Simulation in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

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The following article is excerpted from SIMULATION IN ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION. The following image shows an innovative steel lattice structure, one of the Sun Valley structures constructed for Shanghai Expo 2010. ROLE OF SIMULATION.

The Underestimated Role of Simulation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

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Role of Simulation in #AEC. Click to Tweet: Simulation helps us consider nature. & Contact interactions, impact loading, construction and demolition sequences, retrofitting scenarios and options, and responses to seismic excitation can be evaluated.

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CONSTRUCTION DISRUPTION Reinventing construction with manufacturing techniques

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Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) applies processes developed by manufacturing companies to the challenges of construction. COMPASS: What makes CadMakers’ approach to construction unique? With Tallwood House, we created a single, fully integrated 3D model.

Construction Excellence through Virtual Construction

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In the past few years, one important component of Dassault Systèmes’ leading construction experiences – Optimized Planning – hasbeen adopted by pioneering construction firms. In AEC, the construction process has always been relatively crude. Digital Construction Planning.


3D Perspectives

The following article is excerpted from SIMULATION IN ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a seamless way to model and analyze buildings using the CATIA Building Structure app.


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The following article is excerpted from SIMULATION IN ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION. Detailed analysis of the gusset plates and the connections was performed using Abaqus simulation software. construction activities on the bridge on the day of the collapse.

Five Steps to Industrialized Construction

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This post is an excerpt from the paper, “ Industrialization of the Construction Industry ,” by Dr. Perry Daneshgari and Dr. Heather Moore of MCA Inc. In today’s construction environment the value transferred to the customer for every dollar spent is only around 46 cents.

ISRO Using Simulated Soil and 3D Printing to Construct Lunar Habitats

3D Printing 3D Printing Materials Aerospace 3D Printing 3d printed habitat 3d printed model 3D printed moon habitats 3d printed space habitat 3D printed space habitats bengaluru india ISRO Lunar moon simulated lunar soilThis year, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will launch its second trip to the moon. If all goes well, the 3,290 kg Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft will be orbiting over the far side of the. View the entire article via our website.

Optimized Planning: Analyze and verify your construction sequence before breaking ground

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The Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience is for construction planners, project managers, and safety engineers to collaborate on a digital model that is true to the reality of the construction process. to validate your #construction plan, reduce risk.

Focusing on Process Over Product: A New Approach to Construction Productivity

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for Construction Productivity” Research indicates that construction is one of the only industries where efficiency and productivity has actually fallen over the past 50 to 60 years. A single building element may be modeled 5 separate times by 5 different disciplines.

CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE contributes to two Construction Awards

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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systemes has played an important role in winning 2 awards in the Construction industry. The design team at Zaha’s were awarded the 2017 innovation in Collaboration Award from the Computing Construction Awards. Industrialized Construction.

The Case for Industrialization of the Construction Industry

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This post is an excerpt from the paper, “ Industrialization of the Construction Industry, ” by Dr. Perry Daneshgari and Dr. Heather Moore of MCA Inc. Modeling and Simulation. Currently no known association is leading this mission in the construction industry.

Best RC Construction Vehicles

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My simple guide looks at some of the most amazing electric radio-controlled construction vehicles around. There’s a mix of great models to choose from. In this guide, we take a look at RC construction vehicles including bulldozers, excavators, fork lifts, and cranes.

Realistic Simulation Supports Expansion of the London Underground

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The company took on responsibility for preliminary-to-detailed design and construction on all BSSU sprayed concrete lined (SCL) tunnels. realistic #simulation to test preliminary tunnel designs.” Dubbed “one of the most complex tunneling projects in the U.K.,”

Intelligent Construction: Transforming the Industry in the Digital Age

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Excerpted from the keynote address, “Strategic Business Transformation for the Building & Construction Industry,” delivered to the BIM-MEP AUS Construction Innovation 2016 Forum on August 4, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Collaborative, Industrialized Construction.

