3D Printing in the Classroom book

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Thank you for blowing my mind and I look forward to your upcoming book.” The upcoming book mentioned in the comment I received will be available in June, 2014. This collaboration was designed to maximize the practicality of the book for educators.

Added Scientific Release Public Training Course Offering for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Education

Additive Manufacturing

In total, there are 6 courses being offered, from general introductions to AM through to 2-day intensive Metal and Polymer AM sessions. The first session is on the 6 th September and booking is available now.

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Tutorial: 3D Printing With Blender


Struggling to make your Blender model 3D printable? Then we’ve got good news for you: we have just the tutorial video you’ve been searching for! In 10 minutes, CG Masters ’s Blender expert Chris Plush will show you the essential tips and tricks to prep your files for 3D printing.

CAD & Graphics Contributes to Korea’s 3D Printing Knowledge

3D Printing Industry

3D Printing Book Industry Insights Reviews By Park Hyeong Yeol (David).

CG Cookie Co-Founder Jonathan Williamson on Skipping School, Blender, and How Open Source Can Set Us Free

Shapeways Blog

This could have been detrimental of course, but at that time 3D modeling was far less understood and the common workflows weren’t very well established (outside of production studios, much less online). Jonathan Williamson is living the dream.

The New York Comic Con Survival Guide, 2017 Edition

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As long as it’s activated, you’ve got a way to get another badge made for you (at a small cost, of course). From comic books, to literature, to anime and manga, every single nerdy interest is being represented and thrust into the spotlight.

Training - Mastering Desktop 3D Printing with Simplify3D - O'Reilly Media


If you want to check out my training style first, then do look at the introduction and setup sections where you can see if this course may help you. 3D printing learning materials Media O'Reilly profiles Safari Books Screencast settings Simplify3D training video

MakerCon Expands NY World Maker Faire Activities

3D Printer

It’s a veritable “who’s who” in the Maker world, including of course, Dale Dougherty, who started it all for many makers. This year’s New York World Maker Faire will be preceded by MakerCon, a cool conference “By and For Makers” on September 17-18.

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GE builds the world’s largest jet engine with 3D printing

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The GE9X engine is a massive 11 feet (3.35m) in diameter, which puts it in the record books. Of course this is a […]. By Nick Hall. GE Aviation has revealed the biggest commercial jet engine in the world.

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Preparing for the Part 107 Knowledge Test

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Fortunately, several online training courses have become available since the inception of the Part 107 set of regulations. These online training courses can offer a combination of reading materials, instructional videos, knowledge checks, and sample questions. We have gathered below a list of the top online courses being offered for the Part 107 knowledge test. FAA Online Course. Finishing the course will take approximately 2 hours. Paid online Part 107 courses.

You are in charge of your next design


In the book Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Via Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation : Technology still has not run its course. Tim Browns book is a great read.

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3D printing is being used to restore one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic buildings

Top 4 3D Printing

Wright, who pushed a new philosophy through his output, that included books and sculptures as well as buildings, spearheaded a revolution in Western architecture and changed the shape of the American home.

Learn 3D CAD the easy way with this Kickstarter: 20+ Hours of Meshmixer online training by HoneyPoint3D

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In the spirit of education, today we want to tell you about a new campaign from HoneyPoint3D that is offering to help more people learn 3D CAD modeling through their online courses. Taking the course will save designers time and money.

Testing an Anti-Shark Cage in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

The Solidworks Blog

As a child I was fascinated with sharks: whale sharks, hammerheads, makos, nurse sharks, whitetips, basking sharks and, of course, the mighty white great. Naturally, these movies and books would influence many aspects of my life.

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DigiFabCon Explores how tools like 3DPrinting are changing the world!

3D Printer

The Festival will also feature book signings by Dale Dougherty, founder of Maker Media, and Rachel Ignotofsky author of Women in Science. This year, a pre-conference short course has been added.

