Yndetech Builds Fast-Growing Dental Implant Business in Italy with 3D Systems’

Additive Manufacturing

Today we are printing a complete portfolio of dental devices with this laser melting technology using 3D Systems’ cobalt-chrome material, including bridges, abutments, and implant bars,” explained Emidio.

Italy 60

3D Systems: Changing the Game in Healthcare

3D Printing Review

Just recently, I sat with an engineer who recounted times during the early 1980s, after the advent of computed tomography (CT) in the late 1970s, when they would create crude anatomical models through an “additive” process.

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PolyJet is capable of building hybrid, multi-material parts with a range of durometers and mechanical properties simultaneously in one build to deliver realistic tactile models. PolyJet applications include master patterns for urethane casting, presentation models and concept models.

Medical Machining Tightens Up

Design 2 Part News

The new Vertex 55X II model series, comprising six distinct models, was announced in February 2015. The ST-38 model from Star CNC is popular with the company’s medical customers, according to Bursac. Model-Based Definition. Tight Simulations.