How to make a prototype

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When developing a product, making a physical prototype can help you with research, testing, financing, and much more. And thanks to rapid prototyping service providers like 3ERP, it’s easy to make an affordable prototype in a short timeframe. What is rapid prototyping?

The best materials for food-safe prototypes

3E Rapid Prototyping

Because of this, companies that make food products have a lot to consider. This article discusses the material options (and restrictions) when making prototypes of food products like containers and kitchenware. when making prototypes of food products. Company News

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The best materials for your medical prototypes

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Prototyping is an important part of the development and commercialization of medical devices. Most medical products have to meet strict safety requirements, so it is important to iterate a variety of prototypes for R&D and testing in order to make a safe and functional end-use part.

How rapid prototyping benefits product development

3E Rapid Prototyping

For product designers and developers, rapid prototyping can play a crucial role in bringing a commodity from concept to finished product. Rapid prototyping is the process of assembling functional or non-functional prototypes using digital manufacturing technologies. Company New

A Professional Plastic Injection Mold manufacturer for the Best Deal

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What is Plastic injection molding? In the Plastic injection molding process, usually molten plastic injected into a mold to produce exceptional quality of plastic parts plates, plaques, signs, and product branding elements. Company News

Top Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding Services

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What is Plastic Injection Molding? The Plastic Injection Molding process involves the injection of molten plastic into a mould cavity, which hardens within the mold to produce the final products as per the requirements. Why Choose Plastic Injection Molding Process?

Leveraging Rapid Prototyping – from Concept to Final Product

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All manufacturing companies have prototyping needs. Whether demonstrating product use, creating a proof of concept model or refining products through iterations, the prototype phase has long played an important role in the path to finished goods.

Injection Molding Prototypes- The Most Convenient and Inexpensive Solution

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Plastic Injection Molding. Plastic Injection Molding is a molding process whereby a heat-softened plastic material is injected into a comparatively cool cavity to give an article a required form. Molten plastic injects into a mold under high pressure to yield parts effectively.

Top 5 Tips to Select a Professional Manufacturing Team for Prototype Molding Services

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Prototype molding- what it is? When we talk about Prototype Molding, it is specifically intended to produce prototypes rapidly and small to medium series of plastic parts. The use of prototype molding services-. Top 5 Tips to find the best prototype manufacturer-.

The most popular plastic injection molding materials

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Injection molding is the most widely used manufacturing process for plastic parts. So it’s no surprise that there are many plastics available for injection molding, all of which are available in pellet form. Moldable plastics range from highly durable polycarbonate to impact-resistant ABS. This guide looks at 15 of the most popular plastics used for injection molding. After polyethylene, it is the second most popular commodity plastic. Company News

Keter Plastics Relies on 3D Printing with BigRep One for Streamlined Design

It has now become a technology that leading companies such. 3D Printers 3D Printing 3d printed prototypes 3D printing case studies Bigrep BigRep ONE 3D printer industrial 3d printing Keter Plastics 3D printingFor many designers and engineers today, the use of 3D printing has gone far beyond exploring and experimenting while creating new objects. View the entire article via our website.

What is Rapid Prototyping? – A Complete Guide

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Rapid prototyping can, put simply, change the way you do business. This guide will lay out how and why rapid prototyping can enhance your new product development — and how Shapeways can help. What is rapid prototyping? Rapid Prototyping Materials.

Prototype Machining: Pros and Cons of CNC for Prototyping

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It is used across many industries for a variety of prototype and end-use parts. CNC machining is a widely used manufacturing process thanks to its versatility, accuracy, consistency and wide range of compatible materials: although aluminum alloys are the most common material for machining, numerous other metals and plastics can also be used. Is CNC machining good for prototyping? Prototypes can have many different functions. For what purpose will the prototype be used?

