print Week, New York.

Lace’r Sintering: Materialise, Miles and Lineapiù Bring 3D Printing to the Knitwear Industry


It also has a strong history in both Italy and Belgium, which makes the collaboration between Italian knitwear foundation Lineapiù , knitwear manufacturer Maglificio Miles , and Materialise all the more natural. The art of making lace is complex and labor-intensive, and dates back centuries.

The Hibbot: Teaching Children with Cerebral Palsy to Walk, One Step at a Time


Yano regularly undergoes consultations at the Cerebral Palsy Reference Center at Pellenberg, UZ Leuven in Belgium, and after hearing about the Hibbot , his doctor thought he would be an ideal candidate for the project. The design process for the Hibbot.

Which Color Is Better? Cast Your Vote Now!


Here in Belgium, three major political events are fast approaching: the Regional, Federal and EU Parliamentary Elections. Models 3D Printed in transparent resin have a very smooth surface, which is produced by a varnish that is applied once the 3D Printing process is complete.

Wohlers Associates, Inc. – Design for Additive Manufacturing Course in Cooperation with Airbus and ZAL in Hamburg, Germany

Additive Manufacturing

The company has conducted this highly rated course in Australia, Belgium, Canada, South Africa, and the U.S. It covers ways to reduce expensive support material to minimize pre- and post-processing of parts. Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, 16 April 2019 — Wohlers Associates, Inc.

XJet AM System Installed at Leading European University 3D Research Centre

Additive Manufacturing

Rehovot, Israel – November 12, 2019 – XJet , the additive manufacturing company, has installed a Carmel 1400 AM system at the KU Leuven University in Belgium. Carmel 1400 3D Printer installed at KU Leuven University. XJet zirconia material used to produce ceramic medical models.

DSM and Twikit Drive Innovation with End-to-End 3D Printing Solutions

Additive Manufacturing

Geleen, The Netherlands & Antwerp, Belgium, October 29, 2019 – Royal DSM , a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, and Twikit , a Belgian 3D software and application development company, today announced a new partnership.

Spotlight on Lou Keppler


As Product Development Principal, he has his hands in many projects and plays several roles in the evolution of the 3D printing process.. He was at the headquarters in Belgium for 6 years before returning to the United States with his wife upon the birth of their daughter.

Lighter, Faster, Stronger: Christian Lorenz’s Incredible RC Crawler With No Name

Shapeways Blog

At Recon G6 Belgium , a RC scaler and crawler event in the Belgian Ardennes, we were lucky enough to meet Christian Lorenz. Profession: Process Operator. One of the steep, rocky trails at ReconG6 Belgium.

Materialise and PTC to Extend Integrated 3D Printing Capabilities to Manufacturers

Additive Manufacturing

Leuven, Belgium – February 12, 2018. It will also support metal 3D Printing and include Materialise’s support generation technology, which gives designers more control over the design and creation of metal support structures, a time and effort consuming part of the 3D printing process. “As

PTC 52

Enhancing Furniture with 3D Printing: Furniture Design Student Creates Unique Table Design with 3D Printed Parts


Simon Philips is a 21-year-old graduate in interior and furniture design, from Belgium. Shortly before deciding on his topic, he visited the Interieur Kortrijk , one of the biggest interior design and furniture exhibitions in Belgium.

The Winners of the Formnext Start-up Challenge Impress the Judges with Their Groundbreaking AM Innovations

Additive Manufacturing

The winning start-ups, AdditiveLab (Belgium), Exponential Technologies Ltd. The winners: AdditiveLab BVBA, Belgium, has developed simulation software for the additive manufacturing of metal components.

Melinda Looi Makes Waves with New 3D Printed Fashion Collection


For the second time, Belgium 3D printing powerhouse Materialise and multi-award winning fashion designer Melinda Looi have teamed up to launch yet another artistic and technological breath-taking collection entitled “Gems of the Ocean” at Meckler Media’s 3D Print Week, New York.

Materialise Empowers SCHUNK eGrip, an Ordering Platform for 3D Printed Grippers

Additive Manufacturing

The fully automated process allows parts to be delivered within a few days. Bart Van der Schueren, Executive Vice President at Materialise stated, “The platform we’ve created together with SCHUNK saves time and facilitates the gripper finger design and manufacturing process.

GE Additive Acquires GeonX to Strengthen Software Simulation Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

Specialist simulation software improves additive manufacturing processes and minimize development costs. Founded in 2012, GeonX has 12 people and is headquartered in Belgium. GeonX is a privately-owned software company.

Materialise Acquires ACTech, Full-Service Manufacturer of Complex Metal Parts

Additive Manufacturing

Leuven, Belgium – October 4, 2017 – Materialise (NASDAQ:MTLS), has today announced the acquisition of ACTech , a Germany-based leader in producing limited runs of highly complex cast metal parts.

Trends & Factors Influencing CNC Growth in the Asian Region

3E Rapid Prototyping

China is also the largest automotive parts producer in the world, which is used heavily in the car manufacturing process. billion, Belgium with US$1.2 As one of the most prominent technologies in the world, CNC machining is big business.

Sustainability, Scaling, and Uncertainty: 3D Printing Trends for 2020

Additive Manufacturing

In the past three decades, we’ve seen 3D printing grow from a nascent technology that was struggling to create even basic shapes to a revolutionary technology, capable of transforming entire industries and challenging our traditional manufacturing processes. By Materialise.