All About Polystyrene (PS) Plastic

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The result of this reaction is the creation of the plastic that is known as polystyrene. Polystyrene foam is produced by blowing agents into the plastic, which expand and form a foam, which basically consists of trapped air. It is also used in vacuum cleaners and blenders because it is inert and does not react with other materials. The post All About Polystyrene (PS) Plastic appeared first on 3D Insider.

Inside the Making of a 3D Printed Stone Age Computer Mouse

3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed mouse blender Dupli-Color Plastic Primer Dupli-Color Repair Spray guido vrola designHave you ever wondered how a 3D printed object moves through the process from simple concept to end result? Each object, depending on factors such as material, size, finishing, and color, will be. View the entire article via our website.

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7 Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Iterate Your Product to Perfection

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For example, use nylon plastic to test a steel product, or test your jewelry design with frosted ultra detail plastic. Shapeways supports a ton of different file formats and works with free apps like SketchUp and Blender. Blender.

3D-Printed Action Figures: How to Make Your Own Action Figure


Other software with sculpting modes: There are other popular 3D modeling programs that come with sculpting modules like MODO (premium programs) or Blender (freeware). Tutorials Action figure Blender cinema 4d figurine figurines Meshmixer modo Sculptris 3d printing ZBrush

The Printable 3D Design Checklist: Common Design Flaws and How to Fix Them


Hollow Model of a Cube Made on Blender. 3D printed designs go through a process during which your design file is printed layer by layer in plastic, metal, or ceramic powder. As many as 50% of online 3D designs posted online are unprintable. Is yours one of them?

ORD’s Full Color 3D Printer Now on Kickstarter


ORD's Chris Gibson and the new RoVa4D Full Color Blender 3D printer. Canada-based ORD has been developing plastic. Read the whole entry. » » printer

Designer Spotlight: Tiny Right Brain

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About five years ago, I purchased a pair of 3D printed plastic earrings from a designer at a show at SFMOMA and was fascinated with them. Later, I started learning Blender in order to achieve more freeform designs. Betty Chang is the designer behind Tiny Right Brain jewelry.

How to Design and 3D Print Chainmail and Other Interlocking Parts


Before we begin, note that the method covered here is not the fastest or most efficient way to make interlocking parts: it does not use programming, add-ons, paid software, or some of the more complex Blender features. For this tutorial, we will use Blender and Meshmixer.

Aztech Scenic Design: Taking 3D Printing To The Limit

3D Printing for Beginners

As work was slow, I had lots of free time on my hands and I decided to start my adventure with Blender. Trying to figure out Blender gave me a good base understanding of the different aspects of modelling, animating and rendering. What can you do with a 3D printer today?

Creating the Dreamer Regalia Armor: 3D Printing with Shapeways

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Read previous posts to learn more about this project , how she uses Blender for base modeling , her sketching techniques and final modeling videos. . This is our fifth post detailing how designer Melissa Ng created the Dreamer Regalia Armor.

Creating the Dreamer Regalia Armor: Finishing the Armor!

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Read previous posts to learn more about this project , how she uses Blender for base modeling , her sketching techniques , final modeling videos and a behind the scenes look into the armor being printed at our factory in NYC. .

DIY 3d printers controlled with Raspberry Pi ONLY

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The 800MHz PI runs the time-critical (virtually real-time), dedicated program with great ease making it possible for a 3-dimensional, plastic (ABS or PLA) model to be printed layer by layer.

RapMan 225

Designer Spotlight: Jeremie Brunet

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I don’t use traditional 3D tools such as Blender… I use mostly very exotic software. Sections for easy shopping (interesting idea to have Less than $15 in Plastic !).

FDM=ASAP but SLS=OMG: Home 3D Printing vs. Shapeways

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But, unless you’re hiding a refrigerator-sized $300,000 SLS machine in your garage, there are going to be times when it’s worth sending your prints to a professional 3D printing service like Shapeways (SLS = Shapeways Strong & Flexible Plastic ).

How Does 3D Printing Work? These Videos Hold the Answer.


This file of a three-dimensional object can be created in 3D modeling tools such as Blender, 123D Design, Rhino, SketchUp, etc. FDM printers use long plastic filaments. So how does 3D printing really work?

Video 96

12 Best Appliances & Gadgets for Your Smart Kitchen

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Every appliance from the fridge down to your blender now has a smart alternative that will make spending time in the kitchen more productive and less of a chore. Smart Blender –NutriBullet Balance. Smart Blender – NutriBullet Balance.

How Does 3D Printing Work? These Videos Hold the Answer.


This file of a three-dimensional object can be created in 3D modeling tools such as Blender, 123D Design, Rhino, SketchUp, etc. In an FDM printer, a long plastic filament is fed by a spool to a nozzle where the material is liquefied. So how does 3D printing really work?

Video 101

What I learned from exhibiting at my first Maker Faire

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My booth focused on my 3D Prints made with Blender (for 3D Modeling) and Shapeways (for 3D Printing). I was interested in knowledge sharing, so I had a monitor displaying a Giant Prezi of Death of screenshots of my modeling techniques in Blender.

3D Printing Creates Physical Art Experience


Laser Sintering (LS) additively builds plastic parts in a self-supporting bed of nylon (filled or unfilled) powder, affording unique complexities to parts. p> Kamanchi designed the model in Blender, a 3D CAD modeling program.

