California State University: 3D Printing Titanium Matrix Composites with Ceramics

Reza Hajiha, a thesis student from California State University, explores more complex issues in 3D printing with metal in ‘A Novel Method in Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Matrix. 3D Printing Metal 3D Printing 3D Printing Titanium Matrix Composites industrial 3d printing metal 3d printingView the entire article via our website.

XJet Introduces New 3D Printing Breakthrough: Ceramic NanoParticle Jetting Technology

The metal printing method is unlike. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D ceramics printer 3d printed ceramics ceramic inkjet printing Ceramic NanoParticle Jetting technology formnext formnext 2016 NanoParticle Jetting Xjet XJet 3D printing technology XJet NanoParticle Jetting technologyXJet has been making quite a stir in the 3D printing world this year, since the introduction of their unprecedented NanoParticle Jetting Technology back in April.

Formlabs Releases Ceramic Resin, Nervous System 3D Prints Beautiful Jewelry with It

Compared to other materials like plastic and metal, ceramics are still relatively new to 3D printing. 3D Design 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3D printed ceramic 3d printed ceramic resin 3d printed ceramics 3d printed jewelry ceramic 3d printing ceramics formlabs Formlabs Ceramic Resin formlabs resin nervous system PoriferaLike any new material, they started out by being pricey and tricky to 3D print, but they’ve.

3D-Printed Wonder Ceramics Are Flawless And Super-Strong

3D Printing Review

“You’re left with a virtually flawless ceramic.” ” There’s a reason they’re used in everything from jet engines to Formula 1 race car brakes: Ceramics are tough. That resin contains all the molecules you need to form a tough ceramic.

Tethon 3D and University of Nebraska to Develop First Ceramic and Metal DLP 3D Printer

That doesn’t mean that they can’t be used with metal and ceramics, however. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials ceramic 3d printing dlp 3d printer metal 3d printing Tethon 3D University of NebraskaSLA and DLP 3D printing are, for the most part, polymer 3D printing technologies. Omaha, Nebraska-based company. View the entire article via our website.

Resin based 3d printable ceramic with high-end properties

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Scientists at HRL developed new resin ceramic material that can be 3d printed using stereolitography and has high strength and resistance to temperature. The printed resin can then be fired, converting it into a high strength, fully dense ceramic.

New XJet Carmel 1400 Additive Manufacturing System Brings Inkjet-Based Ceramic 3D Printing to Oerlikon in First Global Installation

Israeli additive manufacturing company XJet, which developed innovative 3D NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology and Ceramic NanoParticle Jetting technology, announced late last month that it. View the entire article via our website.

Xerion introduces The Fusion Factory, an FDM/FFF metal and ceramic 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

Xerion, a German industrial furnace and 3D printer manufacturer, has introduced the Fusion Factory, a three-part FDM/FFF system capable of printing metal and ceramics. The company has taken inspiration from multi-modular systems, to build a machine which can produce parts on par with Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technique. FDM/FFF metal printing Dr. Uwe Lohse founded […].

Z3Dlab Introduces Zti-Powder, a Titanium/Ceramic Composite Material for Metal 3D Printing

The field of 3D metal printing continues to expand. Metal 3D printers are becoming more affordable, and the range of available materials is widening as researchers discover new ways to work with and. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d metal printing ceramics composite materials material composites selective laser melting titanium z3dlab zti-powder

XJet Celebrates Grand Opening of World’s Largest Additive Manufacturing Center for Metals and Ceramics

Additive Manufacturing

With an investment of over 10million dollars, the 8,000 square foot facility in Rehovot Science Park is home to the largest collection of metal and ceramic 3D printers worldwide, comprised entirely of XJet Carmel AM systems. Rehovot, Israel – October 15, 2018 – XJet Ltd. ,

Air Force and HRL Laboratories Study 3D Printed Ceramics for Hypersonic Flight

The Air Force has been researching additive manufacturing for military purposes for quite some time, with resources for both plastic and metal 3D printing. Now the Air Force is looking into ceramic. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d printed ceramics air force air force 3d printing HRL Laboratories hypersonic jets military 3d printing silicon oxycarbide

Formnext Day 2: High Performance Plastics and Ceramics Challenge Metal

3D Printing Industry

There is no doubt that metal was the undiscussed protagonist at formnext and it is metal that will carry the industry forward into the age of serial additive manufacturing. However, metal 3D printer manufacturers were not the only ones presenting big news and future visions at the show.

XJET Announces 3D Ceramic Capabilities

Additive Manufacturing

Pioneering NanoParticle Jetting Technology Company Introduces Groundbreaking Ceramic Inkjet Printing. an Additive Manufacturing company pioneering NanoParticle Jetting TM technology announced the addition of ceramic inkjet 3D printing to its line of Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

XJET’s Ceramic and Metal 3D Printing Combination


XJET's new Caramel 3D printers series can print both ceramic and metal objects. Read the whole entry. » » printer

Fusion Factory Introduces Filament-Based Metal and Ceramic 3D Printing


Given the relative newness of metal. The Fusion Factory from Xerion. Image courtesy of Xerion.). Read the whole entry. » » materials

3D Printing News Briefs: November 9, 2018

Buckle your seat belts, because we’ve got a of news to share with you in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, starting with more event announcements and moving on to several new partnerships, View the entire article via our website.

French Start-Up Z3DLAB Produces Titanium-Ceramic Material for Metal 3D Printing

3D Printing Industry

Companies such as GE have invested heavily in utilizing metal 3D printing for industrial applications, creating prototypes and even end parts for jet engines. 3D Printing 3DP Applications Business Europe Industry Insights Materials Medical & Dental Metal 3D Printing News SLM

Inspired by the Structure of Grass, Researchers Create Lightweight 3D Printable Ceramic Foam Ink

Metal may be the biggest thing in 3D printing right now, but ceramics are beginning to catch up to their fellow materials as new methods are developed for printing the notoriously difficult. 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials ceramic 3d printing ceramic foam ink foam harvard Harvard John A.

Dutch Company VormVrij 3D Uses Clay to 3D Print Huge Ceramic Pieces

We’ve seen a lot of material innovations in 3D printing lately, from better plastics to wood to metals; the latest to pop out at us is clay. 3D Design 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d design 3d printing 3d printing materials Arduino ceramics clay Netherlands pottery VormVrij 3D

With Hard Work, Incredible Patience and Wits, Professor Builds Ceramic 3D Printer from a Simple Delta Kit

3D printed ceramics are a relatively less-talked-about material in the industry, compared to plastics and metals, for example. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3D Printing Materials 3d clay printer 3d printed ceramics appalachian state university ceramic 3d printer clay 3d printer clay extrusion delta 3d printer diy 3d printer reprap Taekyeom LeeBut the medium is beginning to develop and become more commonly seen, View the entire article via our website.

XJet to Present Unprecedented Ceramic 3D Printing Capabilities at Ceramics Expo 2017

Additive Manufacturing

the additive manufacturing company pioneering NanoParticle JettingTM ( NPJ ) technology, will present its groundbreaking ceramic inkjet 3D printing capabilities at Ceramics Expo 2017. Ceramic printed parts (Photo courtesy of XJet). Rehovot, Israel – April 20, 2017 – XJet Ltd.,

XJet to Display Unrivaled Metal and Ceramic 3D Printing Expertise at RAPID + TCT 2017 Event

Additive Manufacturing

the additive manufacturing company pioneering NanoParticle Jetting TM ( NPJ ) technology, will display its game-changing metal and ceramic inkjet 3D printing expertise at RAPID + TCT 2017. Announces addition of key C-level executives to round out proven management team.

Tethon 3D awarded means to develop ceramic/metal DLP 3D printer

3D Printing Industry

Tethon 3D, a ceramic 3D printing material specialist headquartered in Nebraska, has received a grant to develop a multi-material DLP 3D printer. The grant was awarded by the University of Nebraska, that will also provide the company with technical support. For now, the amount of the awarded grant remains undisclosed. Dave Rippe, director of […]. Business Dave Rippe Nebraska Department of Economic Development Tethon 3D university of nebraska

Ricoh Working on Metal 3D Printing Technology - And Ceramics


Metal parts 3D printed on a secret Ricoh 3D metal printer in development. While Ricoh has. Read the whole entry. » » research

3D Printing News Briefs: November 13, 2018

Holland metallic 3D printing new 3d printer Origin perfactory Photocentric photopolymer PLA 3D printing material polypropylene sls 3d printing sprintray stereolithography strategic partnership thermoplastic copolymer (TPC) Ultracur3D Ultrasint PA6 LM Black X085 wind tunnel xyzprintingWe should really call today’s 3D Printing News Briefs the formnext 2018 Briefs, as announcements from the show are numerous this week. EnvisionTEC, XYZprinting, BASF, and DSM all introduced new.