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Modernist Cuisine Gets In On 3D Printed Edibles

3D Systems

C heck out this reel of the 50 courses served to honor Ferran Adrià, and prepare to be wowed. Ferran is widely regarded as one of the best chefs in the world, and in March the team at the Modernist Cuisine test kitchen in Seattle held a dinner to celebrate his newest book, elBulli.

Sifting through the features or "The Guide to Not Buying a 3D Printer"

Chopmeister's 3D Printing Stuff

Example: [link] Open source is of course one of the main features but lo and behold: "The pressure control system of the nozzle is not the only patented feature which has been used within the design of the 3D Gence. The problem.

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The Best of Tutorial Tuesday: Create Mind-Blowing Designs With Parametric Modeling in Grasshopper

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This primer is a printable online resource that can be used as the basis of a short but powerful first course on Grasshopper. This foundations course covers not only the basics but also more advanced key topics such as data trees, algorithms, and mesh geometry.

The Dream Bus Visits Huangzhong: A Personal Account


Then the actual work started: taking place just before lunch, the kids in the course were about 14 years old and very enthusiastic to learn about 3D printing technology – something completely new for them. After the course I received all kinds of local home-made cookies from the children.

How Technology Continues to Revolutionise the Film Industry

The Solidworks Blog

Long before screenings are booked and popcorn prepped, filmmakers are turning to another type of 3D to get their product made: 3D printing. Where design is realised before it hits the printer is, of course, in 3D CAD software. Cinema might be over a century old.

Floors and ceilings

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Of course, this transition is not easy to make. Teachers who would never give a child a book of crossword puzzles with the answers filled in, still give students textbooks with the “answers” to all the content area explored in a course. Education in the United States is about to undergo significant change with the adoption of the next generation science standards.

Designer Spotlight: Jeremie Brunet

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My hobby is fractals, under any shape: images, videos, and of course 3D prints. Of course social networks : Facebook , Twitter , DeviantArt and YouTube. I published a book with my best works, available here.

Update Training that will help you become a SOLIDWORKS Power User!

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There are literally 100s of what’s new videos on the internet, a multitude of reference books, and of course the What’s New PDF document included with each release of the software. By taking the update course you will: Become much faster at using SOLIDWORKS.

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Rugby

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Knowing the elements that can change the course of a kick gives teams the chance to tailor their efforts accordingly. The rule book-wielding official dictates play and has a decisive role in any match – and the ref is surrounded by a suite of smart tech.

3D Printing is about Growing Creative Brains

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And, I''m constantly looking for excellent books on the subject. Secrets to a Creative Mind by David Judd Nutting Putting aside the rather scary looking cover, this is an excellent book by a man that I greatly admire. This is a book that can be read in a few hours.

The Costs of Getting a Part 107 Drone License

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TRAINING COURSES. FAA Online Training Course. Drone Launch Academy Remote Pilot Exam Prep Course. In-person lectures, online training course, study guide, sample questions, access to resource person. BOOKS AND E-BOOKS. You’ll notice that the costs between training courses and books vary greatly. This statement seems clearly applicable to any flight training course , including the course to prepare for the Part 107 test.

Designer For Hire: Resource Review of “The Freelancer’s Bible”

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The book begins with advice for finding your strengths and listing your goals for pursuing freelance work. From there the book dives deep into the five major categories: Getting Started, Getting Work, Growing Your Business, Managing Your Business, and Your Business and Your Community.

Designer Fore Hire: Resource Review of “The Freelancer’s Bible”

Shapeways Blog

The book begins with advice for finding your strengths and listing your goals for pursuing freelance work. From there the book dives deep into the five major categories: Getting Started, Getting Work, Growing Your Business, Managing Your Business, and Your Business and Your Community.

See a Functional 3D-Printed Roller Coaster at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

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While these may sound like comic book titles at first glance, they are actually the names of popular roller coasters located at amusement parks across the U.S. Invertigo. Steel Vengeance. Batman.

