Podcast Blog: Designing Monster Truck Magic

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If you haven’t been listening to the Born to Design Podcasts, you are missing out on some inspirational stories from designers and inventors like yourself. Chin-Loo walked me through the entire process of matching with Jonah, and designing and building an entire costume for Jonah.

SOLIDWORKS Education Blog Top 10 Most Inspiring Stories of 2018

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Visit us over at the Education Blog , and read along here to check out ten of our favorite posts and series from the past year. This is a small sampling of all the cool stuff the Education Blog covers.

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2018 in Review: Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

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As 2018 quickly comes to an end, we thought it would be good to look back over the last year and share what has been this year’s 10 most popular blogs on our corporate blog. So without further ado, the top 10 blogs are: 1.

November’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

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Chances are it moved so fast that you may have missed some of the month’s most popular blog posts across the SOLIDWORKS network. The 2001 challenge was of particular note in November, but be certain to watch our tech blog each week to participate in a new challenge.

Blog on break, production full steam ahead!


While we’ll be cooling off from the record-breaking temperatures, we hope you’ll continue designing and creating so that we can look forward to feeling inspired by your 3D printing projects as soon as the blog is back online in September. Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

September’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

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From 15 deep dives into SOLIDWORKS 2015 enhancements and posts covering our product managers’ favorite new features to a SOLIDWORKS 2015 introduction from CEO Bertrand Sicot , September blog content was heavy on SOLIDWORKS 2015. Designing for the Internet of Things—Are You Ready?

RepRap: Blog: More Printed Circuitry

RepRap Blog

RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Bogdan We've done solder on top of solder quite a bit ago, I think I posted pics in an old blog post, although it was just standalone not part of any circuit.

RepRap 110

SF Design Week // FATHOM Designer

Studio Fathom

FATHOM Industrial Designer Ava DeCapri is up for any design challenge, having worked on various projects spanning industries from consumer electronics to automotive to medical. blog DeCapri design Design Week engineering san francisco SF Tech

3D Innovations Blog: Guest Writers Welcome

3D Innovations

Our 3D Innovations team is always on the lookout for individuals with exceptional writing skills and an interest in hardware startups, 3D printing and/or product design. If this sounds like you, we would love to have you as a guest contributor for our blog! Sample Blog Topic Ideas.

3D Printing Blog APM Designs Releases Thorough, Comprehensive Guide to the MakerGear M2


3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printer advice 3d printing advice 3D printing blogs 3d printing guide 3d printing tips and tricks APM Designs MakerGear MakerGear 3D printer makergear m2Before the Internet emerged, you had few options if you were having trouble with an appliance or device. Things like VCRs (remember those?) or other electronics would come with instruction booklets. View the entire article via our website.

Tips for Designing IoT Products: Use Model-Driven IoT Code – Guest Post on PTC Blog

Tech Clarity

Michelle Boucher shares tips for designing IoT products and systems by using model-driven IoT code in this PTC guest post. The post Tips for Designing IoT Products: Use Model-Driven IoT Code – Guest Post on PTC Blog appeared first on Tech-Clarity.

PTC 52

This Blog was Voted Third in 3D Printing News Category by CGTrader Community

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It's a big motivation to improve my work and develop this blog further! More info on CGTrader Awards anf full infographic with other awards: [link] CGTrader asked their 180 000 community members to vote for the best 3D online resources, software, tools and designers. Thank you people!

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RepRap: Blog: New Extruder Design

RepRap Blog

RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. New Extruder Design. I have (finally) finished my 1.75mm filament extruder design for RepRap. Compact design (110 mm x 90 mm x 80 mm).

April’s Top Five Blog Posts

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April’s blog posts had you covered on the new product development front. Omar Zohni, Senior Territory Manager for SOLIDWORKS Simulation, discusses two design studies used to engineer Southmedic Inc.’s OBZ – Design: Overcoming Design Roadblocks to Tackle Anemia.

