NRC Canada Partnering with Polycontrols to Scale Up Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing

Last year, we learned that Jean-Michel Lamarre and Fabrice Bernier of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada had started fabricating electric motor magnets using a process called cold spray. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D printed magnets 3d printing facility Canada cold spray additive manufacturing cold spray technology CSAM metal additive manufacturing metal powder 3d printing National Research Council of Canada partnership Polycontrols

P&G Canada, Canada Makes, and AMM Team Up to Explore Possibilities and Benefits of Metal Additive Manufacturing

To further explore the possibilities and benefits of additively manufacturing new, customized parts, and adding the technology to its supply chain, the Procter & Gamble (P&G) Canada plant in. View the entire article via our website.

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Canada’s Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing Network gains Arcam EBM machine

3D Printing Industry

Canada’s Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing Network (HI-AM) is advancing metal 3D printing for aerospace, automotive and the medical sector. Funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the HI-AM was set up in 2018 to address the challenges in metal 3D printing.

NRC Canada and AP&C develop new method of metal powder analysis

3D Printing Industry

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and GE Additive spherical powder specialist AP&C have developed a method for anaylzing metal additive powders. Currently validated for use titanium the method is capable of detecting particle contamination, and assessing the properties of a material to avoid potentially critical faults in 3D printed parts for medicine and […].

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: PyroGenesis, Etihad Airways, Stratasys, Canada Makes, Penn State, Megumi Igarashi

3D Printing Industry

In this digest of recent 3D printing news - Sliced we feature: PyroGenesis, Etihad Airways, Diehl Aerosystems, Penn State, Canada Makes, P&G, Additive Metal Manufacturing, 3D Printing Additive Metal Manufacturing Artec3D canada makes Diehl Aerosystems Etihad Airways Gulliver's Gate Hong Kong Polytechnic University Lulzbot MachineWorks Megumi Igarashi Northwell Health P&G Peking University People’s Hospital Penn State Stratasys the University of New South Wales Type A Machines Zortrax

Canada Opens Metal 3D Printing Research Center for Marine and Defense Industries

This week, Canada opened its first research center for metal 3D printing for the marine and defense industries. 3D Printing Business Metal 3D Printing Science & Technology Canada Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick Custom Fabricators and Machinists Irving Shipbuilding Inc. The Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence was launched by the University. View the entire article via our website.

Equispheres Receives $8 Million from SDTC to Scale Metal 3D Printing Powder Production

Canadian materials science company Equispheres has just announced that it’s received support, and $8 million in funding, from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), which it will use. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3d printed aerospace applications 3d printed automotive applications 3d printing materials science Canada Equispheres funding metal powder 3d printing SDTC

AP&C expands metal powder production capacity in Quebec

3D Printing Industry

AP&C, the metal 3D printing powder production arm of GE Additive, is expanding its operations in Canada. Materials Alain Dupont AP&C GE Additive National Research Council of Canada Pierre Charron plasma atomizationWith the acquisition of almost 40,000 m² in land, the company is planning to extend its production capacity at the Saint-Eustache site where it has been active since 2016. “Our firm is currently enjoying rapid growth and we need […].

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Thanks to a Group Effort, 3D Printed Satellite Bracket Will Soon Go to Space

3D printing technology has really changed the face of manufacturing for many applications and sectors, including outer space. Canada’s premier additive manufacturing network, Canada Makes, View the entire article via our website.

PyroGenesis Announces That First 3D Printable Metal Powder Production System is Complete and "Exceeds Expectations"

It seems like every time I turn around, I’m learning of more and more innovative 3D printing news coming from Canada. There’s Ottawa Hospital’s 3D printing program, the 3D. View the entire article via our website.

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Metal 3D printer uses cold spray to make better motors

3D Printing Industry

A new metal 3D printer developed by scientists at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has created high-performance magnets using cold spray additive manufacturing. The 3D printed magnets, manufactured by Fabrice Bernier and Jean-Michel Lamarre at the NRC laboratory in Boucherville, Quebec, will be used to enhance the design of electric motors. 3D printing […].

From Aerospace to Jewelry, Metal 3D Printing Is Hot

Shapeways Blog

If you’re designing premium products and need high strength and durability, you can’t go wrong with metal. The aerospace, marine, and medical industries are taking advantage of the weight, time, and cost savings of 3D printing in titanium, nickel alloys, and steel.

MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network now available for Canada & International

Javelin Tech Tips

The MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network let’s SOLIDWORKS users bring their designs to life by easily finding and connecting with reliable manufacturers offering 3D printing , sheet metal , CNC machining , and injection molding services. MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network.

