How 3D Printing in Ceramics Really Works


“Wait, you guys can print in ceramics ?” – That’s a typical reaction when we show ceramic 3D prints at fairs and exhibitions. Printing objects in ceramics is an exciting technological process – and we want to shed some light on how it works. The Look & Feel of Ceramics.

Optical Illusion: Decoding Two.Parts’ Minimalist Ceramic Lighting Fixtures

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Two.Parts debuted its futuristic minimalist 3D printed ceramic pendant lights last year, and critical acclaim and industry recognition soon followed. What led you to use 3D printing for ceramics ?

Our 10 Most Outstanding Ceramic 3D Prints


One of the most exciting ways to create new 3D printed products is by using ceramics. Ceramics 3D Print #1: Project Lumen by Balamurugan Rajakumar. Definitely one of the best 3D printed ceramic objects that we’ve seen lately! Ceramics 3D Print #2: Saopaduct by Adam Furman.

Taking Your Product to the Finishing Line


Fresh off the machine, a 3D printed part can look like a nearly finished product. Depending on your requirements, the natural surface finish of an additive manufactured part may or may not meet your needs. Finishes for Every Product Stage.

XJET Announces 3D Ceramic Capabilities

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Pioneering NanoParticle Jetting Technology Company Introduces Groundbreaking Ceramic Inkjet Printing. an Additive Manufacturing company pioneering NanoParticle Jetting TM technology announced the addition of ceramic inkjet 3D printing to its line of Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

3DCeram’s Ceramic 3D Printing Solutions


The CERAMAKER 3D printers from 3DCeram are able to print ceramic components. A fourteen-year old company, 3DCeram has developed a stereolithographic process for 3D printing ceramic materials. The process continues layer by layer to create fully 3D ceramic objects.

XJet to Present Unprecedented Ceramic 3D Printing Capabilities at Ceramics Expo 2017

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the additive manufacturing company pioneering NanoParticle JettingTM ( NPJ ) technology, will present its groundbreaking ceramic inkjet 3D printing capabilities at Ceramics Expo 2017. Ceramic printed parts (Photo courtesy of XJet). Rehovot, Israel – April 20, 2017 – XJet Ltd.,

These 8 Mysteriously Hollow Lamps Were Completely 3D Printed in Ceramics


We’re no strangers to ceramic 3D prints , but these eight 3D prints left us stunned once again. Since all the electronic and lighting infrastructure is well hidden under the smooth, white-glazed ceramics shell, the lamps appear sleek and minimalist. 3D Printed Ceramic Lamp ‘Atom’.

These 30 Magical 3D Printed Ceramics Cups Were Designed and Printed in 30 Days


One cup a day by Bernat Cuni – 3D printed ceramics. Since 3D printing in ceramics is possible, why not reinvent the design of cups? One cup a day by Bernat Cuni – 3D printed ceramics. One cup a day by Bernat Cuni – 3D printed ceramics.

Made in America – Surface Finishes (IL)

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Lapping, polishing, grinding, machining – Surface Finishes a Cabot Microelectronics company. Surface Finishes, Inc. Since 1949, Surface Finishes has pioneered the creation and application of industry-leading precision fabrication technology.

Ceramic printing update - May2012


An update for May and some pictures of my first ceramic objects that have now been fired - I had my first Porcelain ceramic prints back from being fired a few weeks back, they turned out well considering these were my very first prints using the universal paste extruder.

How Long Does it Take to Get a High-Quality 3D Print in 100+ Materials and Finishes?


It’s about a process of file checking, planning, printing, cleaning, finishing, quality-checking and packing your object. But since each and every material and finish is different, this overview that sums up the lead times for every material might come in handy.

Fraunhofer IKTS adapts FFF 3D printing for hardmetals processing

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in Hermsdorf, Germany, has developed a metal filament that, reportedly, can be 3D printed in “standard printers.” ” Dr. Johannes Pötschke, heads of the Hardmetals and Cermets (ceramic-metals) group at Fraunhofer IKTS confirms, “The filaments can be used as semi-finished products in standard printers and, for the first time, make […].

We’re Set to Premiere New Multicolor Gloss Material and Free Software Talk at the London 3D Printshow!


Our two talks are: Beyond Plastic: 3D Printing & Designing in Metal & Ceramics. Multicolor Gloss is an alternative finish for multicolor, and comes out of the printer in full color. Gloss finish is available in both multicolor and black-and-white “monochrome.”

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Thickness for 3D Printing


find out more about this in our design guides for Ceramics , Gray Resin , and our different Resin options. During shipping and finishing, parts of your object with a thickness below 1.5

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Thickness for 3D Printing


Egg Cup by Bert De Niel, printed in ceramics. When printing in a more fragile material like Ceramics , the general rule that larger models need to be stronger holds true. During shipping and finishing, parts of your object with a thickness below 1.5

See The Holiday Gift Challenge Winners’ 3D Printed Designs!


Loupgarou’s beautiful design is now 3D Printed in sterling silver with a high-gloss finish , and glitters like a tiny star in the cold winter sky. The winner in the Ceramics Category is Noah Hornberger’s “ Frozen Ice Bowl.”

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Thickness When Turning Your 3D Model into a 3D Print


Egg Cup by Bert De Niel, printed in ceramics. When printing in a more fragile material like Ceramics , the general rule that larger models need to be stronger holds true. During shipping and finishing, parts of your object with a thickness under 1.5

XJet Kick-Starts 2018 with Attendance at Three Industry Tradeshows and a Conference in Europe and North America

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Participation cements XJet’s position in the AM market and expanding into technical ceramics. . At this year’s AMUG Conference , XJet will hold a keynote on Monday, 9 th April at 2PM CT, entitled “Powder free ceramic & metal AM”. Ceramics Expo, Cleveland, Ohio – 1-3 May 2018.

