RapMan 3.2: The Build Experience - Part 3

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Moving into the build itself, Bits from Bytes includes an extra touch to help minimize frustration. They take incredible effort to be clear at every single step in the process. Back to building! This time I want to focus on the quality and clarity of the RapMan 3.2

RapMan 130

RapMan 3.2: The Build Experience - Part 1

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Thankfully, the documents and 3D active images that you can download from the Bit From Bytes site are very well done. And that helped boost my confidence a bit. So, I decided that organizing the process was my only hope.

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2013: A New Year and a New Focus

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From the start, my interest has been on seeing the realization of low cost 3D printing beyond the realm of the hobbyists looking for the "build experience". WHERE TO START I have decided to limit the focus of my journey on my quest to only those 3D printers that arrive fully prepared to begin the printing process with very little setup required. Makerbot and Bits from Bytes are probably the best known. I hope to have some print samples from Lulzbot soon.

Bed Level Adjustment - Using the Test Duck

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We''ll use the test duck that you can download from Bit From Bytes. They''ve been around a bit. Even then I practically destroyed the duck in the process of removing it. NOT good, as you can see from the third test. Once the build of the RapMan 3.2

RapMan 130

Myminifactory Interview – My Views on 3dprinting and education

Philip Cotton

I then went on to gain a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) from the University of Manchester in Design and Technology. I don’t really agree with downloading and printing parts from file repositories as there is no real educational value in this.

MakerBot Shuts Down Its Google Group


Searching for solutions was a very common process used by most MakerBot operators, as the popularity of the machines meant someone else had likely already encountered any problem youd face. But for us the question is: Can MakerBot provide equally good support from their internal system? Over the past couple of years the company has been trying to move from a DIY audience to more of a typical consumer audience.

TCT2012 show report and Industry growing pains.


Last year, only Bits from Bytes and A1 technology were representing the lower-end market sector and entry level machines. Well, you would have got it from Thingiverse, I said. Another one from BFB, they ignored me and so failed the ''Maker test'' this time around.

DC Stop - Cube Impressions

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

And, there is a big difference in the process. NO NEED FOR PRINT BED LEVELING Because most RepRap printers are kit built, they include a process for leveling the bed. I have tried filament from a fairly wide variety of vendors for my RapMan 3.2. While I have found some suppliers whose products work well, I have yet to find one, outside of Bit From Bytes whose materials will immediately work well in my 3D printer.

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