Società Gomma Antivibrante SRL Slashes Prototypes with SIMULIAworks FEA

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Because the company’s products are found worldwide in railway, tram, and subway cars that carry passengers, safety is a priority at S.G.A. Explains Quality System/Test Laboratory Manager Stefano Meli, “Analysis and definition of the overall product dimensions/footprint and laboratory development of the related load-failure diagrams, and subsequent prototype testing, are the most challenging portions of our product development process.”. Reduce Prototypes and Lead Times.

A primer on rapid prototyping

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Now that many companies are bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., companies are developing new terms to describe the ongoing evolution of using computers to improve manufacturing efficiency. Recently graduated engineers will appreciate the overview of the steps every product goes through from initial design through the various prototyping stages and options. Digital Manufacturing is probably a new term for many.

What is the best way to make a metal prototype?

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Metal prototypes are important for businesses in many industries, from aerospace to electronics, because an effective metal prototype can lead to a better finished product. This article discusses the importance of metal prototypes and looks at situations in which metal prototyping is favorable over plastic prototyping. What is a metal prototype? In the manufacturing world, a prototype is a mock-up or rough draft of a part. Company News

Ways to Create Colorful Prototypes

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Whether your prototype is for user testing or investor pitches, injecting a splash of color can turn a half-finished idea into a part that looks ready for the market. 3ERP offers a range of coloring options for prototypes and end-use parts, offering finishing services like painting, tinting and anodizing, as well as color-friendly manufacturing processes like vacuum casting and injection molding. Think prototypes can’t look great? Why create colored prototypes?

Prototype Machining: Pros and Cons of CNC for Prototyping

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It is used across many industries for a variety of prototype and end-use parts. CNC machining is a widely used manufacturing process thanks to its versatility, accuracy, consistency and wide range of compatible materials: although aluminum alloys are the most common material for machining, numerous other metals and plastics can also be used. Is CNC machining good for prototyping? Prototypes can have many different functions. For what purpose will the prototype be used?

Product Design Beyond Plastic—Exploring Materials

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Plastic is a popular go-to material for many new products and inventions—however, there are many more material options to choose from based on your product design, product specifications, intended use and performance maximization. While the advancements of 3D printing and the popularity of product customization rely heavily on plastic—it is not the only option out there for your product. Biodegradable Plastic : When exposed to sunlight, the biodegradable plastic decomposes.

The World’s Best Sleep Fan Is A Fan Of 3D Printing: Rapid Prototyping With SNOOZ

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Working with Shapeways to 3D print dozens (and dozens and dozens) of designs to reach the ideal sound system, the SNOOZ team cut substantial time and costs in their production process by rapidly prototyping. After prototyping 100+ variations, SNOOZ created a market-ready product.

Manufacturing Involves Plastic Injection Molding Process

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To melt, the raw form of the object to be made is carefully put under high temperatures in this process and then into a mold, it is injected and the mold takes the desired shape during the solidification process by the Plastic Injection Molding Services. With the technology, the best companies always keep up; the qualities of those that have adamantly refused to embrace it have been greatly affected by this. Plastic Injection Molding Services in China is very reliable.

From Prototypes to Production


The story of 3D printing started in prototyping. Products are typically designed to be mass manufactured in thousands or hundreds of thousands, with prototypes being built and tested throughout the development process. FDM extrudes filament plastics layer-by-layer for resilient parts, with the added advantage of utilizing robust production thermoplastics like ABS, Polycarbonate, and ULTEM™. Final Prototyping.

TriDInnov 3D Prints Electronic Components on Plastic Surfaces

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Looks like TriDInnov from France has a working technology that prints conductive electronics on plastic surfaces. They are to invest in a technology platform in order to manufacture MID prototypes circuits for their customers in order to push their technology acceptance in the marketplace.

All About Acrylic Plastic

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At that time, a couple of English chemists named Rowland Hill and John Crawford registered, through their company Imperial Chemical Industries, a newly created product under the name of “Perspex” Around the same time, a renowned German industrialist and chemist Otto Rohm of the company Rohm and Haas AG also tried making a safety glass by polymerizing methyl methacrylate between two glass sheets. Acrylic Prototypes using CNC and 3D printer machines.