Spotlight on MEMKO: Pushing Collaboration Across the Project Life Cycle to Revolutionize Design and Construction

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With the 777, Miletic was part of the team to design and build an aircraft using 3D CAD as the master model. The next step was the 787: the first aircraft designed without paper using Model Based Definition (MBD). Everyone, from supply to production, worked from digital models.

Simulating a Cleaner World, From Molecule to Metropolis

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Engineers are using sophisticated models to clean plastic debris from oceans, optimize airflow in smog-filled cities, and make vehicles lighter and more efficient. Wilson’s unique structure and collection method were designed on 3D modeling software created by Dassault Systèmes.

Redefining How AEC Can Apply BIM for Digital Design & Construction: A Recap of BIM World 2016

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for Digital Design & Construction [link]. The digital twin is set to incorporate real-time data from a number of state departments that, through 3DEXPERIENCity, will provide useful updates of activity around the city and the potential impact of any construction or other projects.

Running a smarter factory with 3DEXPERIENCE

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When Kobelco Construction Machinery invented its first electric excavator in 1930, it facilitated construction work. Watch the video to find out more how Kobelco Construction Machinery keeps up with the ever-changing machinery industry by leveraging the 3D EXPERIENCE platform.

Pioneer New Paths In Architectural Design

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Delivery models have evolved. Consider the Following Universal Design and Construction Industry Challenges: Shifting project responsibilities contribute to lack of project ownership. Waste has long been a problem for the design and construction industry.

From BIM to Marketing: PART 2 – Data preparation concepts

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Whatever marketing asset you want to create, if your model is complex, your first step is optimizing it. A BIM model is necessarily very complex because it is complete. The more complex the model, the longer it will take to open and save. with the model will be smoother.

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Simufact to Introduce Third Generation of its Metal Additive Manufacturing Simulation Software

Additive Manufacturing

Multiple Parts: Simultaneous Simulation of Multiple Parts in the Build Space. Thereby, the software is now available for simulations on Linux computers for instance on high performance Linux clusters. Users can also compare simulation results and reference models (e.g.,

Using Digital Engineering to Capture Knowledge and Drive Innovation

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one of the chief benefits of digital modeling is the ability to capture knowledge that can be shared with collaborators and applied to future projects—whether or not those collaborators use digital tools. The model was followed exactly by the contractors onsite.

List of the best 3D modeling software programs

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3D modeling is the representation of an object in software form. 3D modeling software is used in a variety of fields such as 3D printing, architecture, animation, gaming, and industrial design. A good 3D modeling software is very important in a graphic designer’s toolkit because it allows the designer to create rich and detail oriented illustrations for his/her client. SelfCAD : SelfCAD is another great 3D modeling software for beginners.

Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Brings Information-Based Approach to Civil Engineering Projects

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brings info-based approach to #CivilEngineering” Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group has implemented “advanced construction process simulation methods” with the Optimized Planning Industry Process Experience.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Installation Guide Part4 – Composer, Plastics, and Simulation Installation

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What do I need to know to install my Composer, Plastics, Inspection, MBD, or Simulation package? Produces 2D line art as SVG and CGM files with automatic hidden line and construction line removal. SOLIDWORKS MBD (Model Based Definition). SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

AEC Industry Trends: Driving Toward Connection, Digitization, Transformation

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Plus, design, construction, and operations remain separate from one another. Model of the Botswana Innovation Hub. The result of this multi-national collaborative approach is an innovative building constructed within a conventional budget.

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How drones are helping Japan overcome a labor shortage

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The “ i-Construction ” initiative was unveiled last December by Keiichi Ishii, Japan’s minister of land, infrastructure, transport and tourism. Its goal is a 50% increase in construction workers’ productivity. a large Japanese construction company, is leading the charge.

