Materialise Malaysia Runs for Benin!


Run for Benin is a yearly Materialise event to collect money for Benin, a country in West Africa. Why Benin? 3D Printing

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Benin Summer School Week 3: Projects for a Better and Healthier World


This is seen directly in our Benin Summer School. In our last two blogs ( week 1 and week 2 ) we gave you brief introductions to the student’s projects at the Benin Summer School. Learn more about our Benin Summer School here. 3D Printing Better and Healthier World

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Real Magics vs. Medical United: Battle to the Death


As a consolation, they received the responsibility of organizing the annual Materialise Run for Benin , another charitable initiative where money is raised for a school project in Benin! Football can be a great uniter, but it can also create the deadliest of rivalries.

3D Printing Changing Lives Through Provision of Orthopedic Devices in Togo

Togo, bordered on the west by Ghana, on the east by Benin, and Burkina Faso to the north, is one of the smallest countries in Africa, with a population of only 7.6 3D Printing Medical 3D Printing 3d printed prosthetic 3d printed prosthetics 3d printing africa africa belgian development agency Handicap International humanity & inclusion impact 3d National Medical Auxiliaries School orthopedic devices orthopedics prosthetics Togo West Africa

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Wakati: Prototyping and Printing to Preserve Produce


One of these tents even made its way to Benin during our Summer School program last August. Materialise’s CEO Fried Vancraen along with Materialise employees Pascale and Jamie worked with Constant, a local student, to see if this would be an effective tool in Benin.

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Throwback to Summer: Run4Benin Fundraiser Race at Materialise HQ


The race, which takes a route through in the green fields around Materialise HQ, raises funds to co-organize a summer school in the small West African country Benin. Summer School Benin. This project started in 2012, and is undertaken in partnership with a Belgian NGO, Hubi & Vinciane , which is active in Benin. Every year, Materialise sends one or two employees to Benin, to conduct a month-long summer school program and eventually select the scholarship recipients.

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Charlotte’s Internship at Materialise: Leading the Baobab Express


You’ve heard the cliché of the coveted internship that turns out to actually be merely coffee-bringing and document-printing with a few hours of uninspired sitting at a desk. I was inspired by the vision about creating economy and entrepreneurship in Benin.

12,141 km from London to Bishkek: Materialise Colleagues Do the Mongol Rally for Charity


As part of the fundraising effort, Materialise offered to 3D print their car, which was then given to one of the generous donors as a reward. In total they drove 12,141 km, saw 14 countries and raised £1000 for African Drive – money which will be well spent on safe public transport in Benin.