Sustainability Series blog post: A Decade of Evolution in Sustainability — Q&A

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Now we definitely need to accelerate and develop new business models to decouple economic growth from carbon emissions and resources use. 3DS: What kind of influence do consumers have on corporate sustainability strategies? However, consumers are powerful industry drivers.

Three Ways Handmade Jewelry Designers can use 3D Printing

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We get asked this question a lot, so we put together three key ways it can speed up your design and production process, save you money and free you up to have more design time (and space). The best part about being a designer is the design process; it’s the ideation, the sketching, and the execution of that new piece of jewelry, getting to bring it into the physical world. With 3D printing, this process can be made much easier.

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3D Printed Drones are Making Drones More Affordable

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Kespry provides drone-based aerial intelligence for industrial use; drone parts 3D printed with Shapeways. Sometimes referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones have been in use by the United States military since the turn of the century.

How drones are helping Japan overcome a labor shortage

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a San Francisco company that uses its own specialized drones to create extremely accurate land surveys, which is working with Komatsu. “To The survey process usually is done twice, once before work starts and then a refresh after the machines have started cutting the earth.

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Carbon’s Smart Part Washer: High-Quality Parts, Lower OpEx, and Satisfied Employees

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For decades, the post-processing stage in 3D Manufacturing has been neglected, and customers had no other choice but to use non-standardized operating procedures to produce parts. Used in conjunction with the Carbon M Series printers, the SPW (Figure 1) addresses customers’ needs for a well-defined, controlled, and repeatable post-processing method for washing the parts. Cleaning the parts without this solution was difficult and time-consuming.

Fashion industry & 3D printing: Exclusive interview of Danit Peleg, Interlaced’s founder & Electroloom’s team


Their uses of 3D printing has known a viral success, but beyond that, from a professional point of view it’s their vision that matters. So how are they going to invent the next fashion manufacturing process? Danit Peleg – How designers could use the 3D printing.

More detailed Information Regarding iSense for the iPhone

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But, first, I am going to try to clarify, to the best of my understanding, what the iPhone/iPad minimum requirements are to successfully use the updated iSense. The iPhone5S uses the A7 chip, so it's confusing as to whether we could get it work or not, aside from the case size differences.

TCT2012 show report and Industry growing pains.


If it''s consumers or pro-sumers they are after then maybe the closed source 3D printer war has now started, while the open source community just marches on regardless, I hope Makerbot does not regret it''s decision. Voxeljet printers are used by Car companies to make massive prototype parts.

7 Night Flying Drones with Lights

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Aerial LED systems come in three basic arrangements: Lights for aesthetics used for creative displays. Note: The last arrangement is not typically for consumer use and therefore not covered here. Uses can be aesthetic and or practical.

Automation expands deeper into aircraft production, speeding…

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Faced with ballooning order backlogs, aerospace builders and automation suppliers are exploring new ways to automate a broader range of aircraft manufacturing processes. To pick up the production pace, manufacturers and their suppliers are refining the automation systems used for drilling, filling and fastening operations and finding new opportunities for automation. They need to develop the process so that the parts can be made with very little human intervention.

Before Buying a 3D Printer – Four “What” Questions to Ask

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But in the last few decades most consumers have become accustomed to the democratization of new technology products such as microwaves, flat screen TVs, smart phones and a host of other technologies. All of those other technologies have an end use product rendered as close to “plug and play” as possible with little or no skills required for operation beyond a simple user’s guide to get the product up and running. What Material Will You Use?