RapMan 3.2: The Build Experience - Part 6

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Up to that point, I gave very high grades to Bits From Bytes on their build documentation. And, it also may be that because the plastic used in the head assembly is clear that the images are almost impossible to convey the construction adequately.

RapMan 130

RapMan 3.2: The Build Experience - Part 3

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Moving into the build itself, Bits from Bytes includes an extra touch to help minimize frustration. They''ve include parts and instructions to help the builder get the right feel for how to tighten bolts without putting too much stress on the plastic. Back to building!

RapMan 130

Follow the Directions!

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I sliced off a tad bit too much and, from my research about clogging problems, this is DEFINITELY not a good thing. It apparently allows melted plastic to rise up and cool, clogging the hot end assembly. Mistake #2 - Not paying attention to the material type before taking it from the box. Fortunately for me, Bits From Bytes makes a very high quality product, has anticipated people with my building skills and makes a pre-built hot end available on their store! :).

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A Welcome Material Innovation

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But, I suspect that it will be unless the fibers in the material I''m about to introduce pose some problems at the normal ABS plastic extrusion temperatures. The different colors come from manually adjusting the temperature as it prints.

TCT2012 show report and Industry growing pains.


Last year, only Bits from Bytes and A1 technology were representing the lower-end market sector and entry level machines. Well, you would have got it from Thingiverse, I said. Another one from BFB, they ignored me and so failed the ''Maker test'' this time around.

RepRap: Blog: Rewriting history

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Darwin parts to Ian Adkins of Bits from Bytes, who created silicone moulds from. It looks like our "doubling time" is 3-4 months then, extrapolating dangerously from a small data set while feeling unwell. That could be measured the amount of plastic sold by each big resellers. So I think a true metric would be how much tonne of plastic is consumed by each month by all reprap users combined. RepRap: Blog.

DC Stop - Cube Impressions

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I have tried filament from a fairly wide variety of vendors for my RapMan 3.2. While I have found some suppliers whose products work well, I have yet to find one, outside of Bit From Bytes whose materials will immediately work well in my 3D printer. Yes, I am certain that we''re going to have to pay more for the filament that we might if there was pressure from 3rd party vendors. The Cube came to DC yesterday on the Cubify Odyssey Tour.

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