RepRap: Blog: BotQueue v0.3 - Now with Webcams, Pausing, and.

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BotQueue v0.3 - Now with Webcams, Pausing, and More! release of BotQueue adds some really exciting new features that make it much nicer to use. The client can now upload pictures of your machine while it is printing and show it on the website. RepRap: Blog.

RepRap: Blog: Introducing - Open Source.

RepRap Blog

Im calling it BotQueue and its designed specifically to control RepRaps (Marlin, Sprinter, GRBL, etc). This comes in handy on our 3D print farm: [link]. RepRap: Blog. Blog for the RepRap project at - a project to create an open-source self-copying 3D printer.

Why you should not buy Makerbot 3D printers!


By the way, 3D printing certainly never was invented by Makerbot -- this is pure usurpation. I checked for myself and the newest MKI printers are good-looking but flimsy at best ( severe slop at the print bed, incredible lengthier boot time, etc).