Blokify the @Cubify iPad app to get young pupils into #3DPrinting

3D Printed Education

Well that's just what 3D Systems and Cubify have done with the new app “Blokify” It's available for iOS and Android. And then of course exported or in this case emailed as a.stl file.

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The NOT AN ARTIST Cubify Sculpt Tutorial!

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Because, when people see what I''m able to achieve in Cubify Sculpt some are going to fall on the floor and laugh their heads off. And, that is Cubify Sculpt. So, Cubify Sculpt is very important to me on a personal level. Cubify Sculpt Virtual Clay

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Cubify Invent - Tutorial #10: Bolt with Helix Cut

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So, others unwittingly helped me as I tacked learning Cubify Invent''s techniques for creating a bolt using actual specifications. What I learned is that designing a bolt in Cubify Invent is actually EASIER than in many well-know CAD packages.

This 3D Printed Sentry Rubber Band Gun Can Find Targets and Fire on Them Automatically

Here at, we’ve covered our fair share of 3D printed rubber band guns over the course of the past couple of years. 3D Design 3D Printing 3d printed gun 3d printed sentry gun Arduino cubify kevin thomas project sentry gun rubber band gun sentry gun sentry rubber band gun switzerland thingiverse witboxIt seems as though each and every rendition of these toy... View the entire article via our website.

It's Going to be a Great Cubify Year

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Of course, I'm also hoping that eventually Cube owners will be able to print in nylon; but, for now at least, that would only be speculation. I was just sitting here thinking about the first part of this year and how the introduction of the 3rd Gen Cube didn't go as smoothly as we all hoped and then it dawned on me that the last half of this year is going to be quite a different story.

At Long Last! 3D Printing for the Rest of Us!

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But, of course, we also need to acknowledge the creative work of those pioneers in the RepRap community upon which this achievement was built. 3D Printer Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify

RepRap 130

Creating a Handle with Insert in Moment of Inspiration

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Most of the items I will be uploading to the Cubify store have more than one purpose. Of course, the primary purpose is to offer a useful item for Cube owners to download. Of course, other CAD and 3D applications can perform similarly.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

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I assume that these will be made available to us via the Cubify web site. And, of course, all the necessary power cables will be there for us to plug our new Cube in, turn it on, activate it and start printing! 3D Printer Consumer Printer Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify Cubify Tour RepRap

New Video: How to 3D Print a Guitar by Olaf Diegel

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With 3D Printing, of course, some degree of customization is possible for each guitar. The guitars can be ordered on the ODD website but can also be purchased through Cubify. In

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Something Useful #1 - Nail or Screw Holder

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But, that is the beauty of 3D printing and having a distribution system like Cubify. This means, of course, that some support is needed under the insert end of the tip. The combo STL file has been uploaded to the Cubify Store at this Location.

The Cube Tour Should be in DC Tomorrow

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I assumed that if you were following this blog that you have also been following the Cubify blog. But, today, I AM going to talk about both the tour AND the Cubify blog. At Artists for Humanity, Boston And, of course, matching Cube & Shoes.

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21st Century 3D Printed Version of the Pet Rock

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Which made it, of course, a great pet! One idea would be to make the files available on Cubify or Thingiverse for DIY 3D Printing addicts to fabricate their own noPhone. Remember the wild success of the Pet Rock? Ok, maybe, that was before your time.

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A Suggested Methodology for Learning a 3D Application

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Let''s take Cubify Invent as an example. The key, of course, is to find out how we can create some nouns to use with the verbs. In the case of Cubify Invent, we click on the " Activate 2D Sketch " button. 3D application 3D Design Cubify Invent

February, Love, the Taj Mahal and 3D Printing

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And, it''s also fitting that we do so on a blog devoted to the Cube, Cubify and 3D Printing. And, that is because one of the first printable 3D designs that were uploaded into the Cubify Store is this tribute to Shah Jahan''s wonderful achievement by designer Rameshjadhav.

Why the "FAN" in CubifyFans?

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And, of course, this very important goal, affected the nature of the design where we see a framework maze of rods and connecting parts. 3D Printer Consumer Printer Cube Cube 3D Printer Cubify

United Nude Launches Line of Cube 3D Printed Shoes

3D Systems

and of course the shoes to match. The Cube and CubePro 3D printers can be found on Cubify

3dprinting story run by published 8th and 9th December over two days

Philip Cotton

I found the cubify website in its beta stages and decided to look further into the technology. We recently spent some time with Philip Cotton, winner of the 3D Printshow educational excellence award for two consecutive years, what follows is part one of a two part interview with Phil.

Cube Pre-Order Announcement

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But, could have been up even earler on the Cubify web site. 3rd Generation Cube with 2 cartridges and 25 free design files An additional 3 cartridges of your choice of colors Cubify Invent Cubify Sculpt Cubify Mobile App Sense 3D Scanner This bundle gives you not one; but, two different types of 3D Design software and the Sense 3D Scanner! I hope that readers with Cubify Design experience will post comments filling in that gap.

12 Hours in and Still Printing Beautifully

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The object being printed is a 3 plate bay version of a design, if successful, that I hope will be made available on the Cubify cite, as will a single plate bay version and a dual plate bay version. Of course it would print MUCH faster in a single color.

3D Printing is fun, but where is the curriculum?

Tales of a 3D Printer

Since then, 3D Systems has gotten in the curricular resources game with Cubify Education , hoping to be your "one stop shop for tutorials, curriculum, projects and educational information, materials and resources."