How and When to Outsource Rapid Prototyping to China

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Outsourcing rapid prototyping to China is very popular nowadays. History of rapid prototyping in China. Before we go ahead with the discussion, I would like to introduce a brief history of Chinese rapid prototyping to provide some basic knowledge. According to information I have received from veterans in the industry, China began prototyping in significant numbers around 30 years ago. That’s why we translate prototype to “shou ban,” which means “handmade samples.”.

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Beginner’s Guide to CNC Cutting For Plastic & Foam Packaging

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CNC machines with a large enough range may be able to process plastics, foams, wood and all other materials that one may consider for their packaging needs. Plastic Pallets and Containers For Exterior Packaging. Many companies employ the use of plastic pallets for exterior packaging when transporting more general items. Companies like Graco packaging are using a batch of the same pallets for multiple years in their day-to-day operations. Company News

Will 3D Printing be the demise of Plastic Injection Molding?

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Some observers of the plastics manufacturing industry, especially those with a vested interest, would like to have you believe that 3D printing is going to be the demise of injection molding. Plastic injection molding is a tried and true method of production that is in no danger of going away anytime soon. It is a basic, dependable method of producing high quality plastic parts. Another cost factor to consider is that associated with a design change in the prototyping stage.

Top 10 Ways Rapid Prototyping Can Save Businesses Time and Money

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It’s not just mature companies with a wealth of resources that are reaping the benefits of 3D printing technology. Jewelers, architects, toymakers, and many other businesses that never knew they needed a 3D printing service provider are discovering how rapid prototyping can benefit them. A 3D printing service that can produce the prototypes needed to push your business forward will help you to use your resources to your best advantage. Is plastic strong enough?

Rapid Prototyping in 2018 (New Guide)

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Rapid Prototyping in 2018 (New Guide): Everything You Need to Know. The manufacturing world has been revolutionized by the emergence of rapid prototyping, an umbrella term for a range of manufacturing techniques that can fabricate prototypes and parts in a quick and cost-effective manner. In the following guide, we’ll cover every aspect of different rapid prototyping techniques and applications, showcasing the different processes, advantages and common applications.

All About Nylon (PA) Plastic

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Nylon may not be the most slippery of all the plastics commercially available, but it is still good enough to be used with parts where there is a lot of wear and movement. The famous American company DuPont first produced Nylon in 1935. In 1938, a German scientist named Paul Schlack of the company IG Fabran also produced nylon using a different method to the one used by Carothers. Nylon can also be mixed and combined with other engineering plastics.

All About Polystyrene (PS) Plastic

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Sometimes, prototypes are made using polystyrene foam. These prototypes are not high-quality detailed prototypes but rather quick and rough versions. Then in 1931, German company IG Farben started manufacturing polystyrene. After that, many other companies created different products using different variants of Polystyrene and it became very popular thereafter. The result of this reaction is the creation of the plastic that is known as polystyrene.

Adidas Created This 3D-Printed Shoe out of Plastic from the Ocean

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Adidas, in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans , have created a running shoe using plastic found littered throughout the Earth’s oceans. While the shoe is a prototype, the two companies are working together to try and “rethink design and help stop ocean plastic pollution. The upper part of the shoe is made from ocean plastic, while a 3D-printed midsole of recycled polyester and gillnets are used for the other portion of the shoe.

All About Polyethylene (PE) Plastic

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Polyethylene or “PE” is a thermoplastic that also happens to be the most common plastic. It accounts for roughly 34% of the total plastics market. Low-density polyethylene is used in plastic bags and packaging. In the US in the year 1944, a company named Bakelite Corporation (based out of Texas) began large-scale commercial production of polyethylene under license from Imperial Chemical Industries.