Montreal: PyroGenesis Spins off 3D Printing Business into New Entity to Distribute Metal Powder Systems & Equipment

Montreal is soon to be home to a new manufacturer of metal alloys for 3D printing. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business 3D metal powder 3d printing metal 3D printing metal processes 3DCo Canada metal 3d printing Montreal Plasma Atomization PyroGenesisAs PyroGenesis, a clean-tech company specializing in the making and selling of plasma waste-to-energy systems and. View the entire article via our website.

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Javelin Technologies named one of the fastest growing companies in Canada for second year in a row

Javelin Tech Tips

Canadian Business and PROFIT have named Javelin Technologies , specialists in 3D design and 3D printing , as one of the Fastest-Growing Information Technology Companies on the PROFIT 500 list. Canada − and the world − needs more entrepreneurial success stories like these.”.

3D Metal Printer is the Newest Addition to Pioneering Manufacturing Facility at Canadore College

3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d metal printer 3d metal printers Canada canadore college college icamp Innovation Centre for Advanced ManufacturingCanadore College of Ontario is about to become the owner of one of the most coveted pieces of technology in the manufacturing industry. The college’s Innovation Centre for Advanced. View the entire article via our website.

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Canada's Burloak Tech Goes Long on Metal AM Investment


million into establishing Canada’s first full production additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing center. The facility will feature the first production DMLS (metal printing) system in Canada along with SLS (plastic) and state of the art subtractive systems. Burloak Engineered Solutions Inc. has announced that it is embarking upon a new 5 year strategic plan which will see the company invest $11.5

3D Printing News Briefs: June 18, 2019

We’re starting with business in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs: Canadian additive and space manufacturing companies are partnering up for a two-year project, while Thor3D and Polyga have. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: June 8, 2018

It’s all business for today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with an investment, a partnership, and a new facility. Lockheed Martin has invested $5 million in a Canadian materials. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: May 16, 2017

3D printing, investments, and filaments, oh my! In today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, Cytosurge’s FluidFM 3D printer wins an award at the IDTechEX Show!, while Print the Future is the. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: August 24, 2018

We’re sharing some business news in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, followed by some interesting research and a cool 3D printed statue. Meld was listed as a finalist in the R&D 100. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: October 6, 2017

In today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, we’ll start off with a little business news, and then move on to filaments and 3D printers. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Business Medical 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3d printed parts 3d printed prototypes 3D printing filaments additive and subtractive manufacturing Canada Cimquest cobalt chrome contest digital manufacturing DuPont EMEA german reprap hp inc.

Misconceptions of Metal Additive Manufacturing – Certification


In my travels across India I often meet customers interested in metal additive manufacturing. I feel the need to set the record straight and have chosen this topic as the first misconception of metal additive manufacturing that I will address in this series of articles. At the risk of oversimplifying something as complex as metal additive manufacturing, I will say that there are essentially four main components at play: The 3D Printer. 3D printed aerospace parts can’t fail.

Powerful 3D Printing Merger Brings Two Canadian Companies Together

In a new merger, two of Canada’s prominent additive manufacturing companies have joined forces to create a unified 3D printing ‘powerhouse.’ 3D Printing Business 3D printing industry merger Canada Cimetrix Solutions desktop metal Javelin Technologies solidworks stratasys’ Javelin Technologies specializes in 3D. View the entire article via our website.

3D Printing News Briefs: September 19, 2017

We’re going to start off with a little business news in today’s edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, then move right along to a new competition, a little education, and some products that. View the entire article via our website.

PyroGenesis To Ship First of Ten Metal 3D Printing Production Systems

3D Printing Industry

PyroGenesis Canada Inc. , Last year they signed a $12.5MM contract with an unidentified customer for a total of 10 plasma based 3D printing powder production platforms to be delivered over the course of 2015-2016. 3D Printers 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing News North America

Canada 114

Canadian Construction Company 3D Prints Structural Steel Studs to Build Homes

3D printed structures, like houses, office buildings, and bridges, are much more common than they were even a few years ago, and a construction company in Vancouver is introducing new disruptive. View the entire article via our website.

Metal 3D Printing Materials Analysis – Everything You Need to Know

Javelin Tech Tips

Javelin Technologies, known across Canada as a top reseller for SOLIDWORKS software and the full range of Stratasys 3D printers, has added Desktop Metal 3D printing systems to our additive manufacturing offerings. Desktop Metal Materials.

3D Printing News Briefs: July 20, 2018

We’re starting out with some construction news in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, then following that with a little business, a little metal, and a little 3D design. Russian. View the entire article via our website.

