Oakwood School: California K-12 Students Teach Each Other 3D Printing Through Cascaded Learning in Immersion Program


There are many subjects students simply aren’t wild about, from math to chemistry to those pesky grammar courses. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printing curriculum 3d printing kit buildtak california Oakwood School polymaker printrbot Printrbot 3D printer Simplify3D STEAM STEAM 3D printing program STEM educationSometimes it’s hard to get the kids interested in media labs, science labs, and the. View the entire article via our website.

Come see us at 3D Printshow California 2015!


Sculpteo will be exhibiting at the 3D Printshow California 2015. This year’s 3D Printshow California will take place, just outside of LA, in Pasadena on September 11-12. Stop by the the Sculpteo booth at the 3D Printshow California to enter our drawing for a free give away!

HoneyPoint3D Offers Instructional Toolkit on Meshmixer 3D CAD and Full Online Course


HoneyPoint3D, co-founded by husband and wife team Nick and Liza Kloski, began with the opening of a retail 3D printing store in Oakland, California. The pair taught classes, sold 3D printers and supplies, and... View the entire article via our website. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printing classes 3d printing instruction autodesk autodesk classes Autodesk Meshmixer honeypoint3d kickstarter meshmixer

UC Davis Veterinarians Successfully Perform Nearly Complete Lower Jaw Reconstruction in a Dog

Additive Manufacturing

May 16, 2014 – Oral surgeons at the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine have recently increased the scope of their novel jawbone regrowth surgeries, taking the next step to advancing this procedure.

What to do in Los Angeles before and after SOLIDWORKS World 2017

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Disneyland and California Adventure. You might spot flying fish (and whales, of course). SOLIDWORKS SOLIDWORKS World attractions california los angeles places to see SOLIDWORKS World 2017 SWW17 things to do

3D Systems, USI3DT & Gujarat Government Sign Strategic 3D Printing MOU


Dr Gandhi and USI3DT are based in California, USA, and have been promoting 3D printing to students in the USA since President Obama’s “America Makes” initiative. When it comes to adoption of 3D printing in a company’s workflow, cost of the 3D printer is a major factor.

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more…

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Now California is spending $6 million on a campaign to revive the reputation of vocational education, and $200 million to improve the delivery of it. “It’s a cultural rebuild,” said Randy Emery, a welding instructor at the College of the Sequoias in California’s Central Valley. This has had the unintended consequence of helping flatten out or steadily erode the share of students taking vocational courses.

3D Printing Helps Cal Poly Supermileage Club Make 1500 MPG Possible

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California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, has an award winning supermileage club comprised of design and engineering students attending the learn by doing centered University.

Javelin sponsors students dedicated to changing the future of transportation

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California dreaming. Since the first round of competition in California – Design Weekend in January 2016 – the Waterloo team (called Waterloop of course!) University of Waterloo Hyperloop team will unveil their latest prototype on July 21, at the University of Waterloo.

Swarmscapers 3d printable robots that create structures with sawdust and binding agent

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Swarmscapers are two months long research project conducted in the Creative Architecture Machines studio, taught by Jason Kelly Johnson and Michael Shiloh at California College of the Arts in the Digital Craft Lab.

Shaping Dutch Design: (in)Somnia Jewelry by Adnohia

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In celebration of Dutch Design Week 2017, our Shaping Dutch Design series will once again take a closer look at a few of the dozens of Dutch designers who are part of the Shapeways EXPO this year and, of course, our global maker community all year round.

USC Wants to Colonize Mars with 3D Printers

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Thanks to the efforts of the University of Southern California (USC), humanity is one step closer to achieving that dream. Of course, there are still kinks that need to be worked out. Space is known as the final frontier, and humans have long dreamed of conquering it.

The 3D printer carving out a new curriculum

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AIO Robotics CEO Jens Windau and CTO Kai Chang built the device when they were PhD robotics students at the University of Southern California out of frustration with the lack of high-quality, affordable tools available to them in their chosen field.

Lowe’s partners with Sculpteo to offer in store 3D printing


Of course, Sculpteo will be there to 3D print all these creations. The first OSH opening such a 3D printing space is based in Mountain View, California.

Manufacturing Jobs Outsourced to Space

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When the ISS runs its course, this module would be self-sufficient and open to expanded use for research and manufacturing. Additionally, Axiom is looking to partner with California-based Made In Space, which built the 3D printers currently onboard the Space Station.

Zeus Returns to Throne 1,500 Years Later with Stratasys 3D Printing

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Entitled “The Games: Ancient Olympia to Atlanta to Rio,” the exhibition opens August 20, 2016 and runs until January 2, 2017, and it features Greek artifacts from The Hearst Castle Collection in San Simeon, California, and the Michael C.

3D Printing: A Key Technology for the Experts of Tomorrow

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At the same time, universities can increase their appeal as centres of education by utilizing the expertise they have gained to offer a corresponding range of courses on key 3D printing technology topics. EOS Academia programme promotes 3D printing at universities and research institutions.

Who Really Owns the PCB Layout? – Part One

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What one will rarely find in a university classroom is a PCB design course. Author information Paul Taubman Paul Taubman received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1995.

