Software simulation is transforming aerospace and commercial 3D printing with SOLIDWORKS and the MTC

3D Printing Industry

Software simulation is a highly valuable tool that allows designers and engineers to troubleshoot problems before they arise. Applied to 3D printing, simulation can inform the overall design of an additively manufactured product. 3D Software Alfred Uytdewilligen analysis Borja Lazaro Toralles CAD COMSOL Multiphysics dddrop dddrop 3D printers design simulation finite element analysis Idea Factory Adamas IF-Adamas Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC simulation solidworks

Simulation App Lets Designers Test Shaped Metal Deposition Processes

3D Design 3D Printing 3D Software 3d printing simulation software app COMSOL Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC Shaped Metal Deposition simulation simulation app simulation software ukIn Ansty Park, Coventry, UK the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) was established in 2010 to bridge the gap between academia and industry when it comes to manufacturing system solutions. The MTC represents one of the largest... View the entire article via our website.

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TNO advances virtual material design in 3D printing with COMSOL Multiphysics


Of course, as 3D printing is still a relatively young technology, 3D makers have faced certain limitations in terms of which materials they can use to additively manufacture as well as how to optimally design 3D printed objects. 3D Design

MTC develops new simulation app to revolutionize additive manufacturing workflows


It's a more accessible app version of COMSOL sofware, enabling information to be shared across different disciplines, in order to optimize design and manufacturing workflows.