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Red flags can arise at any time during the course of a product development project. Manufacturing companies today produce a huge quantity of data, not just engineering data but information used for all the other functions that support the development of a new product.

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How to show Material and Mass in a SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Card

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This attribute acts as a conduit, allowing information entered in a PDM Data Card, to populate a SOLIDWORKS File Properties. To prevent accidentally overwriting of this metadata, the Data Card should be the default location where information is entered manually. Developing a Data Card.

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Live Event: Leveraging Smart Data for Optimal Plastic Part Design & Manufacturability

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By registering and attending this event, you will receive a 15-day online access to ‘Establishing a Scientific Injection Molding Process’ course [a $97value] and an accompanying Study Guide.

How to determine which SOLIDWORKS PDM Variable is connected to a Data Card Control

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A quick way of determining which SOLIDWORKS PDM Variable is connected to a Data Card Control, is from within the Local Vault View. With the Data Card Tab selected: Data Card Tab. Take a SOLIDWORKS PDM training course delivered by a certified expert either in a local Canadian city, or live online. The post How to determine which SOLIDWORKS PDM Variable is connected to a Data Card Control appeared first on The Javelin Blog.

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3D Printing News Briefs: November 7, 2018


We’re starting with more formnext announcements on today’s 3D Printing News Briefs, then moving on to classes and workshops. Verashape is launching a new 3D printer at next week’s. View the entire article via our website.

How to link PDF Document Properties to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Data Card Variables

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PDF Data Card. How To Map Custom Properties to PDF Data Cards. Click New Attribute > Enter the data as shown: Block Name = CustomProperty. Next we need to link this information in the.PDF file data card.

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Osteo3D Opens Marketplace for 3D Printable Medical Models from Real Patient Data

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Of course, patient information is private, so some of the “live models” have been made anonymous. By Andrew Wheeler.

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Automatically clearing Copy Tree data variables in SOLIDWORKS PDM

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However an issue that may come up is that the source files that the Copy Tree is performed on most likely contain certain project specific information, and revision values that are already written to their data card variables. Automatically clearing Copy Tree data variables.

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Design Automation, Not Frustration: Let SOLIDWORKS Electrical Manage Your Part Data

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or a “simple” design that has a lot of data behind it, and must be accurate. For example, a recent project with fewer than 60 electrical components and minimal I/O yielded nearly 2,000 individual bits of data to manage!

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IoT and Manufacturing: You’ve Got the Data…

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“IoT and Manufacturing: You’ve Got the Data…Now What Do You Do with it?” But whether the IoT actually delivers on its promised value has little to do with how well the various sensors collect and transmit data; it has everything to do with how we use that data. And it starts with deciding which data to use. Machinery that is equipped with sensors and connected to the IoT generates mountains of data. Of course not.

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SOLIDWORKS Plastics: Leveraging Smart Data for Optimal Plastic Part Design & Manufacturability [LIVE WEBINAR]

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Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST. By registering and attending this event, you will receive a 15-day online access to ‘Establishing a Scientific Injection Molding Process’ course [a $97value] and an accompanying Study Guide.

Draftsight 2D Overview - View and edit legacy data. for FREE!


Ive visited a few customers lately that have legacy 2D CAD data. The question always comes up we want to migrate into a single source provider for our CAD software, do we need to keep a seat of that other program around if we ever have to view or edit this legacy data?.

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The Mars Ring: Physicist Turns NASA’s Data from Outer Space into a Metal 3D Print


One of his endeavors has been to transform NASA’s publicly available data about the planet Mars into an elegant ring – and we met with him to talk about his project and why he turned to 3D printing to realize it. But where did you get the data from?

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Columbia Engineering Researchers Use Acoustic Voxels to Embed Sound with Data

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Based in New York City, the School offers programs to both undergraduate and graduate students who undertake a course of study leading to the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in engineering and applied science. By Holly Evarts | Columbia | Engineering.

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How to reduce SOLIDWORKS load time for models containing Simulation data

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Is it taking too long to load SOLIDWORKS models that contain simulation data? So if you are opening a large SOLIDWORKS file, you can exclude simulation results from being loaded until SOLIDWORKS requires the study data.

It’s Not the Data—It’s What You Do with it that Counts

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Many manufacturers are already generating and collecting large amounts of data that’s either erased or forgotten. Shannon Precision Fastener, a user of the Sight Machine data platform, performs in-house heat treating. The big data part is cool, but it’s just an enabling technology.

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3D Printing News Briefs: August 18, 2017


For this week’s second edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we’re covering what the technology is capable of in terms of education and business, innovative new products, and weaponry. View the entire article via our website.

Manufacturing Goes on The Cloud

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More and more you see service offerings to back-up your system data or store your files. The storage space is nice to have, but I like the cloud for the data organization aspects. Manufacturing on the Cloud Makes Big Data Easy to Manage. The Cloud is Everywhere.