Jordan 100

March’s Top Five Blog Posts

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If we do, last month’s top blog post will help keep you distracted until better, warmer days arrive. This blog post presents all of the steps necessary for activating your account today. However, this blog post has a good reason for talking about snow: your car tires.

SOLIDWORKS Year in Review: Our Most Popular Blog Posts

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We’ve decided to take this moment of reflection to look back at some of our most popular blog posts. So without further ado, let’s take a walk down memory lane and enjoy again, the best of SOLIDWORKS blogs posts. The year’s end is a good time to reflect upon the events of the year.

Sustainability Series blog post: Packing Things Up

3D Perspectives

Packaging companies are also using new manufacturing techniques to optimize packaging design and reduce their use of virgin materials.

February’s Top Five Blog Posts

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SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer: Simplify industrial design and expand innovation for your business advantage. Introducing SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) – a new CAD environment aimed at simplifying the process of conceptual industrial design.

Five Favorite 2014 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

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2014 brought hundreds of blog posts across the SOLIDWORKS blog network. We’ve heard from users, students, artists and startups as well as experts providing SOLIDWORKS tips and tricks on our Tech blog. The SOLIDWORKS blog also celebrated another famous birthday: Batman’s 75 th.

Shapeways Blog - Designer Spotlight: Scott Denton

Shapeways Blog

July’s Top Five Blog Posts

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This month, as we look back at our top 5 blog posts for July, we see some prime examples of these innovations. Next, the design team at Paul Reed Smith Guitars is putting SOLIDWORKS to work creating beautiful guitars that strike the perfect balance between instrument and player.

August’s Top 5 SOLIDWORKS Blog Posts

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It seems that much of the world is on holiday in August, so it’s understandable if you decided to tear yourself away from the SOLIDWORKS blogs for a few weeks. Certainly it was a difficult decision to make, but the blogging team sympathizes.

Shapeways Blog - Designer Spotlight: Corretta Singer

Shapeways Blog

RepRap: Blog: Colour mixing

RepRap Blog

RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. using the control software to designated an object on the plate for color purging would be a good feature.

Shapeways Blog - Designer Spotlight: Idoya Lahortiga and Luk Cox

Shapeways Blog

Call for Blog Stories

Shapeways Blog

With such a wide range of designers with all different interests, ideas, businesses, hobbies, etc. Designer Matt Smith raises funds to recreate an original sculpture using digital sculpting techniques and 3D technology.

Shapeways Blog - Designer Spotlight: Bryan Salt

Shapeways Blog

RepRap: Blog: Vapor Treating ABS RP parts

RepRap Blog

RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. Same basic design should do both with relative safety.

RepRap 114

Shapeways Blog - Designer Spotlight: Susan Taing

Shapeways Blog

Shapeways Blog - Designer for Hire: Ryan Kittleson

Shapeways Blog

RepRap: Blog: Announcing AMRI: Advanced Manufacturing.

RepRap Blog

RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at www.reprap.org - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer. The summer fellowship program currently has two components: 1) engineering design challenge.

Understanding Plastic Part Design

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Plastic parts are now commonplace in consumer product design, and for good reason. For the engineering and design team at URB-E, it was a no brainier to utilize plastic components for the fenders and battery hub in order to ramp up its production.

Shapeways Blog - Designer Spotlight: Scott Camazine

Shapeways Blog

Design in the Age of Experience: Design for Life

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Engineers and designers tasked with the design and build of new products must always focus on how a proposed product would solve a particular problem. Taking that thought a few steps further: How do today’s designers create a sustainable, resilient world for future generations?

Shapeways Blog - Conversation with Designer and Artist HEIDILEE.

Shapeways Blog

2016 in Retrospect: Our Top 5 Blog Posts


Let’s take a look at the five most popular blog posts of 2016! What does it take to design a new logo and an entire corporate look? Find out about the creative process in this blog post. You can follow our latest projects on our website or on the Materialise blog.

Magazine blog features our metal AM work

Rapid Prototyping News UK

Additive Manufacturing magazine has featured an article about the work we undertook with the SAVING Project to design and build an internal lattice structure for a functional bike stem.