Tips for Designing in Porcelain

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Read on to learn about each stage of production and find tips on how to design in porcelain to make your finished objects just right. Model is repaired and hand finished. Finished model.

10 Examples of How 3D Printing Is Changing Consumer Products: Meet 10 3D Printing Experts and Their Dreams


Even materials such as ceramics or titanium can be printed. He designs trains and trams himself, orders them in Prime Gray material, and finishes them with a beautiful paint job. Ceramics 3D print “Edgy” by Elise Luttik.

The Most Important 3D Printing Technologies & Materials You Need to Know


3D prints in Polyamide come in many different finishes and colors. After the printing job is finished, the result is a big block of powder that contains the printed (sintered) models inside. It will be sanded, polished or sandblasted to create the finish you desire.

The Full List of 3D Printing Materials Available at Sculpteo


There have a plethora of materials and finishes that you can offer you either directly online with our automatic quoting or just by contacting our sales team. Ceramic. Ceramic: . Ceramic : Soliditéy: Fragile.

Oasis 3DP Open Source Powder and Inkjet DIY 3D Printer

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Infiltrated with CA afterwards; Sand: For sandcasting moulds; Sugar: For edible prints; Ceramics: For printing stoneware. Oasis is not a finished printer, rather a working prototype. Ytec3D developed an open sourced powder DIY 3d printer based on inkjet cartridges. Project description: Oasis is a powder and inkjet 3D printer (3DP) that uses older inkjet technology to print an object. HP45 inkjet printheads jetting binder are used to bind powder locally.

Sand 138

Oerlikon Gains Unique Technology and Process Expertise in Advanced Materials

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Their key competencies lie in their in-depth understanding of material microstructures and material properties and in using the latest metallurgy technology for developing new materials and finished, commercially compelling materials that specifically address the needs of customers.

Porcelite Brings Porcelain to Desktop SLA & DLP 3D Printing

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Nebraska-based Tethon 3D has already made a name for itself acting as a ceramic 3D printing service bureau and through the development of ceramic powders and binders for 3D printing with ZCorp machines. By Michael Molitch-Hou.

Working with plastics in 3D printing

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It is a ceramic-reinforced composite with good temperature, chemical, moisture and abrasion resistance characteristics. Post process heating is a finishing step that can activate other properties in the materials.

Sandstone Filament: Properties, How to Use Them, and Best Brands

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Prints made from sandstone filaments simulate the look of sandstone or ceramic, depending on how they are printed and finished. Sandstone filaments can be used to make prints with a rock-like finish, a nice deviation from the polished look of prints made from other composite materials.

Additive manufacturing technology moves into production

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Its PromakerV6000 was developed for the 3D additive manufacturing of composite parts, particularly ceramic and metal. This hybrid-multitasking machine combines the accuracy and finish of machining with metal 3D printing. Parts will need additional finishing after build.

Improving the Machinability of Aluminum

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Its easy machinability is counteracted by certain problems, which can include long, stringy and obstructive chips; chip wrapping; rough thread finishes; an overly “machined” appearance and straightness issues. The machine-friendliness of aluminum has made it the number one metal for machining.

Gun Show: Catharina van den Ven and Dotsan Take Miami Art Week

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Printed in sandstone , each partial gun then becomes a silicon mold, a wax model, a ceramic mold, and finally, a bronze object, finished in highly polished gold. When does something violent become subdued?

Miami 79

How 3D Printing Changed The Way Artist Tim Belliveau Teaches His Students

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Among the many products he’s made using 3D printing, one of his favorites has to be the “monuments” he constructed during his residency at the European Ceramics Work Centre last year. In the art world, the debate around handmade and machine-made products is certainly a heated one.

Glass 106

12 Amazing 3D Prints from Our Community


Join us for a series of stunning 3D printed designs all the way from ceramic lamps to alien dresses! 1: Hollow 3D Printed Ceramics Lamps. We’re no strangers to ceramic 3D prints, but these eight 3D prints left us stunned once again.

Aluminum & Steel 3D Printer Filaments On Their Way — Sinterhard Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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The team chose those particular metals as they are most commonly used in the Metal Injection Molding [MIM] and Ceramic Injection Molding [CIM] processes currently responsible for producing nearly $2 billion in small metal and ceramic industrial parts each year.

The Year of 2016 in 3D Printing: 12 Months, 12 Highlights


January: Hollow 3D Printed Ceramics Lamps. We’re no strangers to ceramic 3D prints, but these eight 3D prints left us stunned once again. May: We Introduced Our New Chrome-Plated Brass Finish. 2016 was an incredible year for 3D printing enthusiasts.

Top Four 3D Printing Materials for Jewelry Designers: Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze


Our gold comes with a high gloss finish, and you have the option to choose between 14 and 18 karat. Besides those options, we also offer three different color finishes: yellow, white, or red gold. In May we introduced the newest brass finish: chrome-plated brass !

Materialise’s Aluminum Printing Makes Its Debut at Rapid Pro 2015


The car door also showed the range of our finishing degrees as this door looked more like a door you’d see on the road rather than a prototype. Beyond Plastics – 3D Printing in Metals and Ceramics at RapidPro Home Professional.