Choppers, Machining, and Community [Podcast] with Jason Pohl

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Jason was the product designer that many of you may know from the popular television show “American Chopper.” I had the opportunity to talk with Jason about his work experiences, his passion for the design community, Choppers, SOLIDWORKS and more.

Coming to 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021: American Chopper Star Designer Jason Pohl Joins SOLIDWORKS as an “Industrial Design Champion”

The Solidworks Blog

Jason Pohl, the recognized industrial designer who made a name for himself on the long-running TV series American Chopper, has a new role as “Industrial Design Champion” for SOLIDWORKS.


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Join Us for a Virtual 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021

The Solidworks Blog

Jason Pohl , the recognized industrial designer who made a name for himself on the long-running TV series American Chopper , aims to inspire the next generation of designers. Read more about Orange County Choppers’ use of SOLIDWORKS here.

Join Us at the First Ever 3DEXPERIENCE Works User Group Meeting

Javelin Tech Tips

User Group Presenters: Jason Pohl – Formerly from Orange County Choppers where he designed elaborate custom motorcycles featured on the TV show American Chopper. Dedicated to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Users, but open to all.

Motor Maths


In a previous post I showed the pitfalls of constant off time choppers like the A3977. When the chopper is on energy flows into the inductance of the motor, increasing its magnetic field slightly. chopper microstepping stepper driver Basically you have to set the off time long enough to be able to deliver the lowest current step of the microstepping, otherwise the steps are not equally spaced. Forrest raised the point of how do you do that without a scope.

An Exclusive Preview of 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 with SOLIDWORKS Live

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You’ll also have a chance to hear from Jason Pohl, best known for his long career at Orange County Choppers, who is now an independent designer at Jason Pohl LLC. 3D EXPERIENCE World 2021 is just around the corner and we cannot wait to see you all there!

Day Two at 3DEXPERIENCE World Recap

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Another great session featured Jason Pohl, the recognized industrial designer who made a name for himself on the long-running TV series American Chopper. Today during general session we learned a lot about the transformation from product to experiences.

All-Virtual 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021 Starts Today! Here’s What to Expect

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Jason Pohl , best known for his long career at Orange County Choppers, is now an independent designer at Jason Pohl LLC. We are delighted to welcome a record number of attendees, over 30,000, to this year’s all-virtual 3D EXPERIENCE World 2021, which kicks off today!

RepRap Phone Host 3d printing app is released into Windows mobile phone ecosystem

DIY 3D Printing

It includes a STL and GCode render as well as our in-house developed "Bananna Chopper" slicing engine. Bananna3d is 3D printing technologies company in Pretoria, South Africa run by Gerhard de Clercq and Pieter Scholz. They successfully developed Windows mobile phone 3d printing application.

Research Done, But No 3D Chop Yet


We did, however, find a scientific paper exploring the concept. Chopper was a prototype tool built experimentally by researchers at Princeton in 2012. They say: We propose a framework, called Chopper, to decompose a large 3D object into smaller parts so that each part fits into the printing volume. Chopper optimizes these criteria and generates a partition either automatically or with user guidance.

How to Fly RC Helicopters

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Toy choppers are not as impressive or as capable as hobby-grade models. They do make the craft less agile, but they’re a lot more stable in the air than single-rotor choppers. Go here to see what a typical high-end hobby-grade single rotor chopper offers. #4 The seven commonsense measures below can also help to protect an RC chopper: Avoid flying in winds above 15 mph. Practice in an indoor space if you’re new to RC choppers.

Michigan Tech Researchers invent 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper


Researchers at Michigan Technological University invent 3D Printable Polymer Pelletizer Chopper and it chops 3D printer filament into pellet-sized pieces that can be used in a fused granular fabrication (FGF) 3D printer or re-extruded as a new filament spool.

Drones vs. Helicopters

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Yes, drones have attractions that choppers with two or more props don’t, but the opposite is also true. RC choppers generally have longer flight times , particularly at the higher end. That makes it pretty crash-resistant—for a model chopper. It’s another tiny chopper but with excellent build and functionality. Don’t buy this RC chopper unless you’re at the right skill level and love to tinker.

A Beginner’s Guide to Flying RC Helis – What You Need to Know

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All radio-controlled drones, planes, choppers, and blimps can take to the air of course. And RC choppers at the beginner level are child’s play. Even so, a 3CH model chopper is the perfect place to start for those with no previous flying experience. Sellers may also refer to these models as copters, whirlybirds, and choppers. These choppers are inexpensive, require little to no maintenance, and are super-easy to fly.

8 Best RC RTF (Ready to Fly) Helicopters

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Ready to fly choppers are not equal. This arrangement makes them far more stable and easier to fly than single-bladed choppers. Single rotor choppers have only one layer of blades and sport a more conventional look. This Best Budget pick is a coaxial type chopper with a military-style design. It’s the chopper to consider if you’re a complete heli novice. This model chopper is small and lightweight, but it’s also incredibly sturdy and crash-resistant.