Virtual design leaders promote adding Infrastructure Alignment to IFC standard

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Of course, since a bridge will not have the same properties as a building, there are specific features that still must be created to capture the needs of the infrastructure domain. Architecture, Engineering & Construction Civil Design data federation IFC infrastructure

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How to set the default SOLIDWORKS PDM search path to be the root folder

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Note; To edit a data card requires the permission Can update the design of cards. Learn more about Data Card Customization. Contact us about our SOLIDWORKS PDM training courses for users and administrators.

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 Set Revision

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Do you have a special workflow for migrated data? Let’s take a look… In this example, all the data cards have the appropriate revisions and need to be synced with the systems revisions, so they increment appropriately when transitioned through the production workflow.

AfricaCom: exploring 5G, IoT, customer experience and more

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Collaborating with Keyrus, our partner expert in Data Management, Dassault Systèmes will be at the heart of the show alongside the biggest brands in the industry. The most significant one is probably data growth. Another challenge that all operators face on a global scale is big data.

Siemens partners with UK universities to launch Industry 4.0 curriculum

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Called Connected Curriculum, the aim is to bring advanced industrial tools, data and approaches into the universities’ respective apprenticeship, undergraduate and masters courses. Global technology and industrial manufacturing company Siemens has announced a new Industry 4.0.

SOLIDWORKS EPDM Add-In Task Pane Customization [VIDEO]

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But these columns can be customized to report any information that EPDM knows about the file, including any variables from the Data Cards. To learn more about using or administering SOLIDWORKS EPDM you can take a training course with us either in-class or online. View Training Courses.

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How to Stay Competitive? Develop Smart Appliances in the Era of Experience

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It needs to collect data and give you more information , all the while lessening the need for you to actually do something to operate it. That is, of course, easier said than done. It is no secret that smart home appliances now are very complex.

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Migration from Windows to Enterprise PDM - Part 1: High Performance Migration


Many companies have several projects stored in their Windows file system prior to an Enterprise Product Data Manager (EPDM) implementation. Some instructions are intended for migrating large amounts of data at once. This can take an hour or more , depending on the quantity of data.


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Attend a SOLIDWORKS PDM training course either online or in-class to learn more about working with SOLIDWORKS PDM software. Data Management Tech Tips EPDM SOLIDWORKS EPDM SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Administration

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These components allow you, the administrator, to control your data and to define what information will be gathered and distributed. It is important to understand how these components function and interact in order to efficiently manage your data. Data Cards. PDM Data Card.

Revert to a previous file revision with SOLIDWORKS PDM Rollback

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Javelin delivers SOLIDWORKS PDM user and administration training courses either in-class, online, or on-site at your location. Data Management Tech Tips PDM Standard SOLIDWORKS PDM SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Getting more out of your SOLIDWORKS PDM Search Tool

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Attend our SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration training course to learn how to create and manage a PDM vault. The course is available live online or in a classroom near you. Data Management Tech Tips PDM search SOLIDWORKS PDM ProfessionalAre you a searcher or an explorer?

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Exporting Nodes

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Exporting nodes, such as Data Cards, Workflows, Users & Groups, can help with the system deployment, or troubleshooting your vault. Attend a SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Administration training course either in a classroom near you or live online.

SOLIDWORKS EPDM Reorganize Index

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Take our Administering SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM training course to learn how to setup and administer an EPDM database. The course is available in-class or live online. Get a quote for an EPDM course. Data Management Tech Tips EPDM SOLIDWORKS EPDM

3 Programs You Need as CAD User


The solution: either spend a few thousand dollars to upgrade your system or reduce the amount of data you’re pushing through— and maybe it’s time to do a little data cleanup. And of course, I would love to hear your opinion!

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3D Metal Printing Improves Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Additive Manufacturing

Frank Reinauer: “We have of course long had our eye on the additive approach. In addition, there are of course also audits by authorities that we are required to undergo. On the clinic site the surgeon stipulates the patient data, geometric demands and the date of the operation.

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How to create a shortcut to your favorite SOLIDWORKS PDM Search

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Attend our SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration training course to learn more about creating custom search cards and administering SOLIDWORKS PDM. Data Management Tech Tips PDM Search SOLIDWORKS PDM SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

3d printable P6*6 120 Pinhole Camera by Todd Schlemmer

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It is small and compact and ,of course, it is based on pinhole photography with analogue film. You can get very detailed data, more links and all the instructions to build it here: [link] Sample photo taken by P6*6 For other printable cameras and related projects, look at: [link].

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How to create a new SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault

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Attend our SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration training course to learn how to create and manage a PDM vault. The course is available live online or in a classroom near you. Data Management Tech Tips SOLIDWORKS EPDM PDM SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional