3D Systems Teams with 5 Artists to 3D Print Incredible Ceramic Sculptures


3D Design 3D printed art 3D Printing 3d clay printer 3d printed art 3d printed ceramics 3d systems art art exhibit cerajet cerajet 3d printer ceramic 3d printing clay 3d printing Rhode Island Rhode Island School of Design There are so many materials available now-a-days to 3D print with.

An Experiment in Ceramic Art - HIFire RESolutions: 3D Printing in Clay

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An Experiment in Ceramic Art - HIFire RESolutions: 3D Printing in Clay Friday, April 3, 2015 - 09:55 . Her vision was to bring together experienced artists of varying aesthetic approaches, who could each contribute something different and unexpected to the ceramic medium.

Researchers Use A Fiery Robot To 3D Print Glass

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Researchers at Virginia Tech and the Rhode Island School of Design have created a system and lab for research into glass printing. The current system consists of an extruder that squirts molten glass out onto a ceramic tile.

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NanoSteel Demonstrates Breakthrough in Additive-Manufactured Wear Materials

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Providence, Rhode Island 02903. High-hardness ferrous metal matrix products now achievable through a one-step 3D-printing process. PROVIDENCE, R.I.

Designer Spotlight: Colin Wiencek and His Hybrid Furniture

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When I was at the Rhode Island School of Design , 3D printers were just starting to become available and you had to seek them out. Then I attempted to make ceramic slip cast connectors, by making a mold from solid prints done in Strong and Flexible.

NanoSteel-Engineered Iron-based Alloy Powders for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Applications Requiring High Hardness and Wear Resistance

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The NanoSteel Company , with corporate headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island, fabricates proprietary nano-structured steel material designs including sheet metal, powder metals, surface coatings and foils.