Art 86

Behind the Product: Glass Vase Mold

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Sometimes 3D printed positives in plastic/wax are used to make a negative mold that fills with glass later in a kiln but there are lots of techniques. I mostly use Blender for a few reasons.

Glass 83

DIMENSIONEXT: 3D Prints From 2D Photos Of A Moving Subject


The following video is an overview of creating 3D images with Agisoft PhotoScan: From there Mark used 3D CAD freeware Blender for hand editing and smoothing. In Blender he used the sculpt tool to smooth the surfaces and fix problem areas that PhotoScan could not handle, such as ear tips.

The Most Common Misconception About 3D Printing: Why the Entry Barrier to 3D Printing Is Much Lower than Everyone Thinks


3D model created with the popular 3D modeling software Blender). Basically, there are three big families: plastics, metals, and everything else. Plastics: Polyamide is hands-down the most used plastic-based material.

Discovery Channel Star of Big Giant Swords and 3D designer Team up to bring Awesome Minifigure Swords to Shapeways

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Nathaniel Ryan: “I use Blender 3D for all my modeling and used the swords to also learn how to print them, it took some trial and error, but have been extremely satisfied with the quality and precision that Shapeways printing provides.

Announcing the Winner of the SMK Design Contest

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Blender. We incorporated these 3 shapes in a design with the goal to have a full necklace made in “strong and flexible plastic” taking advantage of the “interlocking” possibilities of the 3d printing process.

10 Years Ago, Shapeways Was Sparked

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“When I learned about 3D printing, the first thing I thought was, ‘OMG, this is something I need to share with my friends in the Blender community!’ In terms of materials, true full-color plastic will really open up a lot of creativity.

SOLIDWORKS Holiday Gift Guide

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Designed using SOLIDWORKS Plastics, the MINIRIG delivers incredible sound whether you’re walking in a winter wonderland or taking in a tropical holiday. The holiday season can be extremely stressful.

3D Printed Action Figures: How to Make Your Own Action Figure


Other software with sculpting modes: There are other popular 3D modeling programs that come with sculpting modules like Cinema 4D , MODO (premium programs) or Blender (freeware). 3D printing has had a huge impact on all kinds of objects… even action figures.

The 3D printing uses : Proof of Concept


They can be achieved with plastics, wood, cardboard and metals. The required skills to create basic 3D models are dropping thanks to software like 123D Design, Sketch Up or Blender. If you’re building a product with the goal to start a hardware company.

Tiles: The Best Simple 3D Printing CAD Program To. - dimensionext


Dont let this put you off if you have yet to try out any of the huge range of input solutions out there now, from home pros using Blender , amateur experts using TinkerCad , Sketch Up. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT.

Music Video Masks

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I also still felt like a newbie since I only spent a few months learning how to 3D model in Blender and was active in the 3D printing world for a little over 10 months. Lumecluster style Dreamer Mask: Breakthrough in white, strong, flexible plastic.

Video 79

RepRap: Blog: Announcing AMRI: Advanced Manufacturing.

RepRap Blog

Inspired by Google Summer of Code and work going on at Blender Foundation , AMRI seeks a return to some of the ideals behind the RepRap Research Foundation. Anderson Ta - "Digital light projection (DLP) photolithography of plastics and hydrogels". RepRap: Blog.

Just Robots by Onorio and Scott: The Most Adorable 3D Printed Robots Ever!


I mainly use the ever-developing splendor beast of 3D software that is ‘ Blender ’. Onorio: “Well, actually the pieces are plastic, I just add a few paint tricks and weathering to make them look metal! Do you find the word “robot” to carry a cold, lifeless connotation?

3D Printing With Meshmixer: A Beginner-friendly Introduction to 3D Sculpting and Combining Meshes


For reference, i.materialise’s lowest wall thickness requirement is 0.8mm for polyamide plastic. I used Blender to render my Meshmixer project. 3DS Max (not free) is one option, and Blender’s Cycles Render (free but slow) is another.

Companies Tiptoe Back Toward ‘Made in the U.S.A.’

Design 2 Part News

several years ago returned most production of its plastic building toys to the U.S. Capital Brands LLC of Los Angeles, maker of the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blenders, is considering moving production to the U.S. By James R. Hagerty and Mark Magnier, Wall Street Journal.

China 68

Comparing the 3D Printing Technologies: FDM, SLA, SLS, and FFF

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The options for 3D modeling software range from industrial grade software that can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, to free open-source software such as Tinkercad and Blender. Instead of a plastic filament , the production material in an SLA print is a vat of UV-curable photopolymer. The field of 3D printing has seen tremendous growth in technology in the past few years, thanks to the diversity and usefulness of its applications.

2014 New York Maker Faire Wrap-up: Our Favorite Moments!


At least 500 people visited our Touchable 3D Printed Art exhibit, featuring 3D printed metal, ceramic, and plastic art. Another powerful free 3D design software to learn is Blender (it does both), but this software takes longer to figure out.

3D Printed Drone Parts Made Easy

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This is one of the more common plastic filaments used in general 3D printing. Excellent examples of free options for CAD tools include Blender , FreeCAD , and SketchUp. It’s now possible to 3D print just about anything, including human body pieces.

Features and improvements for a would-be homemade Ultimaker 3D printer


It is not unlike the Tantillus (modeled in Blender ), and which is a fully working printer. They also print more kinds of plastics without trouble (at higher temperatures: I hate PEEK). How would I re-design the original Ultimaker?