Albert Paley and Jesse James Metal Sculpture Project to be Revealed at FABTECH

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17, 2017 – After being hidden from public view for months, two steel masterpieces created by world renowned sculpture artist Albert Paley and West Coast Choppers founder Jesse James will be revealed at FABTECH 2017 on Nov. CHICAGO, Oct. 6 in Chicago ’s McCormick Place. The two metal sculptures are the result of a unique collaboration between Paley and James to each start one sculpture, switch halfway, and then finish the other’s piece.

Best Kohl’s Black Friday Deals

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each: The 15-oz Mini Personal Blender, the Mini Electric Chopper, the 15-quart Slow Cooker, the 2-slice Toaster, the 5-cup Coffee Maker, and the Hand Mixer. The Kohl’s Black Friday deals will be available starting 5pm on Thanksgiving until 1pm on Black Friday. However, all these deals are subject to availability so it’s best to do your shopping early. Kohl’s offers excellent deals on electronics and other items that are at par with the deals offered elsewhere.

New Opening Keynote Format Set for FABTECH 2017: TED-Style Talks to Motivate, Inspire Attendees

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Jesse James, Founder of West Coast Choppers. FABx Tech Talks feature messages about transformation, growth and the future of manufacturing. CHICAGO, Sept. 19, 2017 – FABTECH 2017 , North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event, is embracing the wildly popular TED Talks concept with the addition of short inspirational talks given by industry visionaries on their experiences and thoughts for how innovation is driving manufacturing forward.

Lessons from the A3977


I fancied using one of the Allegro micro-stepping chopper drivers. The current only flows in the sense resistor when the chopper is in the on state though. When the chopper is in the off state, instead of short circuiting the coil, it reverses the voltage on it, causing the current to flow backwards through the sense resistor onto the supply rail. I bet it is a constant off time chopper and the minimum current is too high.

Designer Spotlight: Haydn Bao

Shapeways Blog

Ridiculous as it sounds, the internet is probably the closest thing to downloading “how to fly a chopper” as seen in the matrix. This week we are highlighting Haydn Bao , one of three behind the awesome drone shop, Fusion Imaging. A talented group of three hailing from Australia, Haydn is the product designer of the team. Haydn gives us some insight into why 3D printing and drone accessories work so well together, as well as where their inspiration came from.



I don''t think constant off-time choppers are the best idea. When I built my Mendel I used A3977 stepper drivers. Before that I did some maths to show that the component values need to be carefully selected to match the motor in order to achieve 8× microstepping. Makerbot produced a board with four potentiometers and I published settings for motors popular at the time.

A bit of a contraption


I am running them from 36V with a constant current chopper drive. As I was adding the diagonal tie bars my wife said "it''s becoming a bit of a contraption". I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing! My alternative z-axis using four tin can stepper motors works reasonable well. They are all wired in parallel and the total current is set to 1.25A. They have 22? coils so that corresponds to about 7V.

Mixed decay, mixed blessing


When the chopper switches off it can do it two ways. Having set the correct off time to suit my motor I can now micro step it with equal spaced steps, but only if I disable the mixed decay mode. It can turn on both low side transistors. That short circuits the motor and lets the current recirculate. If the coil was a perfect inductor and the transistors perfect switches, the current would circulate forever and you would have a superconducting magnet.

Time for a new extruder controller


R22 sets the off time of the chopper and needs to be different values for different motors as described here. The reference voltage for the chopper is generated by a high frequency PWM output on the micro and smoothed to DC by R2 and C4. Having decided to switch to stepper drive for my extruder I needed to make a new extruder controller for HydraRaptor, the previous one has served me well for two years. The spec for the new one is: - I 2 C or RS485 comms link to the main controller.

A Titan Of U.S. Manufacturing: Gilroy Titan Creates TV’s First…

Design 2 Part News

He could match the success of Paul Teutul, the TV personality of the cable show Orange County Choppers. “A Titan Of U.S. Manufacturing: Gilroy Titan Creates TV’s First CNC Machine Shop Show” By Richard A. McCormack, Manufacturing & Technology News. There haven’t been any television shows on prime time that concern CNC machining. But there is one now.

Deviant Z axis


I mounted the four motors and wired them up in parallel to a micro-stepping chopper drive and a 36V power supply. The RepRap Darwin Z-axis has four screw thread drives linked by a timing belt and toothed pulleys, driven by a large stepper motor. There are a few things about the design that I am not keen on: - The beefy motor and timing belt make it expensive.

Motoring on with the A3977


It is actually a 14V motor, so is not ideally suited to being driven from a 12V chopper drive. Previously I have blogged about how to set up the Allegro A3977 driver chip to suit a particular motor: - Most boards I have seen using the A3977 and similar chips just have a current adjustment, with all the other values fixed.