Desktop Metal and its Mission to Make Metal 3D Printing Accessible

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One company that’s certainly garnered its fair share of that buzz is Desktop Metal. Yes, there are other companies that do metal 3D printing so I was curious as to what makes this company different. Bringing metal printing to the office. Printing metal parts at scale.

Metal 108

Interview With Kevin Eckes of Selective Powder Deposition Firm Aerosint

3D Printing Exclusive Interviews 3D ceramics printer 3D Multi-Metal printing 3d print ceramics 3d printed support material Aerosint gradient gradient materials interview multimaterial sls Support MaterialMost new startups in 3D printing are rather boring. There’s lots of whizzbang but very little fundamental innovation. Most of them are looking to score not looking to improve 3D printing as a. View the entire article via our website.

Universal Paste extruder - Ceramic, Food and Real Chocolate 3D Printing.


1) - The Universal Paste Extruder Chocolate was not the only Goal, I really wanted to be able to experiment with lots of pastes, foods and especially Ceramic materials. A standard 16tooth T5 metal gear is used to drive the belt. Printing with Ceramic porcelain clay, Arty and Crafty.

Mini Metal Maker DIY metal clay 3d printer

DIY 3D Printing

Mini Metal Maker is small DIY 3d printer that prints objects suitable for jewelry production, watchmaking and small gears modeling, small pistons and generally small metal parts. it will not make "regular" sized hard metal parts. FAQ What is the Mini Metal Maker for?

Metal 180

XJet at formnext: Focus Now is on the Materials for NanoParticle Jetting 3D Printing Technology

About a year ago, we first heard about Israel-based XJet, which promised to take metal additive manufacturing technology in a wholly new direction with inkjet printing. Since their emergence as a. View the entire article via our website.

Nano Dimension, in Collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Receives Grant to Develop 3D Printing of Ceramic Materials, Designated for the Aerospace and Aviation Sectors

Additive Manufacturing

has received a budget from MEIMAD committee of the Israel Innovation Authority which will be used to finance a project to develop 3D printing of advanced ceramic materials in inkjet technology. A ceramic material is a solid material that is neither organic nor metallic.

Printer Rundown: Desktop Metal Studio System

Purple Platypus

Before Desktop Metal, inexpensive metal 3D printing was nonexistent. By reducing cost-per-part by up to 20%, the Desktop Metal Studio System is the leading solution to metal prototyping and end use parts. How is it different from other metal offerings?

Xjet Opens Additive Manufacturing Center Gives Details on Nanoparticle Jetting 3D Printing We Interview CEO Hanan Gothait

The ceramics and metal printing company wanted to show us their homeland as well as their new Carmel 1400. 3D Printing 316L additive manufacturing additive manufacturing center Binder Jetting metal 3d printing nanoparticles stainless steel stainless steel 3d printing technical ceramics Xjet zirconium zirconium oxideA number of journalists and partners have been taken on a whirlwind tour of Israel by Xjet.

XJet officially launches NanoParticle Jetting additive manufacturing systems

3D Printing Industry

XJet, a provider of ceramic and metal 3D printing solutions based in Rehovot, Israel, has officially launched its “breakthrough” Carmel 1400 and the Carmel 700 Additive Manufacturing (AM) systems. 3D Printers ceramic ceramics Dror Danai Formnext formnext 2017 Hanan Gothait ink Inkjet material jetting metal 3D printing NanoParticle Jetting NPJ Xjet

The Unrealized Potential of Ceramic 3D Printing


While most of the focus on 3D printing lately surrounds plastic and metal 3D printing, there is another potentially powerful. Read the whole entry. » » ideas

Ceramic printing update - May2012


An update for May and some pictures of my first ceramic objects that have now been fired - I had my first Porcelain ceramic prints back from being fired a few weeks back, they turned out well considering these were my very first prints using the universal paste extruder.

From Aerospace to Jewelry, Metal 3D Printing Is Hot

Shapeways Blog

If you’re designing premium products and need high strength and durability, you can’t go wrong with metal. Jewelry designers love the superior finish of 3D printed precious metals. Spaceships are also increasingly relying on metal 3D printing.