GE News: Subsidiary AP&C Purchased New Land, GE Aviation Helping Airbus 3D Print Parts for RACER Aircraft

GE Additive‘s Canadian subsidiary, Advanced Powders & Coatings (AP&C), which produces and distributes metal powders for 3D printing, has been operating out of the Innopark Albatros. 3D Printing Aerospace 3D Printing Business 3d printed helicopter parts 3d printed molds Airbus Helicopters AP&C Avio Aero Canada european union ge GE Additive ge aviation GE Reports heat exchangers RACER

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Bernese Mountain Dog Receives 3D Printed Patient-Specific Implant

3D Printing Medical 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3D printed implant 3d printed implants 3d printed titanium implant ADEISS bernese bernese mountain dog Canada dogs maxillofacial implant patient specific implant pet prosthetic pets Renishaw surgical implant veterinary implants veterinary medicine Voxelmed

3D Printing News Briefs: August 1, 2017

We’ve got a lot of 3D printing business news to cover in the first August edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, and then we’ll move on to 3D printing materials and some gaming news. Sigma. View the entire article via our website.

Burloak Technologies and Safran partner to 3D print landing gear parts

3D Printing Industry

Canadian metal 3D printing service bureau Burloak Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with France’s Safran Landing Systems. Aerospace AM-Works Burloak Technologies CFM international GE Additive generic brake sleeve LEAP engines National Research Council of Canada Peter Adams Safran group Safran Helicopter Engines Safran Landing Systems.

Arcam Expands Capacity for Metal Powders, Adds 3 New Powder Reactors

3D Printing Industry

When it comes to industrial-grade metal 3D printing equipment, Arcam AB and their Electron Beam Melting technology have been a source of innovation for a number of industrial applications. 3D Printing Materials Metal 3D Printing News North America Production

Experience Metal 3D Printers for Prototyping to Mass Production

Javelin Tech Tips

Javelin in known across Canada as the top supplier for SOLIDWORKS software and the full range of Stratasys 3D printers, has just added Desktop Metal 3D printing systems to its additive manufacturing offerings. In-depth look at the metals available and in development.

Pyrogenesis and Rolls Royce sign NDA, CEO warns against “premature conclusions”

3D Printing Industry

PyroGenesis Canada Inc. has signed a non-disclosure agreement with Rolls Royce PLC to evaluate and discuss a potential supply of metal feedstock for 3D printing components. The preliminary agreement follows Rolls Royce’s increased investment into additive manufacturing R&D across its businesses, and PyroGenesis’ move into refined metal powder production under its spin-off PyroGenesis Additive. Business gas plasma atomization metal 3D printing metal powders P.

ProtoCycler filament extruder that uses pellets and has integrated recycling grinder

DIY 3D Printing

It is developed by ReDeTec from Canada. This means that ProtoCycler will pay for itself in just 10-20 spools - and as anyone who 3D prints knows, this doesn''t take all that long. Simply put, if you 3D print, you need ProtoCycler!

University of Waterloo Engineer Builds 3D Printer for Bone and Joint Replacements

Over the years many different materials have been used to make bone and joint implants, including a wide range of plastics, ceramics and metals like titanium, with varying results. The one thing that. View the entire article via our website.

H.C. Starck Announces New AMPERPRINT® Metal Powder Program for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Laufenburg, August 10th, 2017 – The German metal powder producer H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH , based in Laufenburg and Goslar, is introducing its new AMPERPRINT® range of gas atomized metal powders which is specifically designed for additive manufacturing.

Metalysis to explore materials for 3D printed magnets with rare minerals researcher Mkango Resources

3D Printing Industry

Metal and alloy materials producer Metalysis, based in South Yorkshire, UK, has entered into an understanding with Canada's Mkango Resources (LON:MKA) to develop a medium for 3D printed magnets. Materials 3D printed magnets Dr. Kartik Rao Kartik Rao magnets Metalysis Mkango Mkango Resources Oak Ridge National Laboratory tantalum TU Wien William Dawes

Pyrogenesis Announces That It Will Produce Specialty Powders for the Additive Manufacturing Industry, Specifically for 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing

PyroGenesis’ Plasma Atomization Process (PAP) is an enabling technology for 3D Printing as well as other additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy applications. About PyroGenesis Canada Inc. PyroGenesis Canada Inc., Source: PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

PyroGenesis Announces First Order for 3D Printing Powders from a Multinational Conglomerate; Down Payment Received; Interest Exceeds Expectations

Additive Manufacturing

” PyroGenesis’ System uses Plasma Atomization to make small, uniform, fully dense and spherical metal powders that flow like water, and which are highly sought after in the Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) industry. About PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

Groupe Meloche to carry out additive manufacturing projects for big names in aerospace

3D Printing Industry

Canada’s Groupe Meloche, an OEM aircraft and aerostructure component supplier, has signed a 3D printing partnership agreement with French metal additive specialist FusiA Impression 3D Métal. Advancing an initiative “to deliver world-class performance” and cut “manufacturing turnaround times,” the companies will work together to complete additive manufacturing projects for some of the largest global brands in […].