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Scale SOLIDWORKS Animation (Motion Study)

Javelin Tech Tips

To learn more about SOLIDWORKS Animation check out the training book: Creating Animations with SolidWorks Step-By-Step Learning Guide. Or contact us about a custom SOLIDWORKS Animation course.

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SLM Solutions Exceeds Last Year’s Sales in the First 9 Months of 2015

Additive Manufacturing

High visibility: Revenue and order bookings after nine months already close to 2015 revenue target range. Adding the order bookings after the first nine months the year to the revenue generated during the reporting period, we have almost achieved this amount at EUR 54.3

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Tutorial Tuesday 18: Parametric Modeling With Grasshopper

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This primer is a printable online resource that can be used as the basis of a short but powerful first course on Grasshopper. This foundations course covers not only the basics but also more advanced key topics such as data trees, algorithms, and mesh geometry.

The top 18 3D printing resources you should know about


There is also a resources section with many book references and tutorials. also can find resources and recommandations on many books and a list of 3D printing shop. And of course, you shouldn’t forget to check our blog regularly.

How to Be Well-Prepared for Microsoft 70-486 Exam

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This book gives you great detailed analysis of every topic alongside exercises. The Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 Platform is another book you can read to get surmised knowledge regarding the exam objectives. It focuses on the MVC platform, which makes it stand out from other books.

Study 52

Flipping the Flipped Classroom

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Many years ago, when buzzword bonanza was hitting the world of business books, I wrote a joke booklet with the name: In Search of the One-Minute Megatrends. I I was happy to see that I could include pieces of titles from three popular books at the time. Had Had I actually published such a book, it would likely have risen to the top of the heap, just based on the title alone. The answer, of course, is none. The

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SKÔDA France 3D prints little Fabias!


All you need to do to get your own 3D printed car is book a test-drive at your local SKÔDA dealer. Of course, every car is produced at our manufacturing premises: every time someone makes a reservation and orders their 3D printed Fabia, we 3D print it and ship it to the car dealer.

How 3D Printed Visualization Helps Architects Improve Design, Creativity and Customer Communication

Stratasys Blog for a 3D World

In architecture, investments and final products are of course quite sizable, so any design modifications made at an early stage are well worth the effort. To showcase some of the 3D printed models that Rietveld Architects created, we put together a book that can be found here.

A 3D Print for Every Room

Shapeways Blog

Whether it’s a coffee mug, planter or book holder there is so much you can do to decorate your home with this beautiful material. Of course, Porcelain isn’t the only material that can take home decor to the next level. With the launch of Porcelain , we’re seeing more and more amazing home decor products in our marketplace. From plastics to metals, there is something for every room you can think of.

What is a Möbius Strip?

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Henry’s new book, [ Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing ] explains beautiful mathematical ideas using 3D prints made by Shapeways! Of course, any paper or 3D printed model has to have some three-dimensional thickness, but a perfect mathematical surface has zero thickness.

Manufacturing Goes on The Cloud

3D Perspectives

Of course the cloud offers a great repository to keep all of your manufacturing data and applications. Once hardware is purchased, it is on the books until it’s lifecycle is over. The Cloud is Everywhere. Or at least it seems like the cloud is everywhere today.

MakerBot Launches Teacher Certification Program, First Training for 3D Printing Curriculum

Additive Manufacturing

The first is a series of online, self-paced courses that trains users to become operators first, then curriculum creators. Educators train to become 3D printing experts, then get one-of-a-kind training to develop their own 3D printing lesson plans and curriculum. BROOKLYN, N.Y.

Outcasts of Jupiter and their 3D printed figurines


Of course, a comic book isn’t whole if it doesn’t come with the tie-in products.

Why Flash Programmers Will Never Switch to Hyperstudio

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This all came home to me when I was asked to help edit some e-books using Adobe Flash Pro. Of course this is all fixable by a series of crafty maneuvers that only take a half-hour to learn. Once you have your e-book project finished in a month or so you then need to compile it for every platform on which you want it to run. “Voila!”