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SOLIDWORKS 2015 Installation Guide Part4 – Composer, Plastics, and Simulation Installation

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SOLIDWORKS 2015 Installation Guide Part4 – Composer, Plastics, and Simulation Installation . What do I need to know to install my Composer, Plastics, or Simulation package? Produces 2D line art as SVG and CGM files with automatic hidden line and construction line removal.

How CadMakers Applies “Future Testing”

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Future Testing is a process that leverages virtual design and construction, simulation, and rapid iterations. a construction and manufacturing technology company. Architecture, Engineering & Construction CadMakers future testing

Future Testing for Fabricators

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Suppliers are not immune to the inefficiency of rework, often creating detailed drawings recreating the information in the engineering models. They duplicate information from others’ models and drawings to develop digital designs, which is wasteful and can introduce errors.

InFocus Energy Services uses SOLIDWORKS to design and test its industry-changing oilfield tools

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The grandest of business opportunities can begin with a single SOLIDWORKS model – a prototype that changes everything for a company, its customers, and an industry. It’s the basis for everything we do: modelling, simulation, flow analysis, renderings.

Beyond BIM Symposium 2020 – A Vision for the Future

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#BeyondBIM2020 aims to showcase examples and provoke discussion on how to improve collaboration across the design and construction community. Decisions made in design can have a profound affect on cost and constructability. Construction, Cities & Territories Design Events

High Demand for New Solutions at BIM World 2015 in Paris

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Following the 2014 European Directive on the use of digital processes in building information modeling (BIM), there was intense interest at BIM World 2015 in the new technologies being shown and the solutions available. BIM as a marketing vehicle for construction and building projects.

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CATI Tech Notes: Solidworks Master Model: Save bodies vs Insert part

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Modeling. Simulation. Solidworks Master Model: Save bodies vs Insert part. SolidWorks master model techniques are used to create assemblies that rely on overall size and shape of the individual parts to fit together properly. CATI Tech Notes. Archives. Subscribe.

Understanding the “Future Testing” Cycle

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Modernizing craftsmanship with Future Testing allows the 3D digital model from the architect to be extended and enhanced with detailed construction information. It’s then used to virtually construct the building and learn from that experience before doing work in the physical world.

Post-Digital Era in AEC

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Download the full white paper: Expanding Authorship : Optimize BIM for Integrated Engineering, Design, and Construction Management. Even physical construction is increasingly digital, enabled by CNC fabrication, robotics, and computational simulation.

Profiting From Unity

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The construction industry is turning to the cloud for improved efficiency and profitability. The rapidly growing global construction industry suffers from fragmentation, which increases risks, leads to wasteful practices and negatively affects project delivery and stakeholder interests.

Open Minds And Shared Trust Accelerate Design

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Efficiency in design and construction depends on better connecting designers with makers. At every hand-off to a different discipline and every switch in deliverable medium — whether shop drawing, fabrication model mock-up, or other — the risk of a departure from the design intent increases.

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Mimics Innovation Award Winner Uses 3D Modeling to Increase Car Safety


Overall technical schematic for developing a parametric human FE model. In his paper , Dr. Hu explains how along with his team, he developed a parametric human Finite Element (FE) model that would allow the user to predict the effects of a crash impact on any member of the population.

BIM and Façade Design: Technological Implications [Whitepaper]

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With the continuous progress of building industry technologies and people’s constant pursuit of sustainable buildings, Building Information Modeling ( BIM ) has been a new subject heatedly discussed and explored in the building industry. SKY SOHU Project BIM models.

How BIM Will Impact the Civil Design Process

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It is crucial that owners, designers, engineers, and fabricators have simultaneous and real-time access to design models and project data. AEC business leaders are advocating for Building Information Modeling (BIM) as the future of infrastructure projects worldwide.

Unlocking nature’s secrets with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

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In the Swedish city of Lund, one of the largest science infrastructure projects in the world is under construction: the European Spallation Source (ESS). 3D Energy, Process & Utilities Engineering 3DEXPERIENCE construction energy