Invent Intro #05 - Circles (Revolve Boss & Cut)

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The first, of course, is a 2D sketch. But, it can never cross over the axis in Cubify Invent. Here is a video showing some experimentation with Cubify Invent''s REVOLVE using circle sketches. Like the EXTRUDE commands, REVOLVE comes in two flavors, BOSS and CUT. WHAT IS REVOLVE?

A Cube3 Essential (Shameless overstatment of fact)

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But, while I had figured out how to do so on the first Cubify store, the new ''Design'' feed has me completely baffled for the moment. Cubify Analysis Report That''s a LOT of NOs! You know of course what this means. This is a shameless plug.

From Want to NEED in an Instant

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Of course, the reality is that I WANTED one. I appreciate the hard work of the Cubify team all the more and am thankful that the result of their hard work is making my life so much easier than it might be without it.

My Most Successful Colors

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Of course, I get the CubePro prints considerably faster so it''s a bit of an apples vs. oranges comparison. Multiple Cube3 Printers with Cubify Software Aside from cartridge improvements, where I''m hoping big changes will come is in the Cubify software. This post is designed to catch up on some observations, etc. Filament Color MAY matter I wanted to report that of the colors I have been able to obtain of PLA, the least troublesome, so far, have been black and tan.

Thanksgiving is Not the Only Time to be Thankful

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The Cubify support staff has been under immense pressure and, based on most of the emails that I''ve received from users, they have been on top of things to the best of their ability. The Cubify Team didn''t panic. Of course there is probably not 100% perfection. If you asked me to describe my current attitude in one word right this minute it would be "Thankful".

Fix for Filament Getting Onto Air Vents Beside Wiper Tray

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That issue was fixed by early firmware and Cubify Software updates. If you have faithfully updated both the Cubify Software and the firmware this should no longer be a big issue. The risk, of course, is that filament will fall through the vents and into the machine.

CubeStick for the 3rd Generation Cube 2D Printer - Let it Dry

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The real test, of course, is to designed an object that I know would have a serious tendency to warp in ABS and then to systematically apply glue and wait specific intervals with a known ambient humidity. hr print job. :) I love the Cube 3 printer and I''m starting to get more comfortable with the Cubify software and learning a bit more about what it takes to design a two-color friendly STL I am still learning the differences between previous Cube printers and the new Cube 3.

When a Raft Makes Sense to a Raft Hater

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Of course, I blamed it entirely on the glue and made my feelings known to the Cubify design team. I hate rafts and supports and avoid them as fervently as I can. In fact, you could say that I''m a bit rabid about the topic. To be honest, of hundreds of objects I''ve printed with the Cube printer, the number that required supports could be counted on one hand that had lost a couple of fingers. In fact, I think it was only one. when I first got the 1st generation Cube.

Planning some "How-to" Videos for the 2nd Gen Cube

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Some of the topics that I know I want to cover deal with the Cubify options and how they affect your print job. And, of course, we''ll deal with clearing filament flow errors that all extrusion 3D printer users see from time to time. I just ordered some new lights so that I can create some new videos that will, hopefully, enhance your user experience with the 2nd Generation Cube.

Consider Moment of Inspiration to Create Objects for Your New Cube3

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Some are very low in cost, such as Cubify Invent and others completely free. That is why we chose Moment of Inspiration not only for our high school level cadets; but, for our upcoming introductory short courses for low-income elementary children in Girls & Boys Club programs.

Included Creations - High Volume Group

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Of course, I couldn''t afford either. Taking a cue from the Cubify Odyssey Tour Cube, I''m looking forward to seeing what I can do to customize a shoe, if not a Corvette. The high volume group of free Creations for the Cube is relatively small.

DIMENSIONEXT: Maxing iPad Loudness with 3D Printing


Whilst experience of course provided a huge boost to the process it took a mere 25 minutes to complete the design. Labels: CAD , Cubify , Geomagic. Pages. SECTOR NEWS. REPORTS. REVIEWS. SEARCH. PRINTEREST. ABOUT. Maxing iPad Loudness with 3D Printing.

Included Creations - Low Volume Group

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When we look at the Model Information in the Cubify software application it says the X-Axis is 135.61mm and the Y-Axis is 135,61. Of course, I plan to try it without support first.

1st Generation Cube in Light of 2nd Generation Cube

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

I just spent 2 days with the new Next-Gen Cube at Hagley with members of the Cubify team. And, of course, I''m told " It''s a need, not a want. Christmas is less than a month ago. And, perhaps.

Cube Features I Have Most Appreciated

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without the beer and soda, of course! But, invariably, the Cubify team has been able to sort out the issues early. I probably should have gotten around to this post a lot earlier, when parents might have been considering a 3D printer for their child or themselves. (It''s

Leveling Print Table & Non-Magnetic Tools

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

The other challenge, of course, is simply being able to accurately determine if we have, in fact, leveled the table. I will be posting an STL on the Cubify store at a cost of $5. One of the reasons why we''ve not addressed the issue of checking the levelness of the print table is that leveling the print table poses some interesting challenges.

A Tool to Clear Clogged PrintJets

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Of course, no child should be allowed to do this. SAFETY & LIABILITY ISSUES Normally, I would put the designs up on the Cubify Store.

Tools 52

Included Creations - Mid Volume Group

Cubify 3D Printing Fans & Fun

Among these are some of the favorites at various shows and stops along the Cubify Odyssey Tour. Of course, each cup will have to be printed in a different color. The mid volume group includes Creations ranging between 10,000 and 60,000 cubic millimeters.

Will 3D Printing Change The World?

3D Rapid Pro

by Brad Hart Imagine youre steaming across the Pacific Ocean on a container ship on a great circle course to the San Francisco sea buoy. Will 3D Printing Change The World?