Voytek Medical Uses Versatile Plastic to Transform the Landscape of Healthcare

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Cable clasp printed in Versatile Plastic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re experimenting with prototypes or printing final products. Wherever you are in the 3D design process, Versatile Plastic can be used to help you create the perfect end product. The Many Benefits of Versatile Plastic. Versatile Plastic is ultra thin, incredibly flexible and can be used well for parts like hinges and springs. Cable clasp printed in Versatile Plastic.

5 Ways Prototyping With 3D Printing Is Better Now

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Kespry ‘s drone, featuring a 3D printed cover prototyped and produced with Shapeways. We know that prototyping can be a lot of work. 3D printing has always been a fantastic way to prototype products, but it’s now more accessible than ever. It’s no longer just companies like GE and Ford who have access to fast, low-cost, production-quality 3D prototyping. Traditional prototyping involved working with handmade models. print your prototype.

All About Polyester (PET) Plastic

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The other popular use of Polyester is in making plastic PET bottles. Meanwhile, in England, PET was patented by a couple of employees of the English company Calico Printers Association Ltd. Polyester Prototypes using CNC, 3D printer machines, and injection molding. Polyester is also available in a filament form which can be used with 3D printers to create prototypes using computer-aided design files.

SABIC Wins Two European Plastics innovation Awards

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September 27, 2017 — SABIC has been named winner in two categories at the 2017 European Plastics Innovation Awards ceremony organized by the Society of Plastics Engineers ( SPE ) and trade association PlasticsEurope in Brussels on Monday (Sept 18). Out of the eight categories, SABIC was the only company to be honored in two categories. SABIC also gained first place in the Intelligent and Smart Plastics category with a thin 3D in-mold HMI (human-machine interface).

Prototype Development Using 3D Printing Technology [Case Study]

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The Challenge: Develop Functional Prototypes To Mimic A Molded Part. Similar products were thermoformed to produce the commercial products, but as with any new product being developed, avoiding any type of tooling was going to accelerate the design and prototyping processes. Thermoforming is a process of taking thin sheets of plastic material, typically High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), (PET), or Polypropylene (PP) that is heated and formed over a mold. CASE STUDY.

How to Make a Prototype

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Prototyping is a way of converting an idea in your head to a tangible product. Developing a prototype lets you tap into your creativity and transform your mental image into a physical product that others can look at, touch, feel, and understand. How do you make a prototype? First define the type of prototype that you need. A prototype can be made from cheap, easily available materials, or with the help of complex rapid prototyping machines.

All About Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plastic

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Interestingly, it is a plastic commodity which uses one of the least amounts of non-renewable fossil fuel. The flexible version is known as plasticized polymer because it is made by adding various additives such as phthalates and other plasticizers. Addition of these plasticizers makes the polyvinyl chloride softer and increases its ability to bend. Goodrich Company found a way to blend PVC with various additives and plasticize it.

The Impact of 3D Printing in the Plastics Industry


For plastics professionals, 3D printing has been a breakthrough for how plastic part design and production can now be accomplished. Plastic design engineers have been using 3D printing technologies such as Polyjet, to create physical models which have the same look and feel as the mass production part they’ve designed. 3D Printing Fused Deposition Modeling Innovation Plastics PolyJet Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing

Recycling Plastic for 3D Printing - Why not the default?


In this post I will be looking at Re-filament Refil PET (Recycled plastic for 3D Printing) In a subject I'm very keen to promote, this time we are looking at recycling of plastic into filaments for 3D Printing. In recent months we have seen a number of companies setting up to address the issue of making recycled plastic filament for 3D printing, I'll do my best to report on how they are doing and what the various finished materials are like to print with.

How Accurate Is a Digital Simulation When Compared to Physical Reality?

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Software companies like to trumpet the idea that a computer simulation is a close approximation of how your product design will behave when exposed to actual physical forces, such as pressure, temperature, airflow, vibration, and more.