Virtual Medicine for Real Patients

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All this has been done using only a small computer, which sends information to larger systems in remote locations, such as the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center in Berkeley, California, where the complex computations are performed.

Student Inventors and Entrepreneurs – the Extreme Redesign Challenge is On!

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Students in middle school or high school, or students enrolled in a higher education course or college program, are welcome to apply.

SME and Rapid News Publications Ltd Expand Partnership to Further Serve Industry

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The first edition of RAPID + TCT West will take place in Santa Clara , California , Oct. The RAPID + TCT Executive Strategy Summit , taking place in Palm Desert , California , Oct. (DEARBORN, Mich., and CHESTER, U.K.,

From Craft to Art: The Journey of Art Jewelry Forum’s Rebekah Frank

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She began developing welding and blacksmithing skills through local courses at a California community college.

Art 57

Why the Maker Movement is Meaningful in Education

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In the last few years, we’ve visited flagship Maker Faires in San Mateo, California and New York City where we got to hang out with over 100,000 kindred spirits for whom tinkering is a critical component of life. Of course, with programming languages, the results reside on the computer screen.

Closing the Skills Gap with 3D Printing and Hands-On Experiences


Of course Congressman Takano immediately chose Vocademy.” If you enjoy making stuff and are in the Southern California area, we want you! This is the only Maker Faire in Southern California this year, so we hope that people we come and check us out.

Simulating a Cleaner World, From Molecule to Metropolis

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trillion pieces of plastic, which lies halfway between Hawaii and California, is roughly twice the size of Texas. Engineers are using sophisticated models to clean plastic debris from oceans, optimize airflow in smog-filled cities, and make vehicles lighter and more efficient.

How will Industry 4.0 impact U.S. manufacturing?

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By JLL Staff Reporter, Real Views. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is picking up steam in warehouse aisles and factory floors around the world. As advancing technology brings the manufacturing industry closer to the vision of a ‘smart factory,’ the future of U.S.

3D Printing in the Classroom book

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Of course, with ISTE coming up, we plan on having copies there for folks to see. Also (while we won’t have the book with us yet), Sara and I are planning on attending the Maker Faire in San Mateo, California on May 16-17, so please say Hi!

SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering Series: Lauren Lee

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I’ve also always enjoyed art and design, since my parents are both artists, so I took a hand-drafting course in the KU art department. They flew us out to California where we got to meet the other teams comprised of talented students from around the world.

Spotlight on Dr. David Gerber: Building a Storied Career Around Easing Design Complexity

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Today Dr. David Gerber serves as assistant professor of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Southern California , but the title he claims is far simpler than his multi-disciplinary research aims.

David 105

This Vintage Car Gets a 3D Printed Upgrade


Chris James Champeau is a visionary director, editor and visual effects virtuoso, based in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he’s been passionate about hunting, fishing, camping and of course football, and now he can definitely add 3D printing to that list.

Jack Meyer Tells us How He Teaches Students to Design and Print Award Winning 3D Printed Metal Jewelry


Several years of studying and two apprenticeships later, I found myself working for a multinational fashion jeweller in California. Of course you would get your money’s worth, but every small change would have to be inspected and redone the hard way.

$15 Minimum Wage Threatens 5.3 Million US Manufacturing…

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Those jobs could still be at risk from automation of course, but not from direct competition from other labour elsewhere. The first is of course that the employer might just up and offshore the plant. California has 600,000 manufacturing workers earning under $15 an hour, the largest number among states. of California’s manufacturing jobs. “$15 Minimum Wage Threatens 5.3 Million US Manufacturing Jobs” By Tim Worstall, Forbes.

SME RAPID 2015-Day 3 Highlights and Notables

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And of course, the AMazing team is on the ground at RAPID. Long Beach, California USA. Editor’s Corner. This year’s RAPID Conference and Exposition is underway.

Windform® SP NACA Duct and Victory Motorsports Team Break Record at Bonneville Run

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Racing in America developed in different ways across the country, from early purpose-built tracks in the Midwest, the hard sands of East Coast beaches, and the dry lakebeds of California. Case Study by Victory Motorsports | CRP USA . The 3.0

Utah 75

Add Some 3D Printing News to Your Facebook Feed :)

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in Northern California. And of course, the page to this blog, 3D Printing in K - 12 :) - This page is for my middle school students, as well as anyone interested in the fascinating potential of 3D printing and the process of getting there.

NTMA Training Centers-Developing the Skills and Knowledge to Compete in Today’s Work Force

Additive Manufacturing

The world’s first-ever additively manufactured vehicle, Strati, was recently on display at NTMA Training Centers , Santa Fe Springs, California. Michael Kerwin : NTMA is a private not for profit vocational school with campuses in Ontario and Santa Fe Springs, California.

NAFTA renegotiation must be to strengthen US…

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Of course, many are in or near Michigan, but tens of thousands of motor vehicle parts manufacturing jobs are in states like Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Illinois. Nearly 32,000 motor vehicle parts manufacturing jobs are in California — and that number does not include the fast-growing automotive technology industry that has swept through Silicon Valley and beyond.